The Democrats Want America to Go to Hell

And the Republicans have helped pack our bags.  But mainly, it’s the Democrats.


In an update to an earlier post about cleaning up this town of Pompton Lakes, after I entered the post, I got a call from the borough administrator.  He said that the cops had lied.  As an “individual”, I had a right to help clean up the town.  The one restriction was that I couldn’t set foot in the street or pick up any papers up out of the road.


“Not even a water bottle in the gutter?” I asked.  “Even if I stay on the sidewalk?”


“Yes,” he replied, “as long as you’re on the sidewalk.”  He was becoming angry.  “It’s up to you, as an individual.”


Well, I had a little problem with not being able to go into the street.  Every driver who parks on Wanaque Avenue (and it’s becoming more and more deserted as businesses shutter) has to get out on the street side.  What about them?  Are they going to stop drivers from getting out of their cars, too?


No.  This was about the TEA Party sign that I had on my cart.  Some of the business owners on Wanaque Avenue clearly didn’t like it and called the cops on me.  They watched me for any infraction they could charge me with.  An individual volunteer can pick up the garbage, under certain conditions.  A group has to have a permit.


No real Pompton Lakes Tea Party actually exists, except in my own person.  I’m a sort of one-woman Tea Party.  I like it that.  No politics.  No talk.  Just action.  But the Democrat business owners couldn’t let that happen.  I had to show them identification (all I had was my credit card).


Yet they would never ask any of the illegal aliens loitering on Wanaque Avenue for their identification.  Wanaque Avenue has a sidewalk.  Parts of Ringwood Avenue do not, and that’s where the litterers leave their worst garbage, over the guard rail, in the brush, inaccessible except for my metal grabber.  This is no pedestrian garbage; they were having parties along Lower Twin Lake on Ringwood Avenue, in the woods bordering the Ringwood Avenue of the Pompton Reformed Church, in the woods behind the billiard parlor on lower Hamburg Turnpike.


Since they’re onto me, I can no longer pick up the filth.  If I were found with one of those acetylene heroin packets, I’d be arrested.  I’m going to give it a month and let the litter collect up again.  Then I’m going to take photos of it.  (I never touched the stuff; I used rubber gloves, but just having it in my possession would have been enough for arrest).


You have to wonder just what the police, the borough council, and the police are thinking.  They’ll threaten a Tea Partier for cleaning up the place, but think nothing of allowing and even encouraging illegal aliens, criminals, drug dealers, to live here and wander the town wasted and drunk, leaving their whiskey and vodka bottles, their acid packets, their blunts and pot butts along the walkways and numerous river banks for children to find.  If the cops just got out of their cars, they’d see it for themselves.

The mess won’t take long to reassemble.  Already, the lowlifes are having a litter party (they must have gotten the word that my activities have been halted).  The only area I’ll clean up now is the Pompton Reformed Church.  If the rest of the town wants to go to Hell, who am I to stop them?


I just can’t understand how the American people can’t see that the Tea Parties are not their enemy.  We didn’t leave the trash ringing Pompton Lakes and making a horrid, filthy trail from Ringwood through and around Pompton Lakes, and on up into Bloomingdale and Butler.  The Democrat voters, mainly the Hispanics and Mexican who’ve come here, are responsible for it and, their cries of “Save the Earth!” notwithstanding, do nothing to clean the town up, and in fact, encourage and threaten anyone who tries to prevent it.


I am Tea Party and I’m proud of it.  I knew this was war when I began.  We’ve just gone into the next stage.  Pompton Lakes must make a choice:  clean up its act and return to the pleasant suburban town it once was.  Or go to Hell, become another Paterson, led by the Democrat Party.







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