The Tell-Tale E-Mail

The Hudson River is a tidal river.  That is to say, what goes in, goes out.  It was not named for Henry Hudson until the 20th Century (before that it was called The North River).  The Hudson was befouled river.  The tide would wash fresh seawater up north past the Palisades.  When the tide turned, all manner of filth – industrial waste, human waste, animal waste, and all manner of pollutants, garbage and filth would come washing back down the river and out to sea.


Some of the filth would get trapped under the docks.


N.J. Gov. Christie’s tide has gone out, carrying with it the unfortunate waste of his administration, particularly the childhood cronies he appointed to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.


Like the source of the Hudson, nestled somewhere between the northern Catskills and the southern Adirondacks, investigators will have to climb some pretty steep cliffs and delve into hidden chasms to discern the meaning of Bridge Kelly’s telltale, Aug. 13th e-mail:  “Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee.”


What?  Every day is a traffic problem in Fort Lee and out on the GW, especially in the morning.  Who knew you had to hatch a plan to cause one?  Nine hundred pages of testimony are currently on their way to Trenton for the New Jersey Legislature to sort out.


Cause one Kelly and her cohorts did, though, on the first day of school in Fort Lee.  The question remains:  why?  Christie is taking a lot of political heat (and deservedly so) for his cronyism.  He and the mayor of Fort Lee, Mark Sokolich kissed and made up last night.  Initially, Sokolich was against the idea of Christie coming to Fort Lee.


But Christie is not a man to be denied.  He’d go there, invited or not.  Sokolich quickly accepted his apology.  We Conservatives are still waiting for an apology from Christie for licking Obama’s ice cream cone in Asbury Park after Hurricane Sandy.  Perhaps he was obliged to accept Obama’s federal aid.  But did he have to touch tongues with Obama in order to seal the deal, walking oh so romantically along the beach with the man arm in arm?  That nauseating spectacle has not vanished from our Conservative minds.


Critics are right to say that the cover-up in Bridge Gate (if there was one) is worse than the crime.  If you think it’s outrageous that two of Fort Lee’s three access lanes to the bridge were closed, wreaking havoc with town traffic, just ask commuters coming eastbound on Routes 80, 46, 4, the Palisades Parkway, and the N.J. Turnpike what they think of Fort Lee essentially being given their very own toll lane.  Gov. Christie wouldn’t be the only one “steamed up” by one town essentially getting its own toll lane.


Do you realize how far back that forces the eastbound traffic?  I made an error in how many lanes there are on the GW.  There are three east-bound lanes on the lower level and three east-bound lanes on the upper.  The upper level is a no-man’s land you never want to enter during the morning rush.  Since trucks are only allowed to traverse the upper level, it’s a nightmare in and of itself.  Altogether there are six lanes going in each direction, making 12 lanes of traffic on the GWB.  And they’re not enough at rush hour.


The family of 91 year-old Florence Genova, whom EMS responders reached late in, doesn’t blame Christie’s administration for her death.  While there was a delay in reaching her – seven minutes rather than the 3 to 4 it should have taken, her daughter stated that the delay in getting to Englewood Hospital was longer.  By that time, her mother was pronounced dead on arrival. 


The New Jersey approach to the bridge has 12 toll lanes for each level.  Four lanes of traffic must go through each toll and merge back into three lanes of traffic through the narrow, rocky underpass to the bridge’s lower level.  Three of Fort Lee’s four dedicated lanes were closed on that September morning, tying up the traffic in Fort Lee.


The second day of the lane closures was also Primary Day in New York City.  Did that have anything to do with the lane closures (just as it was Primary Day in New York City on Sept. 11, 2001).


Shaking hands on a deal takes two hands.  If Bridge Kelly was seeking revenge on behalf of her boss, Chris Christie, what exactly was she seeking revenge for?  Know-all pundits claim it was because Mayor Sokolich refused to support Christie in the 2013 gubernatorial election?


But why would Sokolich, a Democrat, support a Republican candidate unless there was something in it for him?  Fort Lee has been crying about their bridge traffic problems for a long time.  They complain that drivers use Fort Lee as a short-cut to the bridge during the morning rush.  Did the Port Authority allow Fort Lee its own toll, under Christie’s approval, with the understanding that political support would be forthcoming in the 2013 election?  Did Sokolich then withdraw his support?  If so, why did he withdraw it?  In this scenario, he got what he wanted.


This being the case, Christie’s aides would have sought revenge.  A great mistake when a candidate is contemplating running for president.  Did Christie know about these shenanigans?  Considering his political color – purple – it would seem unlikely.  The last thing he would want to do is upset a Democrat mayor in this decidedly purple state.


It’s not that I’m excusing him for his failures, especially regarding the embracing of Obama after Hurricane Sandy and his appointment of a Muslim to the State Supreme Court.  I’m just saying, given his character, it’s unlikely that he would have ordered such a step.


More likely, after learning that Sokolich was withdrawing his support after being given a favor, Christie made some private joke about reclosing three of the four lanes to his staff, which they took seriously and acted upon.  Rush Limbaugh noted that Christie mentioned losing two nights sleep over the matter, when he’d only just learned about the e-mail gate that morning.


Down there in Florida, Rush could hardly know that rumors had been abounding here in northern New Jersey for days about The Bergen Record having in their possession devastating e-mails that they were about to publish.  We learned this news from the BR itself, obviously building up the suspense.  If we average readers knew something was up, certainly the governor and his staff got a heads up about it.  Christie himself admitted giving his staff a dressing down about the controversy and how, if they knew the truth, they’d better come forward.  Now.  This meeting clearly occurred long before The Bergen Record’s revelations of the e-mails.


What happened before Aug. 13, 2013?  That’s the crucial question right now.  Who was Christie, or his representatives, shaking hands with and why?


Glenn Beck may rest assured that Conservatives, in New Jersey, already know the truth about Gov. Christie.  We are certainly not angry with Glenn for raking Christie over the coals.  Christie deserves it.  He’s guilty of cronyism, if nothing else.  He’s guilty of throwing over his base for the other side and laughing sarcastically about it.  A governor who would do that can certainly be expected to engage in cronyism.


There’s no surprise in northern New Jersey over the GWB flap; just a gap filled with questions that needs to be bridged.




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