“Jolly” News for the Congressional GOP

David Jolly, general counsel to Florida Congressman Bill Young, won the special election race in Florida’s 13th District against Democrat Alex(andra) Sink.  The special election was called when Young died on Oct. 18, 2013.

Jolly is against the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and says he has goals of lowering taxes and cutting spending. He believes Israel is one of the premier allies of the United States and has a goal of not cutting the United States commitment to the military and to its allies. He is pro-life, says that he “support[s] the constitutional right to keep and bear arms,” and opposes amnesty for illegal immigrants. He supports the Balanced Budget Amendment, but would have voted to raise the debt limit in early 2014.

 In a February 2014 interview with the Tampa Bay Times, Jolly clarified his position on same-sex marriage by saying, “Listen I think the sanctity of one’s marriage is between the two partners and their God. I don’t look to the state for the sanctity of marriage and so I’m ok if a state adopts a same-sex marriage amendment.”   

Jolly’s opponents in the Republican special primary were State Representative Kathleen Peters (29%) and Conservative Tea Party candidate Mark Bircher (24%).  Jolly won the primary on Jan. 14, 2014 with 45 percent of the vote.

After Jolly won the Republican nomination, the National Republican Congressional Committee spent nearly $500,000 on advertising on his behalf.  Nevertheless, there was friction between the national committee and Jolly, who criticized the advertising. Jolly downplayed the differences, stating that he and the Republican Party stood for the same things.

Democrats are said to be extremely worried over Jolly’s victory, although Florida’s 13th Congressional district has voted Republican since the 1980s.  In 2012, it was reassigned, effective January 2013, to Pinellas County. The 13th district includes an area from Dunedin to western and northern St. Petersburg.

During 2003–2012, it encompassed all of Sarasota, DeSoto, and Hardee counties and most of Manatee County except for a small northern coastal portion that was then located in the neighboring 11th Congressional District. It also included a small section of Charlotte County.

Jolly is the GOP’s kind of Republican, willing to make financial “deals” with the White House and ignore crucial social ideals, such as the sanctity of marriage.  He says that marriage is between the two (or more?) partners and God and that the state has nothing to do with it.

Except of course that states and their municipalities are responsible for issuing the marriage licenses (and divorces – Jolly’s divorce was recently finalized, amicably).  The reason the state was involved in issuing licenses was to enforce social regulations; to prevent such immoral acts as marriages between first cousins; marriages to underage minors; marriages to illegal aliens; marriages between multiple partners; marriages to animals (bestiality); and, until recently, marriages between people of the same sex.

If Congressman Jolly had read his Bible, he’d know that God made His position on homosexuality in general quite clear in Sodom and Gomorrah.  How, then, could any Christian (or Jew – the account of Sodom and Gomorrah can be found in the Old Testament) believe that God would approve of homosexual marriages?  Certainly, Jesus came to Earth and told us that God is merciful and that it is for Him to judge the sins of others. 

If you don’t believe the Word of God, or that the Bible was some sort of forgery, you can always take a trip to the Alps and look at the gouged-out mountain where the meteor or asteroid struck at exactly the time of Sodom and Gomorrah, sending a barrage of fiery debris raining down on those two Biblical cities.

The states used to be the guardians of values.  That all began to change at the turn of the 20th Century.  By the 1960s, the transformation had gained significant momentum.  God was kicked out of the schools.  The Sixties were the Age of Free Love.  Now a child of the Sixties, communist-bred, is sitting in the highest office of the land.  His Supreme Court overruled God and declared that denying homosexual marriage is unconstitutional.

The Constitution mentions God.  Does the Civil Rights Act of 1964 mention Him?  That’s the real source from which the Supreme Court derives its authority in this matter.  They consider the act of marriage a choice and a civil right, between two people, no matter their sexual orientation.  Why then do we even bother licensing marriage, if the state should not be involved in what is considered a “private” matter?

Liberals use the concept of “individualism” at their convenience.  Generally, individualism is a thing to be frowned upon.  Except when it comes to a woman’s choice to abort a fetus (okay).    Or when a child refuses to pledge allegiance to the American flag.  Or when an individual objects to a nativity scene on the town square.  Or when a gay couple sues a photographer who refuses to photograph their “wedding ceremony.”  Who’s the individual in that last scenario, the couple or the photographer?  According to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and its public accommodation clause, it’s the united homosexual couple.

A War on Individualism is what we’ve come to expect of communist-oriented Liberals and Progressives.  But not from the Republican representatives Conservatives have been forced to rely upon to represent them in government.

House Speaker John Boehner’s rabid denunciation of the conservative-oriented Tea Party is an indication of how the GOP feels about Conservative voters and representatives.  The Washington Post reported on Dec. 12, 2013:  “In a remarkable moment of political clarity, House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) escalated his feud with outside conservative advocacy groups that have repeatedly undermined his leadership team’s agenda for three years.


“’Frankly, I just think they’ve lost all credibility,’” Boehner told reporters Thursday at his weekly press briefing.


“After years of enduring broadsides from groups such as Heritage Action, Boehner’s last straw came this week when the collection of Washington-based groups attacked the bipartisan budget deal that Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) negotiated, with several announcing they opposed it before Ryan and his Senate counterpart, Patty Murray (D-Wash.), unveiled it Monday night.


The Republican Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell, is showing his true colors. In the New York Times of all places, McConnell said he and other establishment candidates are going to “crush” grassroots conservatives.

Even as younger voters (as Rush Limbaugh notes in his January 2014 Limbaugh Letter), are turning away from Obama, Republicans are moving towards the Left.  State governments are caving in to legalizing homosexual marriage in obeisance to the Youth vote, the most uninformed and electorally inactive voting bloc in the country.  They don’t vote, as a rule, but most polls show them highly favoring the legalization of gay marriage (as well as marijuana).

On the other hand, they rely on comedian Jon Stewart, of The Daily Show fame on Comedy Central, as a news source.  Stewart has wily way of deflecting criticism of outrageous comments by claiming he’s ‘just a comedian’ while serving as a conductor of White House talking points to the nation’s loyal youth.

That means the children are running the nursery.  Young people with incomplete or poorly-formed cognitive abilities are deciding the fate of our nation.  Young people still dependent upon their parents’ income or who are renters just starting out are deciding that redistributing the wealth of the nation is a great idea.  They’ve bought into the idea of “social justice” because they don’t know any better.

Our society has caved into every adolescent, cringe-worthy demand they’ve made, from rock music to pornography to violent videos to the commonplace use of profanity to total sexual licentiousness.  For some forty years, fewer and fewer people have been getting married.  Shacking up is good enough.  Unless you’re a gay couple with a religious axe to grind.  Or you just want to take an axe and grind down centuries of religious, Christian teaching.

That is when the Liberals find the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights decidedly convenient.  Separation of church and state (which doesn’t exist in the Constitution).  “Congress shall make no law regarding an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”  That’s what it says.  Twist that statement a little here, tweak it a little there, add in a sentence or two from the 1965 Civil Rights Act regarding “discrimination” and suddenly, immoral acts gain legal standing.

Now two people of the same sex can be married by an unwilling clergyman, photographed by an unwilling photographer, and cut a wedding cake baked by an unwilling baker.  All of this should not be.  Then they can go home to their private bedroom to do whatever (which is Constitutionally correct, if not exactly moral), smoke some weed (it’s legal, now; but if they really want to fog their brains out, go to it), watch the latest comedy on the Gay TV channel (also Constitutional), and fill out the adoption papers for a Third World baby (kind of disgusting; there is evidence that children brought up in such homes don’t fare very well, but it’s NOOB).

So why should we protest it?  Because we are a free country.  But just because we’re free doesn’t mean that we must condone immorality and licentiousness.  The rise in homosexual awareness has helped families with gay or lesbian children.  In the past, the coming out of a child always meant disappointment and estrangement from the family.  Parents simply couldn’t bear the strain of “losing” a child in that way, and chose to forgive and embrace their children instead.  Estrangement was just too hard on their heart-strings.

The parents can’t really be blamed for accepting and embracing their homosexual children.  But our society, and the nature of sexuality, can.  There is an entire catalog of sexual fetishes.  Like the base natures of anger and violence, sexual energy is always eager to join the party, if not the fight.  Sexual violence defense attorneys have known that for centuries.  It operates on the primal level, according to psychology.  Once you’ve taken the bait, as with marijuana, or cigarettes, or even alcohol, you’re hooked on that particular vice.  There’s no going back, no turning around.

Or if there is, in the case of homosexuality, the government has outlawed the practice of reversing the inclination.  A very strange thing for a government that claims to be strictly hands-off when it comes to adult sexual behavior.  The government finds it very handy that the American people think that what people do in their own homes is none of anyone’s business (and it isn’t).  At least in this instance.  Teach your children the safe use of firearms and you’re going to have the local DCF on your doorstep.

It’s one thing for a married “couple” to cross the threshold into their own home.  It’s another thing for them to come out again in public where other people who find their practices repugnant, immoral, or even evil (a bit of a stretch) must go to extremes to accommodate them.

Thanks to the government and legislators like Congressman Jolly, instead of having a list of photographers who gladly specialize in homosexual weddings, gay couples are free to target, pursue, and sue (and basically rob) businesses that specialize in matrimonial ceremonies who do not believe that homosexual marriages are made in Heaven.


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