The Gay Lunch Counter

The Gay Lunch Counter

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer is under pressure to veto legislation passed by the state’s Republican-controlled state legislature that would hold business immune from discrimination lawsuits if a decision to deny service was motivated by a “sincerely-held” religious faith and if providing service would substantially burden the exercise of those beliefs.

The bill is mainly aimed at those companies in the wedding industry:  photographers, caterers, bands, deejays, bakers, jewelers, dressmakers and so forth.  There will be some entrepreneurs who couldn’t care less about what the couple’s make-up is and others who would be uncomfortable going against their religious beliefs by enabling a homosexual wedding.

Is SB1062 American or should it be vetoed?

That’s the great thing about capitalism; there’s always someone ready to serve you, no matter what.  There are probably caterers and wedding planners rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect of such a niche business and competition that will be relieved of the burden of serving a clientele to whom they object.

If homosexual couples had no choice, if there were a death of photographers (believe me, there aren’t), bakers, caterers, reception halls and the like, SB1062 would definitely be wrong.  However, homosexual couples have recourse to other business owners who would be delighted to arrange their wedding for them.

This is not the lunch counter of the 1960s, where even here in New Jersey, certain diners were divided between white and black areas.  Theaters had black and white restrooms.  One city even had black and white water fountains.

Being black – or yellow, or red, or purple or blue – is not a sin.  Man made the Jim Crow laws, not God.  God did make Himself clear on the subject of homosexuality.  Even so, as a Christian nation, we looked askance at the horrid Sodomy Laws that dragged people out of their own, private homes until the laws were finally abolished.  Being a Christian nation, we were willing to give homosexuals a break, at least to a certain point, and allowed them to commit to civil unions.

But just as I feared, they pushed the envelope and now states, fearing discrimination lawsuits, are passing homosexual marriage laws as fast as they can write them.  The legislation puts those in the marriage business in a difficult situation, which the Arizona legislature and more than 30 other states are attempting to protect them against.

The camel has gotten his nose under the tent in the form of our progressive courts, however.  Justices today would rather recognize international law than God’s law; they certainly have no real respect for the U.S. Constitution, except when it proves useful in furthering the Progressive agenda.

Gov. Brewer should let the bill stand.  She’s at the end of her term as governor.  The courts will strike the law down soon enough as “unconstitutional.”  The days when a business can decide whom it will or will not serve are long past.  Photographers, bakers, dressmakers, and clergy should not be compelled to perform services that betray their religious beliefs.  But that was back when America was a free country.

Like Sodom and Gomorrah, we have been overrun by the blasphemers.  We would leave, if it were possible and if the world government hadn’t already outlawed outer space colonization.  We can only pray for God’s mercy and hope we aren’t turned to stone along with the unbelievers.


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