Tasking the Tea Party

Back in 2009, when the Tea Party groups began forming, they were based on three basic principles that even the most rabid, progressive Media reporter couldn’t twist into something evil:  lower taxes, limited government, and free enterprise.

Keep the government simple.  That’s what they did back in 1791 when the Bill of Rights was ratified, completing the U.S. Constitution.  In the Colonial Era, traveling was difficult, communications was by ship and pony express, and electricity was something Benjamin Franklin was still doing experiments with, trying to determine how to conduct the electricity to make machines and appliances work.

There was no radio or television.  No computers or internet.  No jets or cars.  Even trains hadn’t been invented yet.  There were no cameras of any sort; they were still in the experimental stage.  All they had were printing presses, which the English government inhibited through taxes on publications (the Stamp Act, which helped bring about the Boston Tea Party).

Just because we have all the technological conveniences now, 237 years later, is no reason to make government more complicated than it was adopted in 1787.  If last year’s Hurricane Sandy taught us anything, especially here in New Jersey, it’s that depending upon centralized anything, be it electricity, mass transportation, or Big Government, is dangerous.  All the centralized, federal government largesse has not rebuilt all the homes on the Jersey Shore.

And as predicted, the money that went to Asbury Park did not go towards rebuilding its boardwalk.  The project has been abandoned.  Rebuilding that boardwalk would have brought tourism and business to that blighted city on the shore.  Instead, the money has gone towards entitlement projects, instead.

Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas-R) is taking a drubbing from the Media and from his own party for demanding a shut-down of the government until two issues were addressed:  the defunding of Obamacare and not raising the debt ceiling.  He failed on both counts, thanks to a vicious media campaign and an ignorant public.  The blame was based squarely on the Tea Party.

Moderate pundits cautioned that it was a hopeless case with a Communist dictator in the White House, a Democrat-controlled Senate and a compliant House of Representatives.  To its credit, they swore to keep their word to the Tea Parties do their best to keep Obamacare from being funded.

When the government was shut down, the Media swooned and scared the wits out of the mostly witless public.  The Tea Party felt some vindication and supported it.  Our bloated government needed some of the gas taken out of it.  Obama played politics like a violin and shut down all the popular tourist attractions like the Lincoln Memorial, blaming it on the Tea Party, while the bureaucracy went humming right along.  The IRS remained open.  The Department of Education continued its unconstitutional business of re-educating American students.  The State Department, with the assistance of the U.S. Treasury went on loaning our money to Islamic terrorist governments in the Middle East.  A rally was even held for illegal aliens and shortly after the government was back up and running (everything, that is, except the Obamacare website), the Supreme Court ruled that states cannot deny illegal aliens the right to vote.

Wait.  What?

The Media and the Progressives may be snarling and sneering at us, but that’s because they’re truly terrified of us.  That’s why Glenn Beck reported this morning that a SWAT team raided a home early in the morning because the ex-wife of the homeowner reported that he had a gun in the house.  The couple was taken out of their beds, and made to lie down, handcuffed, on the living room floor.  A teenaged son was taken out of the shower naked and made to sit with his siblings, all clustered together crying, as 40 SWAT team members searched the house for the illegal gun.  What did they find?  Glenn Beck tells us, “Empty casings.”

Our country is being transformed into a single-party, welfare-state, third-world entity with no freedom of speech, no right to bear arms, no religious freedom, and no private property (which includes liquid assets).  Yet the Media and the White House Minister of Propaganda would have it that the Tea Party is a danger to the United States of America.

Excuse me?

We’ve been compared to the Taliban, the Nazis, and Islamic terrorists.  Florida Democrat Congressman Alan Grayson’s latest campaign ad compares us to the KKK.    But Sen. Cruz remains undaunted.  Glenn Beck published Cruz’s memo to his staff on his website, The Blaze:

“Sen. Ted Cruz’s office has issued a memo to supporters vowing that the battle to defund Obamacare isn’t over and calling it the first tangible step to unifying conservatives.

“Sens. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Mike Lee (R-Utah) walk to a meeting ahead of a Senate vote on a measure to avert a threatened Treasury default and reopen the government after a 16-day partial shutdown, Oct. 16, 2013. (AP)

“The memo, obtained by The Blaze, was circulated widely Tuesday among supporters who worked to defund Obama’s signature health care law, a senior Cruz staffer said.

“The ‘defund plan produced tangible results that create both immediate and long-term benefits for the country and the conservative cause,’ the memo states.

“’First, it intensified the nation’s focus on Obamacare. Second, it energized Americans by showing there are people in Washington willing to take real action to stop Obamacare. Third, it exposed, for all to see, the Democrats’ refusal to compromise out of blind devotion to their extreme liberal agenda,’ it states.

“The memo, titled ‘The Fight to Defund Obamacare:  What We’ve Gained,’ says the battle against the law proved that Republicans need ‘to unite and stand firm together in their resolve to defeat Obamacare.’

“The memo also takes aim at Democrats, the media and others who bashed Cruz for attacking the D.C. establishment, saying, ‘it was Harry Reid and President Obama, not Senator Cruz and the House Republicans, who forced a government shutdown.’  A distinction that cannot be noted enough.

“‘President Obama is responsible for shutting down the government because he refused to negotiate with the House of Representatives to keep the government open,’ the memo states.

“‘President Obama issued 15 veto threats to bills the House of Representatives passed, with significant bipartisan support, to re-open the government and fund vital government services, such as the Department of Veterans Affairs and the national parks.’”

The Morris County Tea Party (formerly the Morristown Tea Party) may be holding a rally on Saturday, Oct. 26th.  Let’s hope they go through with it.  The best thing the Tea Party activists can do is stand up and be seen and heard.  The only way we can get our message through to the low-information voters is to be personally seen and heard, on the grassroots level – on The Green.

The Tea Party must control its message, not the Media – or the White House Minister of Propaganda.

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