Labor Day, 2013

Yesterday was Labor Day, at least for those who have jobs to take Labor Day off from.  The Communist Summer begins on May 1st with May Day and ends with Labor Day on the first Monday in September, celebrating the worker who doesn’t want to work.


Still we, the jobless, take a rest from doing what we can.  Those of us who choose to at least perform a community service, such as picking up the litter, simply find the work – or the litter, in this case – has piled up and is waiting for us.  Litterbugs, it seems, never take a holiday.

Sunday was Pompton Lakes Pride Day.  If one hadn’t known where it was held (on Lakeside Avenue by the shores of Pompton Lake), one only had to follow the trail of litter along sidewalk of the old Colonial Theater on Babcock Place, where the shopping district/high school parking lot is located.

Obama’s transformation seems to be working very well.  Educated people can’t find work.  Businesses have fled the Garden State, leaving behind a growing bureaucratic welfare state, where hamburger flippers demand $15 per hour while many older people, too young for social security and retirement but considered too old for gainful employment languish, and affordable housing is forced on quiet, decent suburbs.

Former employees of the company I/we used to work for will be saddened to learn that after our old, beloved building was torn down, it was sold to developers who are going to build an Affordable Housing complex on the site in Wayne, a Democrat stronghold.  What an ignoble end to a property that witnessed forty years of people working hard, working together, and working for the Company and the policyholders.  The building’s noble Grecian columns are gone.  In their place, a slum will be built, full of filth, crime, and laziness.

R.I.P., old office building.  You honored the property on which you sat.  The same won’t be said for the new building or its tenants.






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