Is Bloomingdale Paving the Way for Cory Booker?

My 89 year-old mother called a little while ago.  She went to vote in New Jersey’s Special Election but she was prevented from getting to her polling place, the Samuel R. Donald School, because they were paving Captolene Avenue, the street the school is on.


They sent her around the side streets to High Street, which is a dead end street (the Donald school sits on cliff overlooking the town) but it was too far away for her – and if memory serves, it’s fenced off.  In any case, she could not have gotten to the school in her car.  The property was fenced off when I was a child and played there with a childhood friend.


We’re wondering what sort of shenanigans are going on in Bloomingdale.  Mayor Dunleavy is of uncertain political patronage.  He was actually appointed by the borough council, not elected by the town’s residents.


Whatever he is, the date of the special election was known far in advance.  What was the town thinking of scheduling paving in front of a polling place on a known election date?  Mom is planning to go back later in the evening, when they should be through paving.


We can’t help wondering how many other voters were turned away.  This school serves a large section of the town as a polling place.  Mom tried going to the only other school used as a polling place.  They refused to allow her to vote.


I hope someone is taking note of this.  Whatever Bloomingdale’s mayor is, Bloomingdale is a Republican-majority town.


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