So Long, “Fare Well” to Sebelius

Hot on the high-heels of Lois Lerner’s contempt-of-Congress charge, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced her resignation yesterday.


“Kathleen will go down in history for serving … when the United States of America finally declared that quality affordable health care is not a privilege but it is a right for every single citizen of these United States of America,” Obama said.


Sebelius, Obama, and Nancy Pelosi will go down properly in history as foisting off on American’s the most unconstitutional act since Johnson instituted welfare. Seven million people have signed up. But that doesn’t mean they’ve paid for it.


Nor is it clear whether they’ve signed up for actual health insurance or Medicaid. Without his eponymous health care plan, Obama has warned that many Americans will show up at an emergency room with an emergency, but no insurance to cover it. And the hospital will refuse to treat you. And now it’s “too late” to sign up, in case you’ve had second thoughts (or have gotten a job that will allow you to pay Obamacare’s outrageous premiums).


For those of us who are unemployed, but not yet eligible for Medicare, and can’t afford the premiums, the threats are useless since no doctor in his right mind will treat a Medicaid patient. Throngs of doctors are signing out of their commitment to Medicaid, my personal doctor among them. Just where does he think we’re going to get the money from, at any rate?


The doctors who will replace them are nurse practitioners, underqualified medical school graduates, or immigrant doctors who either can’t speak English or speak it so badly that they won’t know whether you need your appendix taken out or an ingrown toe nail.


Obama and his minions declare insistently that Obamacare is here to stay and that there’s nothing we can do about it. That is for the American people to decide, not a bureaucratic poser who threatens the American people with a my-way-or-the-highway attitude.


If enough people decide that Obamacare is making them sick in addition to bankrupting them, they will find a way to rescind it. This is not welfare, in the sense that we can shrug it off as more totalitarian government. Obamacare affects us individually, personally, and financially. We shouldn’t shrug it off.


Not when the government can penalize you through a fine if you don’t sign, and prison if you refuse to pay the penalty. Not when hospitals can refuse to admit you a second time if, within 30 days, you are re-admitted for the same ailment. If you suffer a stroke, they send you home, and then you suffer a second stroke, that’s your hard luck. To Obama, that’s just one more WWII generation, most likely Conservative, voter out of the way.


Behold his mighty pen and tremble!


Unlike the British, Americans are not a patient people, if you will excuse the expression. They’re already furious over waiting times. They’re even less tolerant of medical malpractice. Obama may think he has them running scared. But the record, so far, doesn’t bode well for the Democrats.


They’re terrified of the mid-term elections in November. That’s why Sebelius has been given her sentimental discharge orders. American’s poor memories never fail to forget what happened six months earlier. That’s partially how Obama won two elections; who remembered reading his autobiography where he bashed suburban America? Who remembered how he said that if it were up to him, he’d shred the Constitution? Who remembered ancient history when his campaign dug up the divorce records of his U.S. senatorial opponent Jack Ryan, in the midst of divorcing his wife, actress and blonde bombshell Jeri Ryan (“Seven of Nine” on the series Star Trek: Voyager), essentially clearing the field to take his Senate seat with no opposition at all?


This is April. Will anyone remember in November Sebelius’ departure?



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