Yes, U-Kraine

Yes, you can!  That’s Obama’s message to Russian president Vladimir Putin.  Yes, you can invade sovereign countries!  Yes, you can send bombers over the Netherlands!  Yes, you can ignore invitations to Geneva!  Yes, you can build up your arsenal while we deplete ours!  Yes, you can mass your troops on the borders of Eastern Europe!  Yes, you can rebuild the Soviet Union!


Yes, you can walk all over the United States, a shivering shadow of its former might.  Yes, you can, because Barrack Hussein Obama is the president of the United States.  And there’s nothing the American people can do about it.  So there.


Obama’s foreign policy is straight out of the Howard Zinn School of tearing down imperialist, colonial-minded, capitalist superpowers.  If the United States was Superman, Obama is its kryptonite. 


Never mind that the American military has kept the sea lanes and air space open for commerce rather than communism.  Never mind that many residents of communist countries, like Cuba, yearn for the freedom Americans used to enjoy before they blindly elected the son of a Kenyan anti-colonialist and a communist girl from Kansas.


Laughing at the downfall of America is something Communists and Progressives have been waiting to do for a long time.  The decline began with the presidency of Theodore Roosevelt and the advent of Progressive education and the Marxist economic theory of redistribution of wealth.


Along came Cousin Franklin Roosevelt with his government welfare programs in the Thirties.  Then in the Sixties, it was the heyday of Johnson’s Great Society, the War on Poverty, the introduction of chain immigration, and the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, and with it the redistribution of  educational wealth.


Ronald Reagan gave us a decade’s respite from rampant Socialism.  With the tearing down of the Berlin Wall, he declared that the era of Communism was over.  But we who had just graduated from college when he was elected still remembered The Pencil Test and Noam Chomsky’s transgenerative grammar, the precursor to Common Core.  We of the American History Revolution of 1976 knew it wasn’t over.


That became evident with the “co-presidency” of Bill and Hillary Clinton and her push for Universal Health Care.  Not yet so distant from the sunshine of the Reagan Administration, we Americans refused to accept it.  We were a wiser nation 20 years ago.


So, the Socialist Progressives (otherwise known as Communists) nominated an unqualified, one-term U.S. Senator with no background in foreign policy, very little in the way of financial acumen (he quit the financial industry job he had because he didn’t like wearing a suit to work every day), and no respect for the U.S. Constitution, declaring in a radio interview in 2007 that he would just as soon tear the whole thing up and start over.


On the campaign trail, he admitted to Joe the Plumber that his goal as president was to redistribute the wealth.


 But he was Black.  Or at least half-black.  He was actually only half-black, but he looked black on the outside and that’s all that mattered.  Enough white idiots, having tired of being slapped around for slavery (abolished altogether in 1865) and seeking absolution for something that had nothing to do with them, voted this traitor into office.


You could look up the numbers, only they wouldn’t tell you much since Obama redirected the Census Bureau under his rulership.


That is why, today, Russia, China, Iran, Cuba, North Korea, and all the other totalitarian, communist, Islamic dictatorships around the world can do anything they want.


Because America can’t.

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