Castro, the Red-Nosed Premier

Castro, the Red-Nosed Premier, had a very grimy nose.

And if you ever saw it, you would even say it grows.

All of the other premiers used to laugh and call him names.

They never thought poor Castro would garner such enormous fame.


Then one Foggy Bottom Eve

Obama came to say,

“Castro with your cause so right

Won’t you let us join your fight?”


Now all the premiers love him

And the Media shouted out with glee,

“Castro, the Red-Nosed premier,

Thanks for transforming history!”


What a disgusting performance Obama delivered at Nelson Mandela’s apotheosis – uh, I mean funeral.  Taking selfies.  Congratulating Mandela posthumously on his successful communization of South Africa.  Shaking hands with Raul Castro.  Mandela’s funeral might as well have been renamed the 2013 Global Communism Conference.

The Conservative media was hushing up our complaints about our bower-in-chief shaking hands with the brother of the notorious Fidel Castro, Raul.  Fidel was supposed to lead his country to freedom and Democracy when Fulgencio Batista declared a dictatorship in 1952.  Up until then, Cuba was called the Emerald Isle of the Caribbean.  Ships regularly sailed from New York to Havanna, bringing tourists and American dollars to Cuba’s famous casinos, clubs, and beaches.

When Castro betrayed American support in 1959, taking power and declaring himself the “premier” without benefit of elections, Eisenhower declared an embargo on Cuba.  The Hollywood Left fell all over themselves embracing him, including such luminaries as Barbra Streisand.

Other presidents have toyed with embracing Cuba once again.  After all, we re-established diplomatic relations with Communist Vietnam.  A sympathetic Communist sympathizer, Obama must have reasoned why shouldn’t we embrace Raul Castro.  When he shook hands with, that’s when the Conservative Media wagged its finger at us.

‘Now, now.  He was only being polite.’  ‘After all, it was a funeral; he couldn’t very well begin a fight in front of the world.’  ‘Yes, there are angry Cuban émigrés here, but they’re in America now and Castro is in Cuba and that’s all there is to it.’

Communism:  if you can’t fight it, embrace it?  If that’s what they’re telling us, I hope Santa puts some red-hot coals in their stockings this Christmas.

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