The Model United Nations Club

While visiting my former alma mater, searching the library for a particular book by John A. Dewey (of which, the library assistant and I discovered, there were surprisingly few), I noticed signs for a graduate degree open house.


The open house was next to the library so it was no problem to walk over there.  Being unemployed, I have no money to pursue a graduate degree nor the necessary GRE score to gain admission.  Too bad, since one of the program offerings was in Library Science.  They wouldn’t like me, anyway; I’m totally opposed to Common Core, as are most of the teachers of my acquaintance.


My wiser older brother warned me long ago that if I wanted to get anywhere in a career, the master’s degree, in whatever, was absolutely de rigeur.  Too many people had their bachelor’s degrees.  Degree inflation had set in and in the future, if you wanted to work your way up the ladder, you just had to have that graduate degree.


He was right.  People in business tell me that they take all the bachelor’s degree applicants and toss them right in the wastebasket.  That’s especially true of the Communications and Public Relations field.  Prospective employers want to know you went that extra mile, even if you had to sell your soul, your first-born, and your entire financial future in order to get it.  You might spend your entire life just paying off that student loan, but you’d be working – and you’d have a goal.


All the while the Government and the Media, even the Conservative Media are telling students that they’re wasting their money on all these degrees.  The Bachelor’s should be enough.  But this is a competitive world.  Wealthy parents think nothing of spending thousands of dollars on SAT Prep courses for their young scholars to make sure they get into the right schools.  The Government spends millions making sure the disadvantaged receive that same chance; though often once they get to college, they’re ill-prepared for the rigid demands of college work.


I once met a woman who was her high school class valedictorian in Texas.  She was accepted to Vassar College, an exclusive, upper-class college in Poughkeepsie, N.Y.  Her first year was the toughest, she said.  Competing against students who had been tutored in Greek and Latin, advanced mathematics, and philosophy, she nearly flunked out.  She made it, though, and became a professional public relations specialist with some very big accounts.  But it wasn’t easy.


Common Core offers a seductively easy way out for the less brilliantly affluent students and their families:  why bother memorizing useless facts and formulas?  We’ll prepare you for a practical job not some damned fool idealistic crusade.  Why waste precious time learning the meaning of words like “self-abnegation”, “portcullis”, “fustian”, or “cozen”?  When will you ever use those words?


Are you ever likely to need to know Mollweide’s Equations or the lemniscate of Bernoulli?  Why would you ever need to know the three phases of latent heat (solid to liquid; liquid to gas; solid to gas)?  Will you ever have the need to know that the rotational analog of force is torque?  Oh, please, stop.


Why of course not.  That’s what we have the elite for.  If we just do our little jobs for the common good and accept the self-abnegation of our individuality, they’ll take care of things like the three phases of latent heat.  They’d rather not bother you with things like the lemniscate of Bernoulli.  First of all, it would take an eternity to explain it.  Secondly, they’d rather you not understand the second phase of latent heat because that would make a case for the efficiency of fossil fuels and natural gas.  If you knew that, you’d then not only know the meaning of “fustian” but expose their fustian and cozen reasons for embracing green energy.


Leave the ruling of the world to the elite.  You don’t want to rule the world, do you?  It’s a huge nuisance, especially if you’re not educated.  You’d have to learn to speak at least seven languages.   You would have to study the world’s greatest battle strategies and the dictators who applied them.  Wouldn’t you rather just go home to your spouse and kids and watch the soccer game?


The people who want to rule the world don’t especially want to have children.  They’re pro-abortion, um, pro-“choice”.  They want to rule the world.  Really.  I found one of their flyers on a billboard in the hallway of that building where the graduate open house was being held.


Interested in Diplomacy?  It asks.  “Do you want to RULE the world?”  “Then join the Model United Nations Club!”  “It’s SUPER HELLA FUN!!!”


They meet every Tuesday on campus around lunchtime.  I’d be curious to see what they have to say in their meetings.  However, this college has very little in the way of parking for visitors.  With all the winter snow piled up, even the students are finding it hard to park.  But I’ve kept their flyer.


‘It’s SUPER HELLA FUN to want to rule the world.’  This school has a Democrat Society, and SDS, but no Republican Club and certainly no TEA Party Club.  But they have a Model United Nations Club.


Yes sir, these kids are up on the times.  They know which side of the world their bread is going to be buttered on.  They’re not interested in democracy, that’s for sure.  And if you rule the world, you don’t need to worry about diplomacy; it’s your way or the highway.  The “hella” with diplomacy.


Their agenda is all set for them:  Agenda 21 (or as we call it in the cautious United States, Sustainable Development); International Gun Control; Environmentalism (you have to be able plant your flag anywhere in the world if you want to rule it); The Year of the Child and the removal of parental rights; the redistribution of wealth; Intolerance legislation to protect worshippers of Islam; Common Core.


Remaking the world is quite a project.  It has to begin when you’re young.  But the reward is in the end you’ll get to RULE THE WORLD!  Awesome.


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