The U.S. & Al Qaeda: Perfect Together?

On Sept. 10, one day before the 12th Anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and a thwarted attempt on the U.S. Capitol (thanks to the heroic efforts of the United Flight 93 passengers), Obama addressed the nation, promising that he would “ask Congress” to agree to a tactical strike on Syrian Pres. Assad’s military troops.

That was the good news.  He had been contemplating acting on his own, as emperor-in-chief, but as he watched his ratings plummet in reaction to an unpopular military move, he passed the buck to Congress, with whom the Constitution has placed the responsibility for declaring war.

Assad’s alleged gassing of his own people is horrible.  Sources have been contradicting the account, however, claiming that is the opposition rebels who staged the chemical weapons attack in order to gain sympathy and support for America and the West.  Americans aren’t buying it.  They didn’t exactly buy it when Pres. Bush proposed going to war in Iraq against Saddam Hussein who similarly gassed thousands of Kurds in northern Iraq.

Not only don’t Americans want a repeat of the last 10 years, giving the Progressive Media more fodder for painting America as an imperialist nation-builder/invader.  The catch with going into Syria is that we would have to partner with Iran-supported Hezbollah, and worse, Al-Qaeda, the very organization responsible for the September 11th attacks.

Obama wants us to pretend it’s the late 1980s/early 1990s, when we assisted Afghanistan in ousting the Soviet Union.  By aiding the mujhadeen, we inadvertently also helped Osama Bin Laden and his organization, then called MK.  The CIA and the State Department knew he was bad news then.  He was famous for blowing up every bridge and pipeline in Afghanistan.  Having come from a wealthy and successfully Saudi construction family (his father gave the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem its golden dome in the 1960s), Bin Laden knew all about blowing up buildings as well as constructing them.

Bin Laden was young, then.  He’s dead now.  Obama is trying to convince that it’s all water under the bridge now.  Let bygones be bygones.  Forget about 9/11.  That’s ancient history.  Syria’s in trouble and we have to help them!

Assad is no King Arthur.  But he doesn’t want to see his country face the same fate as Egypt.  He’s not some sad old man whose day is past.  He’s going to keep on fighting Al Qaeda, with good reason.  (Interestingly, Bin Laden’s mother was a Syrian).  Evidently, according to Glenn Beck, it’s all about who controls the pipelines to Mother Russia.  Syria is a client state of Russia.

In this very peculiar piece of political theater, it is Vladimir Putin who came to the rescue, brokering a temporary truce and convincing (rather unconvincingly) Assad to give up his chemical weapons and allow the United Nations to perform an inspection of his facilities.

Meanwhile, Obama comes off looking like an inept jackass, further weakening America’s reputation as an influential member of the world community.  His plea to Americans, on the eve of 9/11, to agree to a partnership with Al Qaeda – the author of 9/11 – is a gross insult to those of us who remember 9/11.  Some believe that his intention to link America to Al Qaeda is nothing short of treason.

Twelve years after the attacks, Americans have not forgotten 9/11/01.  At the service in Bloomingdale, there was a good sized crowd of about 200, a surprising and gratifying number for this small town.  Neighboring towns also held ceremonies.  If anything, the ceremonies have grown in popularity and attendance since the first anniversary.  At Sloan Park, what was most surprising was the number of young children in attendance who hadn’t even been born yet.

Bloomingdale was able to procure some pieces of steel from the World Trade Center and create a memorial to 9/11 next to its Vietnam, Korean War, and World Wars I and II monuments.  We even paid tribute to a survivor of the attack, who made it down 70 flights of stairs before the Tower in which he worked collapsed.

Meanwhile, the real danger to America is growing right here in our midst, unheeded.  Bloomingdale and Pompton Lakes residents for the most part don’t hear the danger because they’re away working.  But every morning, doom thunders from Federal Hill, as the mining company destroys another piece of the forested hillside.  It is what the residents of London must have felt, as the German bombs fell on their city.  Boom.  Boom.  Boom.  Would their house or apartment building be next?

Every explosion we hear in our neighbor is the subtle sound of another sort of doom approaching.   The hill will be flattened and hundreds of affordable housing units will be built in the place of the beautiful woodland hills that have stood between Bloomingdale and Pompton Lakes.

In its place will be a gutted, ruined landscape filled with crowded condo units with no personality.  The residents will be the agents of “change” Obama has talked about.  Jobless, aimless, urbanized bottom-dwellers with nothing to do all day but walk from town to town, liquor store to liquor store, fast-food place to fast-food place, convenience store to convenience store, leaving behind a trail of Jack Daniels, joints, syringes, acid bags, fast-food wrappers, beer and soda cans, and bottles along the way.  I’ve already seen (and picked up and thrown away the evidence so far, but there will be more).

Obama is sending an army of his own form of rebels into the heart of our downtown districts to wreak havoc and mayhem.  At this point, there aren’t enough of them to pose a danger of violence.  But there will be soon.

Pundits make the mistake of assuming Obama is inept, stupid, inexperienced.  Comforting epithets, but untrue.  Even as he accuses Assad of making war on his own people, Obama is making war on us.

Boom.  Then a rumbling sound, somewhat similar to the sound people who were in Manhattan heard when the South Tower collapsed.  America at large didn’t hear because the Media had cut the sound.  The windows rattle.  Another of Obama’s bombs has hit its target and another piece of the America we knew and loved is history.   You cringe, your shoulders slump, and your heart slides down the mountain of despair.  Then you go on writing.




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