A Victory for the Stupidest Generation

According to CBS New/D.C., the Republican-controlled House of Representatives has passed a bill that would defund Obama’s health care law but fund the federal government through Dec. 15.

The House voted 230-189 in favor to defund “Obamacare” in order to avert a government shutdown.  This sets up a confrontation with the Democratic-led Senate that promises to strip the “defund Obamacare” provision from the bill next week.

The White House has stated that Obama would veto the measure in case it reached his desk.

“They actually did it: The House just passed a resolution that risks a government shutdown to defund Obamacare.  #EnoughAlready,” the president’s Twitter account, run by Organizing for Action, posted.

House Speaker John Boehner called the vote a “victory for common sense.”

“This is hurting our constituents, it’s hurting the American people,” he said.

There’s even less certainty now about how Obama and Congress will resolve a feud over raising the nation’s borrowing limit to head off a first-ever default on the nation’s debt.

But don’t start celebrating just yet, Tea Partiers.

Moderate Republicans, led by Karl Rove, have been chiding Conservatives and members of the Tea Party for pushing Congress in what they call a hopeless effort to derail Obamacare.  Their defeatist language –  “it’s hopeless;”  “give it up;”  “The Senate’s going to strip the defunding language out of the bill and even if they don’t, Obama will veto it” – serves only to confirm Conservatives’ opinions that Moderates are sell-outs.

Boehner’s bill does lip service to Conservatives, while making it a simple matter for the Democrat-led Senate to simply strip the bill of the defunding measure.  The House doesn’t get blamed for shutting down the government, and the Senate and Obama get their Obamacare.

Had Boehner summoned the courage to shut the government, Obama and the Senate would have had to call his bluff.  Yes, Boehner would have been blamed for the shutdown of the government.  The government could use some shutting down.  Instead, he’s taken the middle road (as usual) and we’ll have a mock showdown between the House and Senate, but in the end, the Obamacare tag will be stuck on America’s toe.

Which is what Obama wants.  He freely admits that the Constitution is a nuisance and an obstacle to what he wants to do, namely turn the United States into a Communist country.  He sounds like a teenager who’s been told he has to turn off his Ipod and wear his seatbelt while driving, and call his parents to let them know where he’s going.

Boehner calls his bill a “victory for common sense” but common sense only as moderates define it.  For them, there’s never a right time to fight against those who would destroy the country.  They label Conservatives “extremists” for wanting to preserve individual freedom, as though the country is a collective of high school teenagers determining who’s cool and who’s not.

You’d think young adults would be up in arms over Obamacare, since they’re the ones who will be paying the freight.  They’re not called “The Stupidest Generation” for nothing.

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