Cancelled Insurance Plans: Trick, No Treat

Obama is shocked – shocked!! – to learn that businesses are dumping their employees’ insurance plans.  Some companies are doing more than just dumping their employee’s insurance plans – they’re dumping their employees altogether.  The employees that are left are put on a part-time basis.

I have a small, inexpensive individual insurance plan that I got through the Internet.  Never received any paper work or proof that I was insured.  But it was better than nothing at all so I let it go until the money ran out in the bank account for which they insisted I supply the number.  From now, if I don’t get a bill in the mail, it isn’t happening.

Everyone knows that this was Obama’s intention all along, the government running the single-payer exchanges through the states – for those of you who are still mystified by the Affordable Care Act, the government is the single-payer.

Obama never intended for us to choose our own insurance plans, make them affordable, or help sick people.  Obamacare was all about surgically extract money from the young, brainless idiots who voted for him and giving it to other idiots who vote for him.

He campaigned for Obamacare on the notion that the insurance companies were taking advantage of the consumers.  Actually, that was the bureaucratic government wearing the mask of private insurance companies.  Like the taxpayers of Detroit, the real health insurers got out of the business years ago when the state insurance departments began heaping on the regulations, costing the health insurance industry millions.

Medical care fraud was, and still is, costing insurance companies millions.  Don’t forget that auto insurance companies must pay bodily injury claims.  In Brooklyn, N.Y., there’s a whole cottage industry devoted to medical care fraud.  Phony or corrupt doctors.  Store-front clinics that process the paperwork and collect the money.

The Moderate Republicans were right about the public learning what a disaster Obamacare would be once it came into play.  Taxpayers shelled out some $400,000 to Michelle Obama’s crony to set up an Affordable Care website that doesn’t work.  Nor has it attracted many customers beyond those who need health insurance.  The healthy have stayed away from the website like it had the plague.

Another shocker has revealed that premiums under Obamacare go up, not down.  So much for Affordable Health Care.  ACA is simply another manifestation of redistributing the wealth.

‘You’ll be able to keep your doctor,’ Obama promised.  What he didn’t tell you was that your doctor may not want to keep you, especially if you’re an older person on Medicare.  Older people are terrified that Medicare is going to be pulled out from under them, leaving them with no way to deal with the astronomical costs of the serious illnesses and surgeries that nearly always accompany old age.

Older people have been paying into Medicare all their working lives and have a right to expect a return on their investment.  Only the money isn’t there; it’s been mismanaged and politically maneuvered to buy votes from minorities and illegal aliens.  Obamacare is rather like the old Charlie Brown television film, “It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!”  The kids are all costumed up, ring the doorbell, and get their candy.  They look in their bags to see what they’ve received.  Everyone gets candy except Charlie Brown, who gets a rock.

That’s what hard-working Americans are going to get from Obamacare.  The young and healthy working taxpayers will get outrageous premiums; the retirees who’ve contributed to Medicare all their working lives (at least since it was instituted in the mid-1960s) will have their coverage dropped.  It’s already a fact that patients over 75 will not receive care for terminal diseases.

To the heartless bureaucrat, it makes sense.  To the patients and their families, it’s the Charlie Brown rock.

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  1. Is this still good news for the JT-Ozouf fiber optic investment in Jersey? My house in the UK was linked up to broadband 20 years ago.

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