Racism “Lynches” O’s Ratings?

In an interview with The New Yorker magazine celebrating Obama’s fifth year in office, he blamed his sagging approval ratings on his skin color.

“There’s no doubt that there’s some folks who just really dislike me because they don’t like the idea of a black president,” Obama said in the article.

“Now, the flip side of it is there are some black folks and maybe some white folks who really like me and give me the benefit of the doubt precisely because I’m a black president,” he said.

The Gallup organization declared Obama’s fourth year in office was tagged by Gallup as “the most polarized” on record.  In Obama’s first few months in office, CBS News reported his approval rating was close to 70 percent.  Five years later, his approval rating is at 39 percent, according to Gallup.

The idea that we hate the half-black Obama, if “hate” can accurately describe Conservative feelings towards him for it is a very strong, emotional word, is so 1963.  If he is right, you would expect to see women walking down the street wearing wool coats, medium-heeled shoes, with a couple of children in tow, the girls dressed in crinoline skirts and the little boys in short pants.  Men would be sporting hats, skinny ties, and black-framed glasses.

Restaurants and public places here in the Northeast (yes, here!), would have separate rest rooms for black and white people.  Separate dining rooms.  You’d only see white women typing at manual typewriters and few women bosses; certainly no black managers, and certainly no black female managers.  Here in the Northeast, the separation was voluntary.  In the South, it was legal until the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the South didn’t take the federal action peacefully.

Today, we are relieved of such barriers.  Those of us who are peaceful no longer have to be dragged into racist conversations, for fear of finding our cars or our homes vandalized, or being generally ostracized from older society.  They are a breed whose number is diminishing.  They keep their “hatred” to themselves these days.

Still, if Obama wants to be seen as “hated”, we have plenty of reason for hating him.  He has declared himself an enemy of freedom and liberty.  We “hate” him because he’s an anti-Capitalist communist.  We “hate” him because he’s ruined our economy.  We “hate” him because he’s shoved a communal, expensive and redistributive healthcare insurance system down our throats.  We “hate” him because this healthcare system will bankrupt average families.

We “hate” him because we’ve watched him countless times bow to tyrannical potentates.  We “hate” him because he’s aligned himself with the most ruthless tyrants and alienated our allies.  We “hate” him because he’s making one-sided deals with Iran and North Korea and given the bum’s rush to our only true ally in the Middle East, Israel.  We “hate” him because he’s taken the wrong side and the wrong policy in every conflict in which he’s involved us.  We “hate” him because we believe he knew what was going down in Benghazi, and far from being ignorant of the situation, allowed it to be played out, ordering our military to stand down, and denying that Al Qaeda played a role in the attack, despite all proof to the contrary.  We “hate” him because he got our ambassador to Libya, and three others, killed.  We “hate” him for Benghazi most of all because he lied to us.

We “hate” him because he’s deliberately ruined our economy.  We “hate” him because so many workers are unemployed on account of his fiscal policies.  We “hate” him because our country is so deeply in debt, yet he sends foreign aid to enemy countries.  We “hate” him because he’s anti-business.  We “hate” him because he’s a hypocrite who didn’t mind helping out companies that gave him generous donations for his election campaign.

We “hate” him for sending the IRS out to harass legitimate TEA Party groups.  We “hate” him for supporting abortion and gay marriage, issues that affect our country at its very roots, far beyond petty politics.  We “hate” him for forcing religious groups to pay for the consequences of the immoral behavior of others.

We “hated” him long before he was elected for his Chicago-style politics, intimidating opponents with the threat of exposing private information.  We “hated” him for his pronounced and rather decided racist attitude of his own regarding white people and suburbia and the working class.

We “hate” him for Fast and Furious, the gun-running scheme that, it turns out, was fueled by the U.S. military’s sale of weapons to the corrupt Mexican military, which in turn sold the weapons to the Mexican drug cartels.  Legitimate gun stores on the southern border had nothing to do with it.

We “hate” him for his desiccation of our immigration laws, allowing illegal immigrants to overwhelm our borders and charging our immigration law enforcements with criminal acts for arresting them.  We “hate” him for telling our youth that there’s nothing wrong with smoking marijuana.  (Tell that to my former next-door neighbor who was struck by a car whose teenage driver was high on pot; mercifully, the woman has moved to Colorado).

We “hate” him for saying that America is nothing special and that he’s a “citizen of the world.”  We “hate” him for targeting us with his drones.  Don’t let him fool you with his lies and claims that the drones are for catching terrorists.  The drones and the NSA tapping are yet another attack on our freedom of speech.  Woe to the telephone caller who says the politically incorrect thing over the phone to a relative or friend.

We “hate” him for hating America.  We “hate” him for hating freedom, liberty, and true justice.  We “hate” him for hating free speech.  We “hate” him for hating the U.S. Constitution.  We “hate” him for his narcissism and for his endless Executive Orders that countermand the will of the American people.  We “hate” him for so arrogantly announcing that if Congress thwarts him (the Supreme Court is already in his pocket), he will do whatever he wants anyway.

We “hate” him for using racism as both weapon and shield against those who oppose him.  We “hate” him for hating America and trying to change it.  We “hate” him for Sustainable Development, which will destroy suburbia and force American citizens into surrendering their private property rights.  Instead, we will live in “communal harmony.”

We “hate” him for Common Core, in which he baited states with Federal aid money in exchange for a decidedly anti-American, anti-Western, anti-learning curriculum.  We “hate” him for opposing the Second Amendment, without which all our other rights are defenseless against a bureaucratic government.  We “hate” him for engorging that bureaucracy, one that enables him to carry out his agenda without any legal repercussions or any challenge from Congress or the American people.

We “hate” him for hating America.

We “hate” him for hating us.

May God forgive us for hating him, but that’s the way it is.  May God forgive Obama for hating America.

Don’t you just hate being a foregone conclusion?

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