Losing the Battle of Federal Hill

Bloomingdale, N.J., is about to become the new Paterson.  Long ago, my mother predicted that this would happen; that it was inevitable, given population growth.

According to The Suburban Trends, the Bloomingdale Borough Council adopted a resolution at its Jan. 7th meeting to authorize Burgis Associates of Westwood to prepare an ordinance that would establish an Affordable Housing (AH) Zone District at Federal Hill.

Bloomingdale Mayor Dunleavy stated that the town is under a court order to build 360 fair market units and 72 low- and moderate-income units on what is known as the Meer Tract, also known as Bloomingdale Hill Farms.  The tract was the subject of a Council on Affordable Housing (COAH) builder’s remedy lawsuit.

The professional planning fees associated with the drafting of the ordinance will be paid by Tilcon Quarry, which is the contract purchaser of the tract.

“Tilcon is willing to subdivide the property and give the borough development rights to meet its court-ordered obligation on a portion of the 175-acre tract located in the southern portion of the borough, known as Federal Hill.  The balance of the property would be retained by Tilcon for quarry operations. The borough will eventually look to market the property,” according to The Trends, “where it has development rights and sell it to a developer, which will build the units as dictated by the Superior Court.”

Note the reporter’s use of the word “dictated”.  The Trends has a rather Liberal bent, but even they recognize this move for what it is:  the usurpation of state and municipal rights in the interest of empowering the government.  Bloomingdale is a Republican town.  Once these units are built and occupied, it almost certainly will turn into a Democrat district.

One wonders if the Trends knows its geography.  The southernmost hills are Washington, Riverdale and Bloomingdale hills, the last time a map was consulted.  Federal Hill is at the northern end of the ridge and where the Federal Hill mutiny sign is located (Washington’s New Jersey Division, unpaid, unclothed, and unfed threatened to mutiny and march on Philadelphia; Washington got wind of the mutiny and ordered the mutineers to execute their leaders), on Union Avenue, almost directly across from that other urban abomination, Avalon Bay-Bloomingdale.

The hills were always considered too steeply sloped for building.  Tilcon Quarry will take care of that by completely blasting the entire ride of hills away, flattening them until you can walk directly from Bloomingdale to Pompton Lakes without having to go around the hills.

Bloomingdale will become the new Paterson.  The signs are already there, as the towns of Ringwood and Wanaque are already ahead of the Affordable Housing game.  A mounting stream of garbage (the whiskey bottles and heroin packets are particularly disturbing) lines Ringwood Avenue from the Ringwood border all the way down to the Hamburg Turnpike in Pompton Lakes.  The trail then turns both east and west, up towards Riverdale and all the way down to the Wayne border.  The trail continues on through Wayne, which is fighting its own Affordable Housing battle.

Long-time residents can’t help wondering which will be worse:  the low-income, welfare residents who will bring with them drugs, crime, and trash or the urbanized homeowners who will cut down every tree in the Hilltop Lane development as well as the new Federal Hill development, displacing every annoying bird and squirrel, and wail in terror at the sight of bears, coyotes and coywolves who come to feast on the overpopulation of deer, then shriek when hunters come to kill the deer and their prey?

Those kind of people really don’t belong in houses, I’m sorry to say, much as I approve of every American’s right to own property.  Owning it is one thing, despoiling it is another.  Clear-cutting property is against the law for developers, but there’s nothing to stop ignorant homeowners from doing so.  What the homeowners don’t realize is that in hilly places like Bloomingdale, if you cut down all the trees, there will be nothing to stop your entire property from mud-sliding into your basement and into the road.  Some people, especially city people, are just too stupid to own a piece of woodland property.

This isn’t an environmental plea; the trees will grow back.  At least they could if we don’t pave everything over in concrete (which is what will happen).  In the 18th and 19th Century every tree in northwestern New Jersey was cut down for the charcoal that went into the process of making iron.  Old photos show New Jersey looking as barren as a desert.

In the end, the catastrophe is the rise in drugs, crime, filth and redistribution of wealth that will come with these Affordable Housing units.  The last of New Jersey’s wage-earners will beat a path for safer climates.  We will become like Westchester County; only the very wealthy and the very poor will be able to afford to live in northern Passaic County.  We will have a one-party system here, which will make this a communist state.  Southern New Jersey is already talking about secession from Northern New Jersey.

Since the new shopping malls and box stores (Wal-Mart, Target) went up along Rt. 23, crime has increased, particularly shoplifting.  Riverdale and Butler have had to increase their police forces.  Traffic at rush hour is a nightmare.  Well, it’s been a nightmare for years since they replaced the traffic circles with lights – and that was never a really great situation.  Now it’s worse.  Just like the Cross Bronx Expressway in New York City, the last place you want to be at the evening rush hour is northbound on Rt. 23.

This is all part of the Regionalization plan to force New Jerseyans into communal living.  Regionalization is fine for those who prefer and probably deserve to live that way.  However, it’s a betrayal of the native and early NYC “immigrants” into the area who came to this area for its safety, its beauty, and its peacefulness.

Mom said that one day the hordes would break Bloomingdale’s “edenseque” bubble; we wouldn’t be able to keep them out forever, and she was right.  That day has come.  Start locking your doors, Bloomingdale, and taking careful measure of your property lines.  Say a fond farewell to your favorite shade trees, for you will certainly be forced to prune them within an inch of that property line, destroying their beauty and ultimately killing them.  Watch your pocketbooks and watch your kids both for criminals and speeders.

One suburbanite went speeding down Rafkind Road the other day, beheading a hapless wild turkey that stuck its neck out from between two parked cars.  The body circled around its head for awhile wondering what to do before finally collapsing.  The impatient driver lived at the far end of the extended development and was speeding because it’s a long way from the end of the development to the nearest major road.  It could have just as easily been a kid for all that driver would have known – or cared.

So take care, Bloomingdale – the encroachers coming.

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