Boehner: Throw Tea Party Overboard

Last Thursday, House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) attacked the Tea Party, accusing them of “using ‘his’” GOP lawmakers, particularly younger, less experienced representatives to “sabotage” pacts that he and his RINO colleagues were trying to craft with Democrats across the aisle.

The Tea Party – a collection of Washing-based groups such as Heritage Action –  recently attacked the bipartisan budget deal Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) negotiated and unveiled last Monday night with his Senate counterpart, Patty Murray (D-Wash.). 

Boehner complained of enduring years of broadsides, according to the Washington Post.

The paper reports Boehner screamed into his microphone, “Are you kidding me?” in mocking tones, at a press conference on Thursday. 

“I don’t care what they [the groups] do,” Boehner said at one point, suggesting that after years of helping sabotage pacts that he and his lieutenants were trying to craft, the conservative activists had finally begun to “step over the line” by opposing Ryan’s deal.

His comments on Thursday “escalated his feud with outside conservative advocacy groups that have repeatedly undermined his leadership team’s agenda for three years.”

“Frankly, I just think they’ve lost all credibility,” Boehner told reporters Thursday at his weekly press briefing.

The WP believes “the public airing of his grievances demonstrated a belief that he is in a stronger internal position within his own GOP caucus – and more importantly, that his rank-and-file has grown exhausted from the steady drumbeat of threats from the groups that they would back a primary challenger against the lawmakers unless they vote a certain way.

“Dan Holler, a spokesman for Heritage Action for America, sharply rejected Boehner’s charge that outside groups such as his have lost credibility by opposing the latest budget deal, saying that conservative organizations are merely reflecting the sentiments of their grassroots activists.

“’The more information that gets out about this deal, the harder it is for members to vote yes and go back home and explain that vote,’” Holler said. “’That’s where the rub is.’”

Believing the only way to win over the “Young Invincible” vote is by compromising, the GOP has compromised with the Democrats and their cheerleaders in declaring Ted Cruz’ stand for a balanced budget and an immediate repeal of Obamacare a total, humiliating defeat for the Senator from Texas.

Obamacare could not be repealed because the GOP didn’t have the numbers.  Well, no kidding?  And who do we have to thank for that but the compromisers of the GOP who put up an unelectable, compromising candidate in 2008?  Who refused to back a legitimate, Conservative candidate for the New Jersey Senate seat?  Who have done everything they can to make sure they’re in lock-step with the Democrats?

The Elephants-in-the-Room believe they’re in a losing position.  Never mind that they put themselves there.   Had they put up a reliable, Conservative candidate in 2008, had they put their influence behind Mitt Romney instead of John McCain, people wouldn’t be biting their fingernails over Obamacare right now. 

And they talk about our fecklessness in shutting down the government?  They’re a bunch of losers; the Conservatives know it and the rest of the low-information voters are beginning to figure it out.  A visible failure of Obamacare is just what the GOP calculates will turn the House and Senate over to them next year.  Heaven help us.

If low-information voters had listened to us in 2007 and 2008, Obama would never have been elected.  If they had just read his two autobiographies, there would have been no doubt about his intentions.  If Congress had listened to us in 2009, if they had listened to the speakers at the Town Hall meetings of 2009, warning about the dangers of Obamacare, we wouldn’t be in this fix, and wouldn’t be in need of a fix right now.

Boehner denounced the idea of frightening the American public with the specter of a government shutdown.  But he has no qualms about the terrifying prospect of a fully-implemented Obamacare, with the Young Invincibles paying for insurance they don’t need, don’t want, and can’t afford, while their elders face the certain prospect of cancellation, denial of care, and even higher premiums for care they won’t be eligible to receive.  All in the name of getting the unreliable, arrogant RINOs elected to Congress next November, with John Boehner in the lead.

Incidentally, the hapless Ted Cruz was named the third most influential person in the world, behind only the Pope and Obama, according to the Rasmussen Report’s latest poll.  Imagine that?  Poor John Boehner only made 4th and Gov. Chris Christie, 5th.

Guess the Tea Party hasn’t totally lost credibility after all.




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