Choosing Between the Clenched Fist and the Invisible Hand

What’s the difference between a 2,700 pound bunker buster bomb and the 2,700 page Affordable Care Act?


If you’re injured by the bomb, you get to choose your own doctor.




So much for jokes.  The real joke is that Obama has apologized to people who have lost their insurance because of his Affordable Care Act.  The man must have a doctorate in apologizing by now.  What was his thesis?  How to inflict as much damage as possible and still offer a sincere apology?


Obamacare is loaded with some pretty lethal baggage.  Who knew that you would have to pay for coverage you don’t need, such as maternity care or prostate examinations?  Substance abuse rehabilitation?  Weight management – even if you’re not overweight?


The current exchanges are a disastrous joke.  Right now, the exchanges are a group of health insurers from which you can choose coverage.  However, the premiums are outrageous and the coverage requirements onerous.  The only people signing up are those who don’t have insurance.  Everyone else is staying away from the website for as long as they can.


The mainframe computers built to deal with all the information the government will intrusively collect on our private health (and finances) takes up acres and acres somewhere out  West (I believe it’s Utah, but I’m not certain).  Dealing with that much information and cross-indexing it will take a feat of programming acrobatics the like of which the information world has never seen.


We suspect that this was Obama’s plan all along – chaos.  When the deadline comes for us to finally sign up, he’ll extend it again past the 2014 election.  Then he’ll declare that it’s folly for a select group of insurance companies to try to deal with all that information and coalesce into an intelligible, analytic form.  That’s when he’ll announce the single-payer – that is to say, the Federal government – system.  Never fear, Obamacare is here.


Why couldn’t they just listen to the Tea Parties?  Millions more American taxpayer dollars are going to be wasted on Obama’s campaign to sell us on this Socialist system.  But Americans are incredibly gullible, if New Jerseyans are any reflection of the nation in general.  The Garden State passed the Minimum Wage bill, which will mandate an automatic, cost-of-living adjustment on minimum wage jobs.


Businesses that rely on minimum wage staffs will reduce their staffs to the bare minimum.  Service will go down and prices will go up, effectively putting more businesses out of business and more workers on the unemployment line.


In the war between the Clenched Fist and the Invisible Hand (of free enterprise), Americans have chosen the Clenched Fist of totalitarian government – and it will choke them to death.



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