Black Friday, 2013

Black Friday is so-named because it’s the day when retailers stop using the red ink to record their debt and start using black ink to record profits.

Black Friday is also a good day for customers who are in the red, or otherwise financially compromised (those who are unemployed or retired) can buy something they need, or maybe especially want but couldn’t afford ordinarily.

For the last three years, my artificial Christmas tree has been losing needles.  It’s lost so many that it’s beginning to look like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree.  However, with my resources dwindling, I wondered if this was a good year to be investing a new tree.

I also needed white sweaters.  Being an amateur community band musician, black and white are a wardrobe necessity.  Through the years, my stock of white sweaters has succumbed to stains and wear and tear.  With the Christmas concert season upon us, I knew I’d need sweaters and the only time I’d be able to afford them was on Black Friday.

After I finished at Kohl’s, I suddenly remembered the Christmas tree.  I figured K-Mart would have the cheapest artificial trees, and I was right.  They only offer one unlit tree; one was all I needed.  The tree sells at retail for $49.99; K-Mart was selling it for half-price at 24.99 for ordinary shoppers and half that price again for K-Mart card shoppers.  Thus I got my tree for $17.

The trick to surviving Black Friday is to go during the lull, which occurs around 3 p.m.  The morning shoppers have worn themselves out, the kids are screaming, and they go home just after lunch.  The evening shoppers are waiting to go after dinner.  There was a line at Kohl’s but it moved quickly, which was fortunate since I had to prepare for Second Thanksgiving, the night when I have my brothers over (again) to polish off the bird.  My brothers are always very obliging.  My older brother is on his way now.

Santa Claus must have been listening.  I don’t believe in abandoning the Thanksgiving Day table to worship the gods of merchandise.  But I am thankful for Black Friday!

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