Still Here

When someone in the know told me last Spring that my next-door neighbor, the Tattooed Lady, would be moving on Sept. 1st (when her lease was up), I was over joyed.  I marked the days to freedom on my calendar.

But as the days grew nearer, I didn’t notice any of the usual signs of someone packing up and leaving.  By the time Sept. 1st came, I knew she was staying.  I heard her arguing with one of her sons about “locking her into” something (presumably a new two-year lease).  Surprisingly, she wasn’t happy about it.

A few nights later, a strange car appeared in the parking space next to mine, and the TL’s porch light was on, which she never uses anymore.  I’ve been hoping that it was the unit owner, renegotiating the lease to be paid month by month.

Her going to Arizona never made much sense.  Her sons live here, in New Jersey.  In her deteriorating condition, why would she move so far away from her support network?  She had been out a good deal and I think she was looking for a new place.  The problem is her Black Lab.  The dog isn’t huge like a Great Dane, but she’s pretty darned big for a small apartment and I think when apartment owners heard about the dog, they turned the TL down.

I was so disappointed.  I had looked forward to a golden autumn; that when the leaves along the brook turn to gold, as they do every year, I would be able to go out enjoy them.  I’d be able to take better care of my garden without fear of being haunted (crippled as she is, that’s becoming less and less likely).  I was ready for rejoicing on Sept. 1st.

 Instead, the rejoicing is suspended indefinitely.  And it was going to be such a lovely going-away party, too.



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