Republican Leadership Unresponsive to Constituents

Calls to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Sen. Minority Whip John Cronyn, and Sen. John McCain, among others, went unanswered after Sen. Ted Cruz’s outstanding speech on opposing Obamacare
According to, Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., who has called Cruz a “fraud” for his efforts to defund Obamacare, said Thursday supporters of the Texas senator have been bombarding his office with ‘vile’ phone calls.

“’The vehemence of the phone calls coming into the office.  I don’t care, people can call me whatever they want … I haven’t heard such vile, profane, obscene language,’” King said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Thursday.

“’I’m not saying Ted Cruz is responsible for all his supporters, but he has tapped into a dark strain here in the American political psyche here, and again, the most obscene, profane stuff you can imagine all from people who say they support the Constitution,’” King said. “’I think what we have to do is reach out to his people and let them know that they’re following a false leader here.’”

“McConnell announced Monday he does not support the attempt by Cruz to defund Obamacare.

“He claims he opposes Obamacare, but refused to support Cruz’s effort to block a vote on cloture, which effectively doomed the House bill that would have defunded Obamacare.  McConnell would have needed to get only 41 out of 46 Republican senators to vote to block cloture, but he would not support the effort.

“He, and other establishment Republicans, fear they would take the blame for any government shutdown, even though the House bill is specifically designed to force Democrats to be the ones to shut down the government, should they refuse to defund Obamacare.

“That puts most Americans in the odd position of having neither the Democratic Party, nor the Republican Party, supporting their position on Obamacare.

“A CBS News poll found most Americans, 52 percent, disapprove of Obamacare.”

The people have opposed Obamacare since before its inception.  Or has the brain-damaged Sen. McCain forgotten the Town Hall Meetings of 2009, where hundreds, if not thousands, of citizens expressed their opposition to Obama’s health care plan?  Did McCain take so many beatings from the Viet Cong that he forgets what it means to be an American?  That being American means, first and foremost, being an individual?  That America was founded on the principle of small government of, for and by the people?

Even though Cruz spoke for 21 hours, the Media seemed to have been able to only record a few very convenient sound bites, taken out of context, to marginalize Cruz.  The brain-damaged McCain claimed that Cruz was opposing a bill that the American people had approved via their senatorial representatives.  Was McCain beaten so many times by the Communist Viet Cong that he’s forgotten the 2009 Town Hall Meetings in which hundreds, if not thousands, of average Americans showed up to express their disapproval of Obamacare?  Has he forgotten that we are a free nation of individuals, not a communist collective subject to the whims and dictates of a bureaucratic politik?

Nancy Pelosi’s remark about the Affordable Care Act, that we wouldn’t find out what was in it until we passed it, is a sure sign that we’ve crossed that red Communist line into tyranny.  Obama tried to persuade gullible Americans that the cost of the Affordable Care Act works out to a “mere” $328 a month.  Multiplied by 12 months, that comes to $3,936 – almost $4,000 a year.  That’s for one person.

Multiply that $3,936 by a family of four and you get $15,744.  The median household income in 2013, according to the U.S. Department of Numbers, was $51,040, down 4.5% from 2009.  The overall median personal income for all individuals over the age of 18 in 2005 was $39,403.  By 2011, that figure had gone down to $32,986 (for males).  The average between males and females brings the median income down to $27,044.

The poverty level for a family of four is $23,021.  How many self-reliant families will be reduced to that level after paying for Obamacare?  That $15,744 would bring a median income family down to $35,296.  A single male making the median personal income and supporting a household of four (including himself) alone would be brought down below the poverty level.

We can depend upon Obama to force wealthier households to pay more.  Would a family with twice the household median income – $102,000 – be expected to pay twice the Obamacare tax – $31,488?  That, in addition to the high tax rate higher income families are expected to pay.

No one really knows because Obama is playing it close to the vest with the actual costs, at least until after the election.  There is also the matter of hidden costs.  The number of doctors who will be leaving the field.  The number of hospitals that will close.  The number of older people who will be denied care for serious illnesses because they’re too old (the age line is 75).

Obamacare will result in a dearth of doctors and longer waiting times for major surgery.  We need only to look to Canada and Great Britain to find out just how bad national health care is.  The lesson of Social Security has been lost on a generation that has watched its parents and grandparents enjoy a secure old age at their expense.  Social Security is bankrupt; there’s nothing left but file cabinets filled with IOUs.

The American people know this.  They’ve been listening.  Unfortunately, our Republican representatives have not.  Instead, they hurl invectives at Conservatives.  “Anarchists!”  “Rebels!”  “Terrorists!”

The Republicans’ bedside manner leaves much to be desired.

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