Naval Yard Shooting Wrong Time for Campaign Speech

Having been busy most of yesterday morning, I tuned in late to the news about the Washington Naval Yard shooting.  Around noon, tuning into Rush Limbaugh, I finally heard the news, and turned onto the television.  But, tuning in first to Fox News, then CNN, and CNBC, instead of news about the shootings and video coverage, there was the Imperial One with two women dressed in black behind him.

He briefly acknowledged the shooting, then with a dismissive wave of his hand, and an angry scowl, pronounced the event as a simple “workplace shooting” and that in time, we’d learn the rest of the details.  Now back to his campaign speech, pinning medals on himself for restoring the economy and bashing the GOP for causing it.

People were dead.  A possible second shooter was running around the nation’s capital, and we should listen to Obama’s campaign speech on the anniversary of the 2008 economic meltdown.  Finally, I found actual coverage of the shooting on BBC America.  I had to go to BBC America to find out what was happening in my own nation’s capital.  Eventually, Fox News returned to covering the incident.

What was O thinking?  Well, we know what he was thinking.  What were those cable networks thinking?  They need to straighten out their priorities (we know what Obama’s priority is).  We could go on for pages and pages about how the decline of the American economy was primarily the fault of the Democrats, going all the way back to the 1970s and Jimmy Carter.

But today, our prayers are with the 12 families of those murdered in what turns out was a senseless workplace rampage by a deranged, lone gunman.  According to his father, 34 year-old Aaron Alexis became unhinged after doing rescue and recovery work at Ground Zero in 2001.

He suffered from paranoia, was hearing voices, and suffered from insomnia.  He received a general discharge from the U.S. Navy in 2011, which cited misconduct on Alexis’ part.  Mental health specialists declared that he was mentally ill, yet he was still able to obtain a security pass to the Washington Navy Yard where he shot at workers having their morning breakfast in the building’s cafeteria.

He’d had run-ins with the law before.  His father said he had “anger management” issues and took minor incidents, like noise in the apartment above him, too seriously.  We’ll never know what made him snap.  It’s very likely he had some dispute as a contractor with someone in the Navy Yard.

Our prayers go out to the injured and the families of the dead.  And we can add one more checkmark to Obama’s incompetence as President of the United States.



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