Thanksgiving Day, 2013

On this Thanksgiving Day, I first give thanks to God for all that He has provided.  Man, or rather the Government, has taken much away, namely my job.  But with God’s guidance, I should be employed again soon.

We live in a time of great evil, yet if we keep faith in the true Master of the Universe, we have nothing to fear.  These trials will pass and we will pass them, with his Help, Guidance, and Love.

Many people forget that the Pilgrims’ thanksgiving, their harvest festival was first, and foremost, a thanksgiving to God that they’d survived the Atlantic crossing in that small ship, the Mayflower, and that at least some of them had survived to Spring.  They lost many loved ones in the harsh ordeal.

Because of their peaceful Christian faith, they were able to achieve peace with the Indians.  They hadn’t come to rob or enslave them.  The Indians recognized this and lived in harmony with them, teaching the newcomers how to fish and farm in the rocky New England soil.

They thanked God for teaching them that every man must till his own soil first.  What is left over, every man can choose to trade or donate to charity, but survival must come first.  Communal restrictions to do not make for productivity and prosperity.  What Man plants with his own two hands for himself and his family will yield the greatest fruit.

 Thank God for showing us the way to the Internet in order to spread the message of freedom and liberty.  Help us be strong and resist those who would rob us of our most basic freedoms – the rights to free speech, religious worship, prosperity and happiness.  Our Constitution doesn’t guarantee the last two things, but without freedom, they will not happen.

 Let us pray for those who will rush from the table of Thanksgiving into the dark night to seek out bargains in the marketplace.  Tomorrow wasn’t enough for these people or the merchants; materialism is eating away at the very foundation of Thanksgiving, the day (and night) when we should be worshipping God, not money (or what our money can purchase).  Forgive them, God, for they know what they buy.

 I’m thankful for my family, who have patiently helped me during my long period of unemployment.  Although the future is uncertain, I trust in God to lead me to better prospects where I will not need to lean on other human beings for assistance.  Have mercy on us and lead us all through the cold Winter to a brighter Spring.





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