Sex and Love: What’s Marriage Got to Do With It?

The United Nations’ Committee on the Rights of the Child has ordered the Roman Catholic Church to ‘get over’ its opposition to adolescents having sex and that it needs to change its teachings on abortion and homosexuality.


Last month, according to, the committee ‘grilled’ Vatican officials for eight hours over its stance on premarital and extramarital sex and abortion.  The committee found the Vatican ‘guilty’ of non-compliance with its 1990 Convention on the Rights of the Child, “a hard-law treaty ratified by every country in the world except the United States and Somalia.  Every signatory country must appear before the committee to report on implementation.”


“The Committee specifically told the Church ‘to review its position on abortion, which places obvious risks on the life and health of pregnant girls and to amend Canon 1398 relating to abortion with a view to identifying circumstances under which access to abortion services can be permitted.”


Furthermore the Committee expressed its displeasure in the Church’s position and practice of denying access to contraception, as well as to sexual and reproductive health and information; for not recognizing same-sex families; and for contributing to violence against homosexuals.


“The Holly See’s past statements and declarations,” the Committee noted, “on homosexuality contribute to the social stigmatization of and violence against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender adolescents and children raised by same-sex couples.”


Breitbart noted that the Committee has not authority to enforce its recommendations.  The Church may, as many nations that receive negative reports, simply ignore the Committee’s “displeasure.”


“However,” Breitbart adds, “critics of the Church, including those in the realm of public policy and law, will likely use the report against the Church.”


“Many governments believe the U.N. treaty monitoring system is broken, as committee members do not represent governments but serve as private citizens and therefore are not constrained by government instructions.  Member-states of the U.N. are in a multi-year process to reform this practice, and the overreaching of these committees is on the table for reform,” the Breitbart article concludes.


Well, let us hope so.  The citizens of the United States decided back in the early Sixties that the state governments were overreaching with their Sodomy laws, reaching into the bedrooms of consenting adults and arresting them for a private act.


The Catholic Church has every right to teach and defend its tenets.  The Bible declares that homosexuality is a sin.  God expressed His displeasure by crashing an asteroid into the Alps and sending the fiery aftermath south towards the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.  Sodom’s notion of “hospitality” was to send a “Welcoming Committee” to any new resident or visitor to the town and show them a “good time.”


What do parents and teachers mean by urging children 12 and under to “come out” about sexuality?  They say that they – and the children – know they’re “different” by the time they reach grade school.  Apparently, they show a preference for opposite-gender toys, activities, and clothes, and display mannerisms that suggest, especially to their playmates, that they’re tending towards another direction.  Did it ever occur to the parents to remove the My Little Pony toys and Barbie Dolls and replace them with gender-neutral playthings until the child reaches adolescence?  When I started showing a preference for my brothers’ construction toys, I was promptly forbidden from playing with them.  It had nothing to do with sexuality; just loneliness.


Children are cruel and harder on boys than girls, at least physically.  In the day, sexuality in general was forbidden among the society of children:


“John and Mary sitting in a tree;


First comes Love,

Then comes Marriage,

Then comes pushing a Baby carriage”


That was a pithy warning from the peanut gallery.  Actions have consequences and 5th grade is not the time to be sitting in a tree with someone of the opposite sex, K-I-S-S-I-N-G.  Boys especially seem to have had, in those days, an inborn psychological mechanism about sexual relations before adolescence.  It’s a “disease” called “The Cooties.”  Every girl who’s not an adult (mothers, grandmothers, aunts, etc., are exempt from this terrible malady) is stricken with this contagious disease and to be kept, at all costs, at a distance of at least five feet.  If the girl crosses that boundary, the boy is to stick out his tongue, roll his eyes, and make bodily noises to ward off the contaminated girl.  Spitballs and hair-pulling are permitted under Boys Law, but boys should be aware that it is against Adult rules and can result in punishment if caught.


Those were the playground rules for heterosexual behavior.  Since that is the case, why should anyone be surprised that the rules were even tougher for “tomboys” and “sissies”?  There were worse names, but we won’t use them here.


There is also a troubling trend that the playground boundary has been pushed back.  At a recent birthday party, a friend’s 9 year-old daughter reported being accosted by a group of boys who held her back while one commenced kissing her.  She didn’t wait for help, fortunately; she broke the boy’s finger.  The mother was appalled; the birthday party was the first time she’d heard of the
incident.  She knew her daughter had broken a schoolmate’s finger but she hadn’t heard all the details.  The subject came up because we’d been discussing schoolyard bullying.


This being the case, why should anyone be surprised if children who tend towards homosexuality should be treated any different in our overly-sexualized society?


“Bob and Georgie kissing in a tree;

H-E-E and H-E-E.

First comes Sex;

Then comes Love.

Then comes suing Father Dove.”


That some children are not sexually normal is sometimes a fact of life.  At that age, I don’t believe they can help it.  When they grow up, they should have the right to decide whether to pursue that lifestyle or seek help in living the normal life of marriage and family.  Already, the government has sued psychologists for treating patients who choose the latter.  In fact, the practice has been outlawed.


Once the Defense of Marriage Act was shot down and states began legalizing same-sex marriage, it was only a matter of time before the churches – all of them, including the Roman Catholic Church – would be obliged by law to marry couples against their own and their church’s beliefs.


Although the rhyme just above is cruel, it more or less defines all sexual relations today.  First comes sex, then comes love, and inevitably, if it’s a heterosexual relationship, comes the baby carriage.  Sex, not love, is the driving force of these relationships.  Before a couple even knows one another, they’re already rolling between the sheets, consummating a relationship that in some cases is only a few hours old.


Love never stands a chance in these circumstances.  Babies arrive far too soon, putting excessive stress on a fledgling relationship.  Sometimes the couples do the right thing and marry, but divorce within a short time.  Others skip the marriage ceremony altogether and part company, leaving the baby with a usually teenaged mother unable to support the child financially or emotionally.


What’s the rush?  I asked this once of a friend who jumped into bed with a guy she was dating; it was their first date.


“You went to bed with him already?” I asked incredulously.


“Oh, yes,” she replied.


“But – but you don’t even know him.  You don’t know anything about him.  Don’t you think you were rushing things a bit?”


“Well you know,” she replied, “things happen very fast these days.”


“And what happens if you find out you don’t like each other?”


“We won’t have to pay lawyers thousands of dollars for a divorce.”


“You’re going to find it harder to break up than you think,” I said, “since you’ve already consummated the relationship.  Sex should be the last step, not the first.”

Sex makes a very poor grade of cement for the foundation of a lasting relationship.  That’s why the Bible makes the practice of premarital sex and adultery one of the Ten Commandments, one of the no-no’s.  Given the chaos, the poverty, the cruelty, and the abomination of abortion, the Bible’s wisdom is indisputable.


Progressives say that’s why they want the guarantee of contraception.  The trouble with abortifacients (that’s what they are) is they don’t always work and a woman could find herself pregnant after all, or watching in horror as a child that could have been loved circles the toilet basin and flushed out to sea.


Today is Valentine’s Day.  Love, not sex, should be in the air.  The United Nations and its Progressive agenda hate love.  They hate what Love really produces:  happy couples, healthy babies, intact families, responsibility, economic prosperity, well-kept, loving homes, and security in old age.  All without one ounce of government assistance, locally, state-wide, nationally, or internationally.


The Catholic Church has many faults, but it also known for its charity, particularly towards poverty-stricken children.  The Church leads the way in love.  The Catholics were responsible for this day, named for one of their saints, Valentine.  Saint Valentine was imprisoned for preaching the gospel.  He would pass notes out through his prison bars to his followers to spread the message of love that Jesus Christ preached.


Eventually, the Church caved into social pressure in 1962, and desanctified Valentine.  Today, no one realizes it’s actually a Christian holiday for a martyred saint, the Feast of Saint Valentine.  Another of the three accounts of Valentine has him being arrested for marrying Christian couples.  All three saints died on the same day, Feb. 14, accounting for the confusion in who the true Saint Valentine’s Day was.  The name Valentine comes from the Latin word “valens” meaning “worthy, strong, powerful.”


In the case of the Saint Valentine of Rome who married Christian couples, the Emperor Claudius took a liking to him until Valentine tried to convert him to Christianity.  Claudius then condemned him to death.  He was beaten with clubs and stones.  When that failed to kill him, he was beheaded outside the Flaminian Gate.


How dare the United Nations or anyone other bureaucratic organization question the Catholic Church on its tenets of putting love before sex, and defining marriage chiefly as a religious union between a man and a woman or accuse it of encouraging the violent beatings of homosexuals, on Saint Valentine’s Day?


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