The Putin Juggernaut

Now that Vladimir Putin has Crimea – and Georgia – he sits on the borders of Ukraine, his tanks in the crouching position, licking his chops.  He knows there’s nothing to stop him. With his 2012 election victory, Obama gained the “flexibility” he needed to downsize our military, stopping our M1 Abrams and M2 Bradly tanks in their tracks.

Obama signed the order last year – 2013 – halting their production.  The Pentagon says they don’t want any more tanks.  In a way, they’re correct; we have enough abandoned tanks in Afghanistan and Iraq.  The Army claims its too expensive to bring them back to the United States.

They sure might come in handy in Europe, though, where those nations are in imminent danger of being overrun by Putin’s tanks.  Meanwhile, Obama is sending our anti-tank missiles to Syria, where they’re not needed, rather than to the Ukrainian front, where they are.

Today, the Dutch defense department reported that several NATO member countries scrambled jets after two Russian bomber planes approached their airspace over the North Sea.  They identified the planes as Russian TU-95 Bears, and said they had launched two F-16s from Volkel Air Force base to intercept them. The Russian jets were escorted by aircraft from the Netherlands, Britain and Denmark until they departed.

The Dutch ministry stated that such incidents have occurred before, on March 21 and Sept. 10 last year.

But Europe can breathe a sigh of relief:  Vice President Joe Biden is on the job, ensuring that the Geneva intervention holds.  It’s such a comfort to know that this moron has Europe’s back.  Freedom and liberty are vouch-safed with Biden and Kerry handling the negotiations!


How could anyone excuse Obama’s foreign policy as mere stupidity, inexperience, or daftness?  How could anyone who loves freedom support him or even tolerate him?  We are on Putin’s chessboard and Obama knowingly placed us there.  Had it not been for the lapse at the microphone, his cheerleaders might have been able to cover for him.


Obama plans to do exactly nothing about Putin and the Ukraine.  He’s already said so.  The former Soviet republics will be drawn back into the Communist fold, just as Putin has planned all along.  Then, with America’s weakness and China’s complacency (even partnership) assured, Putin’s tanks will then be on the borders of Poland, Hungary, and Romania.  They fell once to Communist and will be easy prey once again.


Step by step, the new Soviet Union will encroach upon old Western Europe, already beset by Muslim extremists who have no loyalty to their “adopted” countries.  Western Europe’s forces are no match for Russia’s arsenal or China’s wealth.


Things feeling a bit Neville Chamberlainish?  Like it’s 1938 all over again?  Jews in the Ukraine must “register” now.  America has fallen for presidential lies about socialist programs.  We’re all under the Obamacare mandate now, that no one wanted and woe to you if you didn’t sign up in the “exchanges”.  It’s curtains for you, to use an old-fashioned cliché, if you get sick.  The doctors told my mother that she’s too old for the heart shunt.  Well, she may be.  But she still wants to live, even if she is 90.


Unlike the Nazis in the 1930s and 40s, the Communists don’t need to get rid of their enemies here in America with ovens.  They just have to deny them health care.  Very simple.  Very neat.  No ovens.  No camps.  Just let whoever it is – die from whatever they have.


Remember the trash compactor scene in Star Wars on the Death Star, where Luke, Han, Princess Leia, and Chewie were about to be squeezed into human toothpicks?  Well, that’s us, now.  Between the taxes and the encroachment on our freedoms, China is pushing one wall in and Russia, the other.


Unlike Star Wars, where C3PO and R2D2 saved the day, it’s not going to be a happy ending for us.

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