Our Berlin Wall Moment

Three cheers for the brave Vietnam, Iraqi, Afghanistan, and probably a few hardy Korean War veterans and friends who tore down the Barry-cades in front of the World War II and Lincoln Memorials.  Despite some flak from the U.S. Park Police, our heroes unchained the Barry-cades blocking the memorials and dumped them in front of the White House.


It was our Berlin Wall Moment.  “Mr. Obama” would not tear down the wall, so our veterans did.


The dandies in the GOP, slick in their tailored suits, manicured nails, and precision haircuts, were busy “negotiating” a deal that does very little for the American people.  The debt ceiling that was only to be raised for two or three weeks is now pushed up to two or three months – February 2014.  They are considering delaying the individual mandate for a year and are thinking about requiring Congressional members and their staffs to enlist in the exchanges.


How brave of them.  How heroic.  What a sacrifice they’re making.


Meanwhile, the Minister of Propaganda has enlisted the aid of Karl Rove and Sen. John McCain to deride Sen. Ten Cruz and the Tea Party for their foolish attempt to foil Obamacare by trying to defund it.  Oh, how ridiculous it made them look.  How ineffective.  The Senate was never going to pass that bill.


They were careful not to blame the citizen Tea Party members.  We were simply taken in by promises that Obamacare could be defunded.  As if we “hicks” didn’t know that the Senate would knock it down and that Obama would veto.


Of course, we knew.  Just as the World War II soldiers on the beaches at Normandy knew that they faced a fortified, heavily-defended beachhead, with 100 to 150 foot cliffs.  They knew many of them would die.  Taking the beachhead was just the beginning.  Hundreds of miles lay between them and Berlin.


We couldn’t do it alone.  So our president at the time, FDR, made a deal with the Soviet Union’s leader, Stalin, to basically surround the Nazis.  It was a dirty deal.  But in the end, we defeated Hitler.  Only to find ourselves battling a strengthened Communist enemy.


The feckless GOP has made a similar deal with the Democrats.  As far as McCain and his ilk are concerned, it’s simply a matter of losing big time or losing gradually.  Obama will unleash the gates where hordes of illegal aliens wait to overwhelm our republic.  There will be only one party when that happens.  If you want to be a politician, as McCain does, you go with what you perceive to be the winning side.


The hell with America.


The veterans on the National Mall showed them what it really means to be an American.  No one is going to quarrel with a combat veteran.  So they blame the Tea Party for this mess, instead.

Let us remind them of a few things:


  1.  The TEA Party didn’t create this economic mess; Progressive and Liberal politicians did.  We organized to combat big government.  We are not anti-government; we are anti-Big Government, the kind of bureaucratic monarchy that closes the people’s public lands out of political vengeance, denies benefits to the families of dead soldiers, and pushes an expensive, socialist health care program on our free market economy, then tells us to shut up.  We’re against wasteful spending.  We’re against unconstitutional cabinet offices like the Department of Education.  We’re against sending aid to nations that harbor terrorists.  We’re against abortion.  Yes, it’s a “social” issue.  That never seems to bother the “Socialists” when they take up a social issue.  We’re against gay marriage; that is to say, we’re against ministers and priests being forced to marry people of the same sex against their religious consciouses.
  2. The TEA Party is opposed to a one-party system.  We’re opposed to gutting the First Amendment – and the Second.  Amend the first two items of our Bill of Rights (created in 1791 to protect the people from just such a tyrannical, bureaucratic government as we have now), and a one-party system is what we’ll have.
  3. If the TEA Party is opposed to granting amnesty to illegal aliens and opening our borders, it’s because we know these people have no vested interest in the American way of life.  They come as conquerors, and they know it – and so does Obama.  You can read about it in his autobiography.  They enjoy the idea of empowerment that being granted amnesty brings.  These are not law-abiding people; they’re low-lifes looking for a hand-out.  They don’t care about America.  They don’t care about her history.  They look to supplant the Europeans who created this country and made it a great nation.  They had not hand in building America; they want only to invade the country and despoil it, grab whatever they can, just as the welfare recipients stripped a Wal-Mart the other day, when a glitch in this system allowed them to take anything and everything in the store.  Some of them – probably most of them – are criminals, drug-dealers, and smugglers.  They will be allowed to vote and will vote for whatever thug politician/pirate king will reward them best.  No, you’re darned right the TEA Party doesn’t want them here.
  4. The TEA Party is opposed to an entitlement culture.  Entitlements are like an addiction.  Once you’re hooked, you’re hooked forever.  LBJ knew it.  He counted on it.  ‘Keep on giving the blacks their welfare, and they’ll be voting Democrat for the next 100 years,’ he said.  Social Security is the most costly of the entitlements.  But it’s bankrupt.  Social Security ran out of money a few years back.  They’re running a deficit.  The government has to keep borrowing money to pay for it.  Right behind it is Medicare/Medicaid, soon to be supplanted by the even costlier Affordable Care Act, which we’re told is now the “law of the land.”  Illegal aliens can overrun our borders, drug addicts can smoke pot on city streets, and Obama can write countless Executive Orders overriding his Constitutional authority.  But we must obey the Affordable Care Act, or face a fine, imposed by the newly-weaponized IRS, or go to prison.
  5. Finally, technically, the U.S. Constitution is still the legal law of the land.  We expect our representatives to not only abide by it but stand up for it when it is attacked.  We didn’t send them to Congress to pay one another’s back or reach across the aisle.  We are blamed for “dividing” the nation.  We are not the ones who are dividing the nation; that is the result of Progressive/Liberal criminals being allowed to run our government at the price of welfare, chain immigration, reduction in drug abuse penalties, and the brainwashing of our youth through education and a decadent, anarchistic culture.  Imagine being ruled by a class of lawless, ignorant, lazy nitwits whose brains have been numbed by a sophisticated propaganda machine ruled from the White House.  If we are to save our country, we’re going to have to study the science of de-culting those who have been taken in.  One of the oldest psychological tricks is to have the leaders mock the enemy (in this case, the TEA Parties).  They have to make sure that no one will listen to us.


This loss of freedom has come on so gradually that, like the boiled frog, Americans hardly know or care what’s happening to them.  Obamacare could have been defeated had the Republicans tried harder.  There, the 17th Amendment worked against us.  Were Senators still selected by the State legislators, the Affordable Care Act might not have passed.  Instead of fighting, the moderate GOP caved and betrayed their constituents.


In most states, the majority of voters identify as “Independent” rather as “Democrat” or “Republican.”  The Progressives are winning not so much by force of numbers but by dearth of voters.  The total turnout for a presidential election has not been much more than 60 percent.  Where are those other 40 percent and why aren’t they voting?  They’re also winning through fraud and through vote purchasing.


How do you win against an opponent who has no compunction about lying, cheating and stealing?  How do these people keep winning?  What kind of people are electing them?  Are we actually electing them?  Newark, N.J., Mayor Cory Booker is a notorious crook; so was former N.J. Gov. Jon Corzine.  Like Corzine, Booker belongs behind bars, not at a seat in the U.S. Senate.  That’s probably why there are so many closet Conservatives who feel voting is useless.


I’ve been working on a demographic table of northern New Jersey.  The database serves as an Excel exercise, so if and when I can finally get even just a temporary job, I’ll know what I’m doing (I’m experienced in Excel, but it’s been a long time).  But it is also an extremely useful information resource as a Tea Party blogger.  I’ve spent months and months compiling it, gathering information on demographic changes, population growth (or decline), incomes, poverty levels, types of housing, housing density, information on education from cost per pupil to student-teacher ratios, to the all-important SAT scores.  I’ve also included a section on presidential election results.  Except for the election results and a few minor tweaks, the database is nearly complete.  (The next step will be to use the charts and graphs in updating my skills in PowerPoint).


In Democrat strongholds, Wikipedia supplies the current 2012 presidential election results for each particular city or town.  Not so in Republican towns.  The information isn’t there.  Nor have I found any resource (yet) that will give me the information I seek.  The best information you can get is by county only and of course, when you go by county, the Democrat-oriented cities prevail.  The suburbs disappear.  I find this suppression of information very interesting.


Whether the GOP or the Media likes us or not, the Tea Parties are here to stay.  We’re not going away.  We’re certainly not discouraged by the adolescent name-calling.  We know we’re the adults in the room.  Even if America goes away (which it seems to be doing), we’ll still be here, protecting the last American flag and preserving the U.S. Constitution.  For us, there is no other law and no other goal than freedom.






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