Whose Side is the GOP On, Anyway?

Whose Side is the GOP On, Anyway?


They wouldn’t support Steve Lonegan in the special election for the U.S. Senate seat left vacant by Lautenberg’s death.  They wouldn’t support Ken Cuccinelli in the Virginia’s governor’s race against Democrat Terry McAuliffe.  The race was very tight, 48-45.  Yet, just as the race was tightening, the GOP declared the race unwinnable and withdrew its financial support for Cuccinelli.


Interestingly, in New Jersey, Christie the Purple won in the northern suburbs by a greater margin, but with a significantly lower turnout than in 2008.  Most New Jersey districts are neither Democrat nor Republican, but Independent.  While they’re about equal with Democrats in the number of districts that are majority Republican, they’ve been steadily losing ground, since about the time of George H.W. Bush.  There was a time when New Jersey was redder than it is now.


The GOP swallowed the political Kool-Aid wholesale when it deceived itself into thinking Hispanics were hard-working, family-oriented Americans who would vote for limited government, lower taxes, and accountable representatives.  Nor will the immigrant Chinese do so.


Instead of re-analyzing their platform of appeasing Independent voters who figure holding their ballots close to their vest will bring the Republican Party to heel, they blame the Tea Party as being too extremist.  They blame Tea Party candidates like Ted Cruz for the government shut-down, a ploy pundits insist would not have worked and instead alienated voters.  However, the shutdown of the Obamacare website convinced them anyway, and Cuccinelli was within reach of a statistical tie for the Virginia governorship when the GOP threw in the towel.


The double-standard regarding social issues is particularly troubling in a nation that prides itself on freedom of speech.  Liberal Democrats and the minorities under their umbrella – homosexuals, unions, atheists, Muslims, advocates for the legalization of marijuana and other drugs, illegal immigrants, racial and ethnic minorities – clamor for their “rights” while the GOP warns its disaffected base to be quiet about such matters.


So those voters stay home.  Or vote for someone they know doesn’t really represent them, like Gov. Christie, making excuses for him.  He is the governor of a blue state, after all.  Our state legislature is still ruled by the Democrats, and unless we begin advocating for more Conservatives in the legislature, Christie will have no choice but to deal and compromise.  At last report, the GOP had won over three Assembly seats.


The Media gleefully reports on the death of the Tea Party.  But those reports are greatly exaggerated.  George Washington lost every battle but the last one, and that, with the help of the French, who finally arrived to save the day.


In the 2009 election, there was an overall greater turnout in northern New Jersey’s suburbs.  What made the eight to nine percent (on average) of voters who turned out last time stay home?  Was it lack of star power and name recognition on the part of Barbara Buono?  Is it because blacks only turn out when a black candidate is on the ballot?  Or was it the Conservatives who know Christie’s true colors?


Pundits are saying that Christie is looking towards the 2016 presidential race, where his likely opponent will be Hillary Clinton.  American voters need only think of one word in regard to the former Secretary of State (although there are several, including “Benghazi”) – Hillarycare.  If you think Obamacare is awful, just wait until a future President Hillary Clinton puts her rubber stamp on the monster.


As for Christie, he can thumb his nose at New Jersey’s Tea Party activists.  He thinks we’re a small, angry mob of pitch-fork wielding hillbillies and yokels.  The Media has carefully crafted this image of us and worked up polls to back up the image statistically. 


New Jersey is a metropolitan state with a number of blighted, immigrant-filled, crime-ridden cities.  He’ll find it harder to thumb his nose at the center of the country, however, which is Conservative and sends Conservative candidates to Congress.





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  1. Titta det för mer:

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  2. The race lays bare gripes conservatives have with McConnell, also shows leader’s strength.

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