Watch Out, Wayne, for Negative Ratables

Watch Out, Wayne, for Negative Ratables

Riverdale and Butler have already gone negative.  Wanaque has thrown itself wholesale into negative ratables (and it shows).  Bloomingdale has signed onto a deal with Tilcon Mining to destroy a beautiful, virgin woodland hillside in order to throw itself into the negative hole.

Now the Wayne Township Planning Board has begun the process of revaluating their 2010 master plan.  Town Planner John Szabo’s proposed reinvention of Wayne from a suburban township to the city of Wayne (making it nothing more than an extension of neighboring Paterson) reads like a page from the Agenda 21 playbook: 

  1.  “Promote growth and economic development in a manner that will protect environmentally sensitive areas of the Township while directing investment to redeveloping existing, underutilized developed properties and areas.”
  2. “Promote mixed-use development between residential and commercial uses to balance growth.”
  3. “Promote connectivity between all areas of the Township to enhance community integration, amounting to “Live-Work-Play.”
  4. “Promote and maximize mass transit connections with land use to a) promote connectivity among areas within the Township; b) provide for multi-modal means of transportation to reduce road traffic and our dependency on vehicles and c) reduce carbon emissions and the environmental consequences associated with higher vehicular use.”

And while no one can disagree that Wayne and the entire nation are facing tough economic times, the adopt of Agenda 21 principles and the creation of 1,800 new multi-family units spread across town (including Packanack, Pines, and Lions Head Lakes, the Mountain View section of Wayne [which is a flood zone], and Wayne Hills Mall [already so dangerous that you don’t dare shop there after sunset], increasing the town’s population by an estimated 4,500, according to Mr. Szabo’s estimates, is not the answer.  Likely, the increase will be at least double that amount.

The proposal will transform Wayne Township into the City of Wayne, forever changing the town’s suburban character, raising property taxes, lowering property taxes, and increasing crime, drug use, and truancy.  Additionally, it also does not address the question of how the proposed increase in residential development will affect our town’s COAH Affordable Housing obligation, leaving the unintended consequences of an additional 1,000 units a very real possibility.

Right now, according to the 2010 Master Plan, 3 percent of Wayne’s property is zoned “Commercial”, generating 30 percent of our revenue.  What will happen to Wayne’s long-term health if its commercial properties are permanently replaced with negative ratables?

 Many questions Wayne residents have remain unanswered:

 What implication will the proposed “build-out” have on Wayne’s COAH obligation?

How can the assumption that new housing will not add more students to our schools be made?

What are efforts are being made to attract new businesses to town?

Before adopting what will be the most dramatic and potentially devastating changes to Wayne Township’s Master Plan, it is imperative that these questions be answered and other options be considered.  Wayne is already dealing with the consequences of past poor planning.

They cannot afford to make the same mistakes again.

 Guest speakers at last night’s North Jersey Regional Tea Party meeting included Carroll County (Maryland) County Commissioner Richard Rothschild, a fierce opponent of expanded government control of land use and defender of property rights.  Rothschild was one of the first to remove Agenda 21 from his county.

Bader Quarment is a former N.J. candidate for the U.S. Senate, a current faculty member of the County College of Morris, who shared his perspectives on the indoctrination of college students, as well as an education advocate, opposed to Common Core and instrumental in supporting N.J. school legislation that reduces property taxes and gives parents the right to school choice.

Commissioner Rothschild advised anyone preparing to challenge their town’s planning board not to use the phrase Agenda 21.  Agenda 21 activists are either members of these boards or have trained members in how to counter public opposition to Agenda 21.

A Wayne resident asked what they could do to refute Agenda 21 arguments that the town planners are making.  The Commissioner advised them to address the issues of ratables.  Building high-density housing, he told the audience, would not increase revenue but actually decrease it, creating negative ratables.

But if any residents in our area want prove to refute town planners’ assertions that Agenda 21 will be good for the environment, they’ve only to walk around one of the towns such as Wanaque or Pompton Lakes for the necessary evidence.  The unemployed residents of these towns don’t use cars, it’s true.   They walk instead.  They just walk from town to town, fast food joint to fast food joint (as I’ve pointed out in other posts), leaving a trail of trash, liquor bottles, syringes, acid bags, and marijuana blunts in their wake.

They’re especially fond of littering our lakes and rivers, which Agenda 21 claims to be so worried about.  If they’re so concerned about the environment, bringing Affordable Housing pedestrians into our suburban neighborhoods is the worst thing they could do.  It will only be matter of time and an increase in minority and illegal alien population before crime follows.

In my rounds around town, picking up after these pigs, I notice young people who would normally be in school.  A good guess is these children and teens are not legal residents, hence their absence from the schoolroom and their presence in and around town.

The garbage is the best evidence we have.  There’s plenty of it.  Take photos of it, then bag it up and bring it to the next town planning board meeting, wherever you live.  Let them try to refute heroin bags, syringes, and Jack Daniels.



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