Deducting the Mortgage Interest Deduction

The Mortgage Interest Deduction has been the tax-saver for homeowners for decades.  Whatever interest you paid on your mortgage, the IRS was benevolent enough to allow you to deduct from your income tax each year.


But this is the new IRS.  Leaner, meaner, and more empowered than ever, now that Progressives totally rule the government.  The IRS is answerable to no one, but they can and will arrest us if we don’t pay the Obamacare tax.  Yet they can, with the approval of Congress, take away an important deduction away from hardworking homeowners and property owners.


This is clearly part of Obama’s Marxist agenda.  Owning your own property, your own home, your own little garden is strictly against the rules of communal living.  In effect, eliminating the MID means the government is raising your taxes in yet another fiendishly creative way, and making it harder for those who are working, and even worse for homeowners who aren’t, to have their own little space.


Worried about my employment situation, I decided to pay off my mortgage while I still could.  My family and my gentleman friend were furious and doubted my sanity.  Brother B warned me that I wouldn’t be able to deduct the mortgage interest from my taxes.  Well, welcome to 1984, 30 years late.  At least I don’t have to feel guilty about not being able to use the MID.


So many other unfortunate homeowners, however, will not have that option any longer.  Most don’t even know about it.  Probably hung over from New Year’s parties or still busy digging out if they live in the Northeast or the Midwest, they didn’t hear the annual tax news.


Still, it could be useful, if they can remember for the next eleven months until the 2014 Elections in November that they were cheated out of a helpful tax deduction.  On the other hand, the elimination of this homeowners tax deduction will be gladsome tidings to the envious 47 percent who cannot afford to own a home and want to see suburbanites “get theirs.”


Obama hates the suburbs.   You only need to read his biographies to find this out.  Read his “Dreams From My Father.”  This is not conspiracy talk, fanatical meanderings, or rumor-mongering.  Read in his own words how much he hates you all with your manicured lawns, swimming pools, and two-car garages.


“Most of my classmates had been together since kindergarten; they lived in the same neighborhoods, in split-level homes [Obama lived in an apartment with his grandparents and mother] with swimming pool; their fathers coached the same Little League teams; their mothers sponsored the bake sales.  Nobody played soccer or badminton…and I had no idea how to throw a football in a spiral or balance on a skateboard.”


Still, the Punahou School was a prestigious prep school.  Clearly, someone (probably his mother, who was studying for her master’s degree in anthropology) had plans for the young “Barry” that meant infiltrating the very heart of upper middle class society.  Obama learned his lessons in scorning white society extremely well.


“It had taken a couple of years before I saw how [the F]ates were beginning to play themselves out, the difference that color and money made after all, in who survived, how soft or hard the landing when you finally fell.  Of course, either way, you needed some luck.”


When a white school mate by the name of “Kurt” notes how tough it must be for Barry and another kid, “Ray” to be the only black students at the school, “Barry” mentally retorts, “A part of me wanted to punch him right there.  We started down the road toward town and in the silence, my mind began to rework Ray’s words that day with Kurt, all the discussions we had before that, the events of that night.  And by the time I had dropped my friends off, I had begun to see a new map of the world, one that was frightening in its simplicity, suffocating in its implications.  We were always playing on the white man’s court, Ray had told me, by the white man’s rules.  If the principal, or the coach, or a teacher, or Kurt, wanted to spit in your face, he could, because he had power and you didn’t.  If he decided not to, if he treated you like a man or came to your defense, it was because he knew that words you spoke, the clothes you wore, the books you read, your ambitions and desires, were already his.  Whatever he decided to do, it was his decision to make, not yours, and because of that fundamental power he held over you, because it preceded and would outlast his individual motives and inclinations, any distinction between good and bad whites held negligible meaning.  In fact, you couldn’t even be sure that everything you had assumed to be an expression of your black, unfettered self – the humor, the song, the behind-the-back pass – had been freely chosen by you.  At best, these things were a refuge; at worst, a trap.  Following this maddening logic, the only thing you could choose s your own was withdrawal into a smaller and smaller coil of rage, until being black meant only the knowledge of your own powerlessness, of your own defeat.  And the final irony:  should you refuse this defeat and lash out at your captors, they would have a name for that, too, a name that could cage you just as good.  Paranoid.  Militant.  Violent.  The N-word.”


Of course, we learned in 2013, or rather William Ayers confessed, that he was the author of such passages, a white, liberal Communist angling to get a black man elected president, a black man who came from a decidedly Communist background with a decidedly racist attitude when he was young.


Obama was sent to Punahou and then on to a series of prestigious colleges and universities to learn how to destroy the enemy – white, suburban society – from within, using an untouchable bureaucracy, a bought-off electorate, and a fawning, Left-leaning Media who saw him as The Messiah of Progressivism.


Meanwhile, the suburbanites have buried their heads in their gardens like turtles.  The elimination of the Mortgage Interest Deduction is an economic bombshell for suburban Americans.  How much closer does Obama have to hit home before suburban America awakes from its slumber and fights back, politically, eschewing the politics of political correctness and embracing true Conservatism and the ideals of the Founding Fathers?



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