No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Whenn I began picking up the litter around Pompton Lakes this past spring, I knew sooner or later the law would catch up with me and put a stop to my activities.  Someone wouldn’t like it.  Of late, because so many people asked me questions about what I was doing, I put signs on my cart, one of which read:   “Community Volunteer c/o The P.L. Tea Party – Because You’re Taxed Enough Already.”  That was in answer to why I did it for free, as a volunteer.  Pay me, and their taxes would go up.  Now, I would have to pay the town for the privilege of picking up the filth left behind by the teenagers and low-lifes in town.

Maybe I was just tired of doing it.  I lost the 20 pounds I was seeking to lose.  Since the kids have gone back to school, the streets aren’t as dirty.  But within days of putting the signs on my cart, I found the cops watching me.  Finally, they approached me this morning and said that I needed a permit to do what I was doing.  “Not that we object;” the officers said, “we love what you’re doing, but for safety’s sake, we just need to know who you are.”

What it meant was, that if someone complained, they’d know who to come after.  No problem.  I gave them my name and address.  They said go with them to the Town Hall.  But it was a long walk.  I told them I’d return in my car.

So, I went to the town hall.  The borough clerk said that I didn’t need a permit to pick up trash, so long as I didn’t hold onto any.  She said she’d call me back.  But I had saved some bags back to help out the Agenda 21 opponents in case they need proof of the urban blight programs like Smart Growth are bringing down upon our town, and other towns like Bloomingdale and Wayne.

I placed two of the bags in a town barrel and the third in a shopping center barrel.  Well, I was read-out by the young landscaping man who apparently empties the shopping center barrels.  Then he summoned the owner of one of the stores who used to praise me for helping out.

All good things – especially good things – come to an end.  Thus ends my career as a community volunteer.  The store owner yelled, “Don’t do dis’ again or I’ll call da cops!”  I hope he does call them.  I’d just gotten through telling the police what I’d found along the roadside, in the brush  – huge booze bottles, heroin/acid bags, etc.  I hope the police take a good look at what’s really going on in Pompton Lakes.  I hope they start paying attention.

As for the good citizens of Pompton Lakes, all I can say is, I did my best for you. 


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