Sandy Hook: The First Anniversary

Tomorrow will be the first anniversary since the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.  What have we learned this past year?

 We’ve learned that gun control advocates will exploit any tragedy, no matter the cost to the victims, to garner headlines for their cause.  They don’t distinguish between sane, responsible, legal gun owners and mentally ill schizophrenics who, when they get their hands on guns legally or illegally, wreak havoc and sorrow with their twisted fantasies.

 We’ve learned that people who watch these gratuitously violent movies – of which there have been fewer since the 1980s when I was a movie reviewer and clamored against them in my columns; I was fired forthwith – think it’s the other guy who’s crazy.  They think they can watch these movies and play violent videogames with impunity. They are invincible.  They are sane and reasonable.  They can divorce themselves from the computer-generated killing machines whose identity they assume.  They are nitwits who associate Sandy Hook with a place on the Jersey Shore.  Great waves, rough beach.  The U.S. Army had barracks there.

 We’ve learned that the Media is conflicted on the issue.  They’re understandably sensitive about the First Amendment.  They wouldn’t want to be told what story to write.  They don’t want to put themselves in the position of censoring other writers and artists.  On the other hand, the Sandy Hook story fits in well with the Leftist agenda of gun control and it’s a hummer of a story – Adam Lanza’s mother was a member of the NRA and gave her disturbed son the gun, brought him to the gun range to teach him to shoot, and when her husband became concerned, the couple divorced.

 We’ve learned that in order to secure total safety we would have to sign away every protection we have, particularly the Second Amendment.  Then, not only wouldn’t our children be any safer from the schizo sociopaths, but they’d be prey for the common criminal, as well.  We adults would be in danger, too.  Most importantly, we would no longer be safe from our overbearing government.  They desperately want to get the guns out of our hands.  Adam Lanza is their poster boy for gun control.

 We’ve learned that the Media has failed its Sensitivity Training courses.  A year later, they’re still pestering the residents of Newtown, looking for any story that can keep the gun control agenda alive, at least until the 2014 Midterm Elections.  They want to make the world safe for Communism.  It was one thing for Nelson Mandela to lead a violent revolution against apartheid; it’s quite another for the gun-toting, 2nd Amendment quoting Tea Party activists to potentially stage a revolution against Communism.

 We learned that the government never should have shut down the mental hospitals years ago, unleashing Adam Lanzas onto an unsuspecting world.  We might pity the mentally ill.  But they are sick and sometimes their minds tell them some very strange things:  You don’t need to take your meds anymore; you’re fine.  Those first-graders were the kindergartners who took your mother’s attention away from you (even if you were 19 at the time).  You’ve played the same videos games a thousand times; no one ever died, did they?  Besides, you’ll be dead before the cops ever get to you.  Game over; you win.

It’s time for parents of game boys, fan boys, basement boys, and a few geek girls to grow up and tell them when it comes to ultra-violent video games and movies:  Game Over.



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