The Muslim Takeover of Crimea

We are being so incredibly misled, deceived and lied to about the “crisis” in Ukraine that it just about takes my breath away.


The situation is not about oil or natural gas or Ukrainian debt to Russia.  In fact, it’s not about Ukraine at all.  Not exactly.


It’s about Crimea, which is part of Ukrainia (at present), and its majority of Muslims.  They want independence from Ukraine and they want Vladimir Putin’s military assistance in doing so, just the way he helped Muslims gain independence in the country of Georgia.


Thousands of Christian or ethnic Georgians were massacred to carry out that particular plan of independence.  Goodness only knows how many Ukrainians in Crimea may have been murdered, arrested or driven out during the current crisis.


The Muslim Crimeans want independence.  Currently, they’re Ukrainians, though not the blonde-haired descendants of Scandinavia we think of as Ukrainians.  So the Media tells us that the “Ukrainians” want independence.  Supposedly, Putin lands unmarked troops there, against the Geneva Convention and international law, to see to it that the “independence” movement is put down.


All the while, he’s actually aiding and abetting the true “independence” movement of Crimea from Ukraine.  Here in the West, Obama denounces Putin’s move, which brings the Western nations into alliance over “freedom” for Ukrainia, thus giving the movement the credibility it needs to gain acceptance without Western military intervention.  The only question left is, will the price be a union of the now-Muslim Russian states into a new Soviet Union?


That’s what it’s all about, Tea Partiers and Patriots.  Not freedom for Ukrainia, but freedom to create another Islamic state in Crimea.




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