Who’s Sorry Now?

Obama, like Mary Poppins, never explains anything.  He also believes that being President of the United States means never having to say he’s sorry.

Here’s a partial list of all the things he’s not sorry for:

  • Using slimy tactics to reveal personal information about his opponents in the Illinois State Senate Race
  • Spending only 143 days in the U.S. Senate
  • Not producing his birth certificate when first applying for candidacy (although personally, I firmly and gleefully believe he was born in Hawaii on Aug. 4, 1961 – this is good news, trust me)
  • Apologizing for America’s greatness.
  • Engaging ACORN in his campaign and other activist organizations that used questionable voter tactics
  • Tellling Joe the Plumber during an Ohio campaign tour that, as president, he intends to “redistribute the wealth.”
  • Accepting online campaign donations whose sources could not be traced
  • Lying to the American people during his campaign that he believed in freedom
  • Telling a radio station that if he had his way, he’d dispense with the U.S. Constitution
  • Creating the One America Foundation, designed to remove Americans from their homes and into condos and apartments
  • Signing the Stimulus Package, which propped up failing banks that had donated to his campaign, gave money to states to enact Common Core, and bankrolled renewable energy companies that went bankrupt before they even opened their doors
  • Sending our troops to Afghanistan
  • Bowing to dictators all over the globe
  • Insulting Great Britain by returning a bust of Winston Churchill that the British government had given the United States in recognition of our assistance in World War II
  • Recognizing Iran as having a legitimate government
  • Refusing to recognize Israel’s sovereign right to exist
  • Insulting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
  • Granting amnesty to illegal immigrants
  • Making it a criminal act for state border patrol agents to arrest illegal immigrants
  • Reversing his pre-election stance on gay marriage
  • Refusing, until this year, to visit the Normandy beaches in France
  • Stating that there are 57 states
  • Saddling the U.S. economy with the [Un]Affordable Care Act, which will assist in sinking our economy, leave vast swaths of working people without insurance, and creating the greatest bureaucratic growth in our nation’s history
  • Covering up Fast and Furious
  • Covering up the IRS scandal
  • Covering up the Benghazi scandal
  • Vowing to close Guantonamo Prison and releasing, as GW Bush did, hundreds of murderous terrorists back onto the battlefield, the latest group being the five highest-ranking Taliban commanders in exchange for a soldier who deserted his post.
  • Denying that the soldier was a deserter
  • Reducing our military to an ineffectual rate, leaving the country vulnerable to attack
  • Praising Cuban dictator Fidel Castro and eulogizing Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, and attempting to emulate Chavez’ populism, appealing (and lying to) the poor and alienating the middle class.  One of the first acts of his presidency was to, more or less, normalize relations with Cuba.
  • Withdrawing troops from Iraq beginning in 2009.  We see the results now, six years later.
  • Making an agreement with Russia to reduce our nuclear arsenal in exchange for Russia allowing U.S. aircraft to fly through Russian airspace to Afghanistan.
  • Initiating the Cash-for-Clunkers, subsidizing taxpayers for selling their older cars, taking off the market affordable cars for poorer citizens.
  • Ending travel restrictions on people infected with AIDs.
  • Ending NASA’s main and appointing a Muslim to head the agency, declaring that a Muslim was the proper person to lead space exploration.
  • Repealing the “Don’t-Ask-Don’t-Tell” homosexual policy for the military.
  • Signing a jobs stimulus bill that favored green energy companies and government jobs.
  • Raising the debt ceiling with the “bipartisan” help of V.P. Biden and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.).
  • Pledging to raise taxes on the “wealthy,” even though the elite wealthy pay capital gains taxes, not income taxes.
  • Brokering Greenhouse Gas Accord in Copenhagen, a non-binding carbon reduction program that would raise the cost of doing business for most companies.
  • Failing to respond in a timely manner to the BP Deep Horizons oil rig explosion and spill.  Prevented international contractors with better equipment to collect oil.  Declared a moratorium on oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and sold drilling equipment to Venezuela, with which he made a deal for importing oil.
  • Praising the Occupy Wall Street protestors, even though many Wall Street investment firms donated to his campaign.
  • Signing a statement that went with a $662 billion military spending bill stating that he would not authorize indefinite military detention of U.S. citizens without trial.
  • Obstructing the 1,700-mile Keystone XL pipeline from Canada to Louisiana that would have created thousands of jobs and provided the United States with an unlimited supply of oil from a nation friendly to the United States.
  • Ordering an executive action that ended deportation of illegal immigrants under the age of 30.
  • Introduced the individual mandate to the Affordable Care Act, making purchase of government insurance mandatory on the part of uninsured people.
  • Ordering the Federal Reserve to buy back underwater mortgages with taxpayer funds.
  • Encouraging the Arab Spring, which began in Tunisia and resulted in the removal of dictators across the Middle East, replaced by Islamic Extremist governments.
  • Shutting down National Parks and Sites to the public, ordering the Park Service to arrest anyone who violates the shut-down.
  • Supporting Islamic militants in the Syrian revolt.
  • Proposing stronger gun-control measures
  • Appointing John Kerry as the new Secretary of State.
  • Ordering Justice Dept. to seize Associated Press phone records.
  • Passing the “DREAM” Act and encouraging the massing of thousands of illegal aliens on our southern borders in order to ensure a Democrat/one-party victory in November.

If we could just keep these (and other) abuses of the presidential office and powers, this sorry record, as well as Obama’s personal history of aligning with Communism, on hand, publish them somewhere every single day without fail, perhaps the lessons would finally sink in.

Then America might vote Conservatives into the House and Senate in November and we could impeach this traitor before he can get away with leaving an historical “legacy” as president.

Ambassador Christopher Steven,  Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, and others might rest easier, too.

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The Obama Incursion

The Chinese did it in Vietnam.  Hitler did it prior to World War II.  The Muslims started doing it in the 7th Century – and are still at it.  Genghis Khan did it in the 13th Century and Attila the Hun in the 5th.  The Romans and the Chinese made an art of it.  Rome had been a republic but thanks to Julius Caesar’s quest for power, that changed, until Attila the Hun came along.

What did they all have in common?  They led incursions – a hostile entrance into or an invasion of a place or territory, especially a sudden one.  In the 1990s, the residents of the Balkans considered the entrance of “ethnic Albanians” (read “Muslims”) an incursion and fought back.  Now the Balkans, unbeknownst to average Americans, is a breeding ground for Islamic terrorists.

But we needn’t worry about incursions in the Balkans, Southeast Asia, or London.  We have our own incursion going on right along our own southern border, compliments of our Traitor-in-Chief.  Mexicans, Central and South Americans have been massing at the border, overwhelming ICE’s attempts to corral them, in order to invade our country beyond its ability to prevent them from invading.

They’re coming at the express invitation of our White House Welcoming Committee Chairman, particularly “The Children” or “The Dreamers,” as Obama likes to euphemistically call them.

With them, they’re bring a variety of diseases including tuberculosis, the measles, AIDs, and gonorrhea, unemployment, drugs (lots of drugs), prostitution, ignorance, and a one-way ticket to the welfare office.  Anyone who dares to oppose this “bipartisan” scheme is declared a “racist” by The Media.

Democrats and Republicans alike embrace the arrival of this unstable mass of invaders in order to make use of their proclivity to vote for Big Government Democrats and willingness to work for low-wage-loving Republican Big Businessmen.

But right on the verge of this transformation of our nation comes news from Virginia that House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, of Virginia, the second-most powerful man in the House, lost the Virginia primary to a little-known, tea party-backed Republican primary challenger carried to victory on a wave of public anger over political advocacy for looser immigration laws.

When the AP reports on tea party backing, they don’t mean Big Tea Party but little Tea Party, as in us, the hometown, grass-roots supporters who go door to door and neighbor to neighbor to spread the word.  The Big Tea Parties didn’t give much of any financial support to David Brat, an economics professor, who ran against Cantor on Tea Party values.

When we say “Tea Party” we do mean “Conservative” values.  The Tea Party is not a party, as we’ve noted here on this blog before.  That’s just a name we inherited in 2009 when the Tea Party movement began in earnest, TEA standing for Taxed Enough Already.

Our hometown Tea Party movement had a good deal more on its agenda than just taxes.  Illegal immigration was one of them.  The national movement didn’t want us to talk about that, just like they didn’t want us to talk about education, abortion or heterosexual marriage.  They wanted us to stick to the political issues.

Trouble is, when you’re battling the Democrats, everything is both a social and a political issue.  They want nothing less than to overturn our society, politically, culturally, and economically.  There’s no halfway with them, no moderation, no aisle.  It’s their way or the highway.  In this case, the highways are primarily Routes 10, 35, 48, 67, 77, 277, and 281 in Texas, Route 25 in New Mexico, Routes 8 and 19 in Arizona, and Routes 5, 86 and 905 in California.

That’s a lot of roads leading to Obama’s New Rome.  We’d say “New Caesaria,” but that’s the old name for New Jersey, which means already taken.

Thanks to the Tea Party groups in Virginia, the election of David Brat sent a message to the hide-bound RINO Party that we Americans protest this incursion of illegal immigrants.  We protest our traitor-in-chief for granting them a privilege he had no right to grant.

The more he circumvents our Constitution, the more he proves how unfit for the office of President of the United States he is.  We in the Tea Party tried to tell you even before we were the Tea Party back in 2008, before you color-blindly elected him.

We’re telling you again that if he’s allowed to get away with this, there will be no going back.

We’re not all fans of Mexican food, although Obama is, no doubt, as are the Democrats and Republicans.  Mexican food tastes good at the first bite.  Then it hits the back of your throat, burning it so badly that you’re unable to speak.  That’s what Obama wants.  He wants to render us unable to speak.

As fast as you can say chili con carne, America will vanish under a flood of ignorant, violent, disease-carrying foreigners who care more about free stuff than they do about freedom.

Hope you like Mexican.

Obama, Flagelum Dei










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In the Drone Zone


Say what you want about the use of drones creating an infringement on our Constitutional rights, invading our privacy via the Fourth Amendment or bombing targets in the Middle East indiscriminately (just get the terrorists; let any innocent deaths be on their consciences, if they have any), when it comes to the world of photography, they’re the greatest thing since sliced bread.

I was sent this past Sunday to cover the New Jersey Sharing Network’s 4th Annual 5K Walk/Run at their headquarters in New Providence.  A local woman who had received an organ transplant was participating in the run.  My assignment was to interview and photograph her.

As I walked down Central Avenue, I realized why the name N.J. Sharing Network seemed so familiar.  I’d been rattling my brains trying to remember where I’d heard that name.  On my left, as I walked towards their headquarters, was my hated former employer’s office building.  I seethed as I passed by the windows where my cubicle was located, in the depths of Office Hell.

New Jersey Sharing Network headquarters was across the street.  Back in the day, they used to hold health fairs right around this time of year for all the office workers on Central Avenue.  My employer, and in particular, my supervisor, was so suspicious, so pecuniary, so controlling, so – not even micromanaging, but hypermanaging – that we practically had to hold hands crossing the street.  Our orders were to march across the street, pick up whatever it was that NJSN was handing out, and return without stopping, not even to thank the NJSN representatives.

They looked upon us pityingly and seemed to understand all too well.  I felt like pleading with them to hire me.  Please!  At least they were human.  Eventually, I would work for a more humane employer and not only did I get to stop and talk with people, but write about those people and take their photos.

On Sunday, I returned – now only marginally employed – but at least my employment was something more creative and human (I hissed at the building as I passed by).

I took lots of pictures and interviewed my subject.  Her tent – every team had a tent – was located right near the finish line.  As it happened, it took her team awhile to reach the finish line.  So to pass the time, I took pictures of other groups coming in, and also watched other photographers taking photos (some of them probably from the same newspaper group I work for).

Then, as I was watched in amazement, a pair of photographers brought in a drone.  The trail of walkers and runners had bunched up like an accordion and it was hard for a ground photographer to get a picture of any particular group.  These two guys just directed their drone over the crowd and dropped it into the rather limited space in front of the group they wanted to photograph.

Whoa!  I thought.  Where can I get one of those!!?  That was great!  If only I’d had one of those about 14 years ago when I first started with the other company.  But we were only just getting used to the new digital cameras.  We were still in the transition from film to digital, and only a small digital at that.  Eventually, we got a digital SLR.  Camera drones weren’t even on the radar of our imaginations at that point.

Imagine all the time saved running after athletes and kids!?  The sports networks are already using these drones for their coverage.  They used them during the Winter Olympics and we were watching a motocross event the other night where the network was using a drone to follow the racers.  Fantastic!

The young, up-and-coming generation of photographers have an advantage because they’ve also been brought up on video games.  They have all the skills necessary to bring their drones in for any shot they need and avoid crashes with other drones.

If I had the money to invest in something, I would be investing in these drone machines.  Whatever other uses they may be put to, for good or ill, they are going to be the future of photography.

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He’s Not Wild About Harry

Nevada State Senator Ben Kiechefer (R) has sued his GOP primary opponent Gary Schmidt for running an ad that claims Kieckhefer supported U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in his 2010 race against Republican Sharron Angel.

In his request, which Washoe County District Judge Patrick Flanagan granted only four days before Nevada’s primary elections, Kiechefer claimed that he is “likely to suffer irreparable injury to his career and reputation” from Schmidt’s ads.

Kieckhefer claimed that, while he’s a staunch defender of the First Amendments, the allegedly false statements shouldn’t be permitted.

Schmidt told the Reno Gazette-Journal that there’s no evidence his opponent ever supported Angle.  Nevertheless, he has complied with the ruling.

Harry Reid, on the other hand, is no staunch defender of the First Amendment, especially when it comes to free speech in election campaigns.

The hearing by the Judiciary Committee was organized to debate a proposed constitutional amendment introduced by Sen. Tom Udall (D-N.M.) that would allow Congress to regulate the flow of money into campaigns and elections. Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said the introduction of the proposed amendment was a political stunt by Democrats.  Reid went before the Committee to defend the proposed amendment to limit the impact of money in politics.

“We sit here today with a simple choice,” Reid told the committee, according to the AP and Politico.com  “We can keep the status quo and argue all day and all night — forever — about whose billionaires are right and whose billionaires are wrong. Or, we can work together to change the system, to get this shady money out of our democracy and restore the basic principle of one American, one vote.”

“The flood of dark money into our nation’s political system poses the greatest threat to our democracy that I have witnessed during my time in public service,” Reid said. “The decisions by the Supreme Court have left the American people with a status quo in which one side’s billionaires are pitted against the other side’s billionaires.”

McConnell has long been an opponent of restrictions on campaign finance, while Reid has made the billionaire GOP donors and oil magnates Charles and David Koch his scapegoats in campaigning for this amendment in 2014. Reid has used his time on the Senate floor to blast the two GOP megadonors just as Democrats look to make both men villains in the fall campaign.

“The American people reject the notion that money gives the Koch brothers, corporations or special interest groups a greater voice in government than American voters. They believe, as I do, that elections in our country should be decided by voters — those Americans who have a constitutional, fundamental right to elect their representatives. The Constitution doesn’t give corporations a vote, and it doesn’t give dollar bills a vote,” Reid said.

The Koch Brothers, Reid said, “have all these phantom organizations.” He added: “They must have 15 different phony organizations that they use to pump money into the system.”

McConnell claimed that the goal of Reid’s rant was to stir up the Democrat base so they would show up in November. And his tactic is to complain “loudly about certain Americans exercising their free speech and associational rights, while being perfectly happy that other Americans — those who agree with the sponsors of this amendment — are doing the same thing,” said McConnell.

Politico says that “the proposed amendment…would require two-thirds majorities in both houses of Congress, as well as the support of three-fourths of the state legislatures to become a part of the Constitution. (An alternate method, using conventions to circumvent the legislatures, has been used successfully only once in American history.)”

Democrats have argued that a series of recent federal court decisions — including the landmark 2010 Supreme Court case Citizens United v. FEC and the more recent McCutcheon v. FEC decision — have tilted the playing field toward wealthy donors and special interests.

Sen. Ted Cruz asked at the hearing, “When did elected Democrats abandon the Bill of Rights? Where did the liberals go?”

“If this amendment passes, Congress can say, you the citizens are no longer citizens, you’re subjects. Because we’ve repealed the First Amendment and taken away your ability to speak,” Cruz said.

“I would note this amendment, if adopted,” Cruz added, “ would give Congress the power to ban books and to ban movies.  Ray Bradbury [the author of ‘Fahrenheit 451’] would be astonished.”

Harry Reid has the nerve to talk about “dark money” and “phantom organizations”?  Does the name “George Soros” ring a bell?  The Tides Foundation?  The Democracy Alliance?  Center for American Progress?  Priorities USA Action?  Jeffry M. Picower (an investor with Bernard L. Madoff Investor Securities)?  Picower is connected to Irving H. Picard, who sued Koch Industries.

How about The Center for Youth and Society?  The Woods Fund of Chicago?  The Chicago Annenberg Challenge?  The National Children’s Law Center?  Going to vote for Hillary?  Remember that her husband commuted William Ayers’ prison sentence.

So what’s ol’ Harry got against the Koch Brothers, really?  Well, it seems Koch Industries has been financing an advertising campaign, through an advocacy group they support criticizing Obama’s support of bankrupt solar company Solyndra.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Feb. 10, 2012 that, “According to the lawsuit, a subsidiary of the Wichita, Kan., refining and chemicals company invested in Fairfield Sentry Ltd., a British Virgin Islands firm that funneled most of its clients’ money into Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC. The suit says that subsidiary later dissolved, thereby funneling the investment returns to Koch Industries.

“Like the countless others who invested in the so-called feeder fund, Koch Industries now faces a demand to give back those returns, totaling $21.5 million in a clawback lawsuit filed Thursday in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Manhattan.

“Irving H. Picard, who filed the suit as the trustee liquidating Madoff’s for, doesn’t accuse Koch Industries of any wrongdoing. Rather, he seeks the return of the funds on the grounds that it wasn’t legitimate investment returns after all but the fraudulent proceeds of a Ponzi scheme—i.e., other investors’ money.

“Reached Friday, Koch Industries spokeswoman Melissa Cohlmia said the lawsuit is without merit.

“’The Koch entity involved made an investment in an entirely separate fund. That Koch entity no longer exists and its investment was redeemed in 2005, long before anyone knew of Madoff’s fraud,’ Cohlmia said in an emailed statement.

“Koch Industries’ owners, brothers Charles and David Koch, have grabbed headlines lately for their political activism. The brothers have donated their money to various conservative causes, like supporting Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker as the Republican face[d] a bitter recall campaign, and a March 2011 op-ed by Charles Koch in The Wall Street Journal decried ‘years of tremendous overspending by federal, state and local governments’ as the root of current economic evils.

Back in May, Hothouse Harry charged the Koch Brothers with climate change heresy.

 “The Koch Brothers admit,” he said in the Senate last month, “that they and their radical followers don’t accept the science of climate change.”

Reid quoted a Koch spokesperson in a Kansas newspaper article:

 We are not experts on climate change. We do believe there should be free and open debate on the climate issue and it should be based on sound science and intellectual honesty.

“The debate should take place among the scientific community, examining all points of view and void of politics, personal attacks and partisan agendas.”

Reid raved on about the indisputable science facts of climate change, noting that the debate has taken place and is over.  He ranted on about billionaire-funded advocacy groups like Americans for Prosperity.

“That it means for candidates on the Republican side is, if you … buy into green energy or you play footsie on this issue, you do so at your political peril. The vast majority of people who are involved in the [Republican] nominating process—the conventions and the primaries—are suspect of the science. And that’s our influence. Groups like Americans for Prosperity have done it.”

“I.E., try to do something to stop climate change, and the Koch brothers and their billions of dollars are coming for you.”

So in return, if you don’t believe the 300 scientists (is that all they could come up with?) who concur with the climate change theory, Hothouse Harry is advocating a Constitutional amendment that will see to it that you never heard another side of any issue again that goes against Democrat dogma.

Udall’s Constitutional amendment would also prevent candidates like Gary Schmidt, candidate for the Nevada State Senate, from making accusations that his opponent is a Harry Reid supporter because his opponent might suffer irreparable injury to his career and reputation.

Injurious, indeed.  And embarrassing.

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D-Day Plus 70

How ironic that on the 70th Anniversary of the D-Day Invasion, Obama should finally and magnanimously honor the ceremonies with is presence, an event our traitor-in-chief has refused to attend in the past.

What a wonderful change scandals, all in a row like little soldiers – Benghazi, the Veterans Administration scandal, the backfiring of the “prisoner exchange” – can make in our arrogant leader.

Of course, he wasn’t really there for D-Day.  He just happened to be in the vicinity, according to yesterday’s Wall Street Journal “to convene a Group of Seven Summit in Brussels, a forum intended to exclude Russian President Vladimir Putin from the table of world leaders.”

France couldn’t very well exclude Putin from today’s D-Day commemoration, since 20 million Russians died in World War II to rid Europe of the noxious Nazis.  Reports say that Putin and Obama exchanged no words during the ceremony, an exchange would have been highly inappropriate.  The attention was supposed to be on honoring those who sacrificed their lives to defeat a tyrannical dictator 70 years ago, not watch the plottings of two current dictators who are endeavoring not to be caught off-mic again hatching their schemes (‘Tell Vlad I’ll have more flexibility after the election.’).

During the ceremonies French President Hollande looked grave.  Queen Elizabeth scowled at the camera during a presentation in which she was shown during World War II serving as a mechanic in the British Army, when she was young Princess Elizabeth.  Obama chomped on his chewing gum, looking bored and annoyed.

Later, our anti-colonialist emperor was seen yukking it up with Elizabeth II.  For all her regard for Winston Churchill, her first prime minister, it doesn’t seem to bother Queen Elizabeth that she was joking with a man who sent Churchill’s bust – a gift from Great Britain to America for its assistance in WWII – back to England.  As for Putin, he squirmed in his chair, glancing nervously from side to side.

Was he wondering whether people realized that an amphibious invasion of the D-Day type was precisely what he had in mind in buying two amphibious warships from France, a country that ought to know better, given the history of the Normandy beaches?  But that was a different sort of invasion, one meant to destroy tyranny, not help build an armada for one.

The WSJ reported yesterday that, “the U.S. and other allies have called on the government of Pres. Francois Hollande to cancel the contract, arguing the [amphibious assault] ships will significantly enhance the Russian naval power at a time when the Ukrainian crisis has raised tensions with the Kremlin to their highest levels since the Cold War.”

“The French warship plugs a cruccial gap in Russia’s armed forces.   Moscow boasts one of the world’s largest armies and a formidable air force.  But Russia’s Black Sea Fleet lacks an amphibious vessel like The Mistral capable of launching a land invasion.  That weakness deprived Moscow of a crucial knockout punch in 2008 when Russian troops invaded Georgia but never managed to dominate the former Soviet country’s shoreline forcing a stalemate.

“A ship like that would have allowed the Black Sea Fleet to accomplish its mission in 40 minutes,” Russian Navy Adm. Vladimir Zysotkiy said at the time.

“The proposal to sell France’s prized warship to Russia grew out of the Georgian conflict.

“By offering to sell Russia The Mistral, Mr. Sarkozy aimed to persuade the Russians that NATO was no longer an enemy.

“Georgian Pres. Mikhail Saakashzili flew to Paris to protest the sale.  But Mr. Sarkozy brushed aside his complaints during a tense meeting in the Elysee Palace, according to a French official.

“’Look, Mikhail, Russia is not going to invade Georgia with this boat,’” Mr. Sarkozy said, according to the official.

Well, what exactly does Putin intend to do with them, then?  Go water-skiing?

Each vessel can carry 13 tanks or 110 armored personnel carriers or 16 helicopters or

450 troops.  If no tanks are aboard, which are heavy, the number of personnel carriers would limit what else the ship could carry.

These amphibious warships are capable of carrying out a serious landing on a beach. They don’t need a port to perform a landing.  That’s why it’s so dangerous.  This is stuff that Russia is buying because they don’t have the research and development capability to build them.

But why?

As for Obama, his begrudging attendance of the ceremonies was ironic.  Real soldiers, some as young as 15, died on those beaches 70 years ago.  The elderly men at the ceremonies are the remaining survivors of that battle, the largest armada ever launched in the history of the world.  Obama’s administration allowed their comrades-in-arms to die on a waiting list to get on a waiting list for care.

Obama will find no absolution on the Normandy beaches, and as he has plainly stated, he doesn’t care.  He’s determined to welcome home a deserter and likely traitor to our troops in Afghanistan and our national security.  In exchange for a traitor, our traitor-in-chief released five highly dangerous, known terrorists, the very leadership of the Taliban.  Qatar, where they have been sent, will not hold them prisoner and will not guarantee that they will not be returned to Afghanistan.

To think, all those young men (there were no women, other than possibly nurses, on the beaches during the landings) who died or were injured on D-Day, sacrificed themselves for a man who doesn’t care about the United States, its Constitution, its Congressional and Senatorial representatives, the rule of law, or freedom.

Hail to the traitor-in-chief.

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Bergdahl Not the Only Traitor

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is a hero – to Obama.  The treacherous former “POW” who, it turns out, was a deserter who gave precise information to the Taliban about the camp from which he went AWOL causing numerous deaths, provided Obama with just the excuse he needed to empty Guantanamo Prison of its highest-ranking, most notorious Taliban prisoners.


Congratulations, Sgt. Bergdahl.  And congratulations to all those guilt-ridden voters who thought voting for Obama back in 2008 would absolve them of their white guilt and put our country on a better path to the future.


Just how much more evidence do people need to be convinced?  Of course twenty-twenty hindsight can be very satisfying, if not exactly useful.  There is now talk of impeaching Obama for this latest treasonous act, not giving Congress 30 days’ notice of his intention to release dangerous, terrorist prisoners, flouting an act which was to prevent him from doing precisely what he did.


Obama cited Bergdahl’s health as the reason for the ‘prisoner exchange’.  Bergdahl looked pretty robust on the video show his release.  Too bad the veterans Obama’s VA allowed to perish while waiting on line to wait on line for care couldn’t have bounded out of their hospitals and into waiting helicopters to whisk them home to fame and fortune.


Too bad New Jerseyans didn’t come out in greater numbers to vote for Richard Pelluzzo for Senate or Rick Van Glahn in the 11th District for Congress.  We might have stood a better chance of impeaching Obama then.  Pelluzzo lost in an extremely close race.  Are you proud of yourselves, you voters who couldn’t be bothered? 


While Jeff Bell is an admirable Conservative and would make a good candidate, the only weapon that will help him win is outing Booker and all his dirty deeds.  Pelluzzo had age on his side and a strong voice.  Why so pessimistic?  Well, because you same idiots who couldn’t bother voting for a younger candidate who lacked enough experience and name recognition to satisfy you yesterday will sneer at the aging Mr. Bell and not bother to vote in November, either.  That is my prediction.


But you made that softball or Little League game, didn’t you?  Obama can go right on flouting the Constitution, weakening the balance of powers, hailing terrorist traitors in the Rose Garden, and releasing Captains of Terrorism back to their Middle East haunts.  As long as you’re home in time for dinner, don’t have to get out of your cars, don’t have to google the candidates to find out where they stand, what do you care?


You lazy jerks.  Maybe we need to create drive-through polling places for you and offer you free Starbucks coffee.  Maybe then you’ll pay attention.


Thank you very much for saddling us with this traitorous emperor-in-disguise-as-president.  You needn’t worry about missing many more elections.  Since you didn’t bother to vote in the primaries, allowing the same people to go on holding office, there’s no one else with experience to run for office (you knuckle-dragging numbskulls).  Eventually, that’s going to mean only one party will be ruling the country.  Then we’ll all be singing kumbaya to the tune of “The Nationale.”  You won’t have to worry anymore about all that petty bickering that you find so annoying.  You won’t have to look up anyone’s credentials for office.  You won’t have to listen to any more campaign ads.


You won’t have to worry about getting out of your car to vote.  That’s because you won’t have cars, anymore, you nitwits!  The one-party, one-world United Nations system that will bring you all this “peace and quiet” will outlaw your automobiles.  Then they’ll make it very easy for you to vote for the only candidates running.  They’ll frog-march you, in fact, to the polling booth at your nearest transit station.


And you’ll deserve it.  You cowardly traitors.








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Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl: How To Make Us Forget About Benghazi

Obama had a dilemma.  Hillary Clinton, the presumptive candidate for the 2016 Democrat nomination for president, is in trouble.  Not only was she Secretary of State during the Benghazi debacle, but Obama held secret meetings with her to discuss deflective strategies.


While the presidential election is still two years away, if Congress is able to press any charges against her, her bid for the presidency will be finished.


What to do?  Whatever it is, it would have to be so outrageous, so flagrantly treacherous, so stupendously objectionable that no one in the media could possibly ignore it.


So, Obama made a secret deal with the Taliban, without the advice or consent of Congress, to a “prisoner” exchange of an American soldier who consciously deserted his post in Afghanistan in 2009 for five high-ranking Guantanamo detainees, all high-level Taliban officials captured in 2001 when the United States went to Afghanistan to seize Osama Bin Laden.


Monday’s Wall Street Journal detailed just how highly valued the five Talibanees are – and how dangerous:


“Khairulah Khairkhwa:  Minister of Interior in the Taliban government overthrown in 2001.  Was Taliban’s liaison to al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, according to a 2008 Pentagon Assessment?


Noorullah Noori:  Senior Taliban military commander in northern Maza-e Sharif province during the U.S.-led invasion of Afghanistan in 2001.  Was directly subordinate to Taliban supreme leader Mullah Mohammad Omar.


Abdul Haq Wasiq:  Deputy Minister of intelligence in the Taliban government.  A U.S. assessment described him as ‘central to the Taliban’s efforts to form alliances with other Islamic fundamentalist groups to fight alongside the Taliban.’  Was arrested in November 2001 while meting American operatives after he agreed to locate the Taliban supreme leader.


Mohammed Faz:  Former deputy defense minister.  The United Nation has accused Fazi of complicity in the murder of thousands of Shiite Muslim civilians during his tenure as Taliban army chief.  Captured while fighting the Northern Alliance, the Afghan militia that fought with the U.S. after the Sept. 11th attacks.


Mohammed Nabi Omari:  The 2008 assessment said Omari was involved in a joint al Qaeda-Taliban cell in Khost, and determined that he was a high risk and ‘of intelligence value.’  Omari denied being a Taliban member throughout his detention and maintained he was a CIA informant in the months after the Sept. 11th attacks.”


The release of these terrorists sends a message of weakness to the terrorist world.  America can be bought.  Far from improving relations with the Taliban – a dubious goal, at best – this craven demonstration will only encourage more kidnappings and make the situation for our soldiers in the Middle East, as well as those who must do business there, all the more perilous.


If that wasn’t bad enough, at least 14 soldiers were killed trying to rescue this deserter, Sgt. Bergdahl.  Many of his associates have testified on radio and television that he knowingly deserted his post, held anti-American sentiments, and regarded the U.S. Army as a tourist agency, lending him the ability to visit remote and (to him) exotic locales and cultures.


His father praised his son – in fluent Arabic – stating that his son no longer even knows how to speak English.  Despite calls to court-martial Bergdahl, Obama is considering releasing him once he leaves the U.S. base in Germany.


Obama once again demonstrated his penchant for flouting the Constitution and Congress, which was supposed to have 30 days’ notice of this “prisoner” exchange.  According to the WSJ, Congress passed a law making prisoner exchanges more difficult.  He put a number of soldiers in harm’s way to gain this traitor’s release and freed some of the world’s most dangerous terrorists to once again inflict death and terror in that part of the world.


Current reports indicate that far from being a prisoner, Bergdahl gave his “captors” instructions in the latest weaponry and bomb-making techniques.  Bunk mates said he deliberately abandoned his post and criticized America’s “interference” in Afghanistan and the Arab world.


The result of this “prisoner exchange” is that five top Taliban terrorists are now free, being granted leave to live under house arrest in Qatar for one year after which they will no longer be detained.  Fourteen more U.S. soldiers have died, unnecessarily, for a traitor who gave aid to the enemy and basically renounced his own country.


Obama once again did an end-run around Congress, further sealing his legacy as an imperial president.  And Benghazi, and all that that scandal tells us about Hillary Clinton’s qualifications to be President of the United States, has been swept under an already-bulging rug.


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Time To Make a Choice

Today, June 3rd, is Primary Day in New Jersey.  This is not a time for Garden Staters to yawn and shrug their shoulders.  It’s time to get yourselves to your polling places and press those ballot buttons.

 The last time New Jersey had a Republican United States Senator, Air India Flight 855, a Boeing 747 passenger jet, crashed into the ocean near Bombay, killing 213.  Film director Roman Polanski skipped bail and fled to France, after pleading guilty to charges of engaging in sex with a 13-year-old girl.  American porn publisher Larry Flynt was shot and paralyzed.

On April 18 April 18, the U.S. Senate voted 68–32 to turn the Panama Canal over to Panamanian control on Dec. 31, 1999.  Panama would later turn control over the canal to the Chinese.

St. Paul, Minn. became the second U.S. city to repeal its gay rights ordinance after Anita Bryant‘s successful 1977 anti-gay campaign in Dade County, Fla.,  In Atlantic City, N.J., Resorts International, the first legal casino in the eastern United States, opened.


California voters approved Proposition 13, which slashed property taxes nearly 60 percent.  Where is California now?   The Supreme Court of the United States bars quota systems in college admissions but affirms the constitutionality of programs which give advantages to minorities.

Garfield,” which eventually becomes the world’s most widely syndicated comic strip, made its debut.   Louise Brown, the world’s first test tube baby, is born in Oldham, Greater Manchester, UK.

Pope Paul VI died in Castel GandolfoMenachem Begin and Anwar Sadat begin the peace process at Camp David, Maryland.  Vietnam attacks Cambodia.  On Oct. 16, Pope John Paul II succeeded Pope John Paul I as the 264th pope, resulting in the first Year of Three Popes since 1605. He was the first Polish pope in history, and the first non-Italian pope since Pope Adrian VI (1522–1523).

In Guyana, Jim Jones leads his Peoples Temple cult in a mass murder-suicide that claims 918 lives in all, 909 of them at Jonestown itself, including over 270 children. Congressman Leo J. Ryan is assassinated by members of Peoples Temple shortly beforehand.

Dianne Feinstein succeeds the murdered George Moscone, to become the first woman mayor of San Francisco, California (she serves until January 8, 1988).  Cleveland, Ohio becomes the first major American city to go into default since the Great Depression, under Mayor Dennis Kucinich.  Despite this, Kucinich would go on to serve in Congress for 16 years.

Artificial insulin is invented.  Actors James Franco, Josh Hartnett, Katherine Heigl and Katie Holmes were born in 1978.  Actors Will Geer (The Waltons – and a noted Socialist), Robert Shaw, Bob Crane, James Daly, Dan Dailey, Gig Young, and Charles Boyer.  It was also the year the newly-minted Pope John Paul I died, along with Golda Meir, artist Norman Rockwell.

That was 36 years ago.  What will people remember in the year 2050, 36 years from now?  Will New Jersey be like Ohio, electing a corrupt mayor to the Senate?  Will the mayor of Detroit wind up on a list like the one above, being elected to Congress? 

Is this what you people who shrug your shoulders at primary and state elections want?  In this day and age of the Internet and Google, there’s no excuse for not looking up a candidate you say you don’t know.  With the tip of your finger, you can find out everything you need to know about Rick Van Glahn, running for Congress in New Jersey’s 11th District, or Richard Pezzullo, the 55 year-old candidate running for New Jersey’s Senate seat.  You can look up the other contenders – Murray Sabrin, Jeff Bell, and the moderate RINO, Brian Goldberg.

Or you could waste your time googling Obama’s golf scores.  As I was going out to vote, my upstairs neighbor was passing by.  I asked her if she had voted yet.  She pished-poshed.  She’s retired.  There was no excuse for her not to vote.  My Mom is 90 and it’s 90 degrees out today.  She had an excuse.

The rest of you slugs need to get out there and vote.  You won’t have another chance to choose.

If you don’t, and you’re around in 2050 and you don’t recognize your country, let’s hope you have a good excuse for why you didn’t vote when you could have.  Your children and grandchildren, living in tyranny, will have a right to know just what the heck you were thinking.





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Richard Pezzullo for U.S. Senate

Choices, choices, choices.  New Jersey has another chance – probably the last one it will ever have – to elect a Conservative to the United States Senate.  The Media, ever the cheerleaders for the Liberal Communist cause, call the contenders “long-shots” for the Senate seat.


The last time I checked, the United States was still a federated, constitutional republic that defends freedom of choice.  The Democrats and their media allies would naturally have us believe that there is no choice.


But there’s always a “choice.”  When there ceases to be a choice, or America comes to believe choices no longer exist, we will have attained the Democrats’ Marxist dream of a communist state.  Until then, New Jerseyans do have a range of choices in tomorrow’s Republican primary for the U.S. Senate.


Jeff Bell, a Vietnam veteran, is the last Republican to have served in the N.J. Senate, in 1978.  That was a long time ago, of course.  I had just started college.  Bell went on to build an excellent portfolio championing Conservative causes.  He helped develop Reagan’s first proposals for federal tax and spending reduction when Reagan ran for president in 1976. During the 1980 campaign, Jeff was elected from New Jersey as a Reagan delegate to the Republican national convention.


Later, he went to work for Lehrman Bell Mueller Cannon Inc., an economic forecasting and consulting firm. From 2000-2010, he was a principal of Capital City Partners, where he worked on promoting comprehensive immigration reform, the Bush Administration’s faith-based initiatives, and combating human trafficking, among other issues.


In 2009, he was among the co-founders of the American Principles Project, a public policy organization dedicated to advancing conservative ideas derived from the principles of the American founding. As Policy Director, he headed its monetary reform initiative aimed at renewing sound money by restoring the dollar’s value in gold. He resigned from that position in February 2014 to run for U.S. Senate.


Murray Sabrin, the son of Holocaust survivors from Poland, became a U.S. citizen in 1959 at age 12, and graduated from the Bronx High School of Science in 1964. He has a Ph.D. in economic geography from Rutgers University, an M.A. in social studies education from Lehman College and a B.A. in history, geography and social studies education from Hunter College.


He joined the faculty of Ramapo College of New Jersey in 1985 and is Professor of Finance in the Anisfield School of Business. In 2007 Murray and his wife, Florence, made a $250,000 gift to Ramapo College to establish the Sabrin Center for Business Excellence.


For three decades, Murray Sabrin has been preparing the next generation of New Jersey’s business leaders. The people Murray Sabrin has taught and empowered are America’s future. They are the new job creators and innovators who will grow New Jersey’s economy — and America’s economy — through entrepreneurism and the free market.

Murray believes the U.S. military should be used to defend America’s borders and security.  We should not be the world’s policeman nor undertake a campaign to build nations around the globe.  We should embrace George Washington’s admonition that we should not have entangling alliances with other nations, but engage in trade with all peoples of the world.



Brian Goldberg is the youngest of the candidates – much younger than Bell or Sabin.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science and is a relative newcomer to politics.  He served on the West Orange Municipal Budget Advisory Committee, 2009 to 2011 and has been involved in various campaigns.  Goldberg initially claimed to hold Conservative views on all the major issues.  However, I noted in his address to the North Jersey Regional Tea Party during Candidates Night that his views were less than Conservative.


Then, in a recent interview with The Bergen Record, Goldberg described himself as “the moderate candidate in the race.”


The issue, I’m sorry to say, is not their Conservatism, but age and experience.  Bell has the experience and the Conservative bona fides.  Conservatives will gladly vote for him.  But I predict that he will not stand up long in a race against the youthful Cory Booker, crook though he is. 


That’s a sorry statement of the attitude of our age.  The same can be said for Sabin.  In any case, what would rule Bell out is his agenda for returning the country to the gold standard.  That day is long past, just as 1978 is, when people still believed in marriage between a man and a woman and that America was a great country.  We are too deeply in debt and have printed too much money to ever return to the gold standard.  We ought never to have left it, but the word RINO had not yet been invented to describe Richard Nixon in 1971, who removed us from the gold standard.  We had more gold than money then; now we have too much money and not enough gold.


I don’t know what sort of candidate Murray Sabrin is.  He is a professor of economics at Ramapo College.  He wasn’t available to attend the North Jersey Regional Tea Party Candidates Night.  Instead, he sent one of his representatives – I believe it may have been Neil Schloss.


Until it came to foreign policy, I didn’t know about Sabrin, but if Schloss had been the candidate, he would have had my vote right up until his unequivocal opposition to any foreign involvement at all in foreign wars.


Washington certainly spoke of not entangling ourselves in foreign alliances, beholding ourselves to foreign powers.  Excuse me, but we do that every day we drive up our foreign debt.  Foreign engagements that go on too long (i.e., Vietnam) do ultimately cost us. 


We were a younger, more politically and economically vulnerable country back in Washington’s time.  Yet, we were able to weasel out of part of our debt to France, thanks to Benjamin Franklin’s diplomacy, and pay off the rest.  Our problem is not so much becoming entangled in foreign wars but not using our innate industrial and military power to win them, swiftly.


Sabrin looks to be a more measured speaker than his spokesperson, just at a time when we need someone outspoken to speak for us.  Sabrin is older but photographs well.  Still, if he doesn’t have his spokesperson’s dynamism, he’ll need to borrow some if he wins the primary and goes on to contest Cory “Hollywood” Booker.


Finally, there is Richard Pezzullo.  He served 20 years in the US Army reserve, both overseas and in the United States, attaining the rank of Major.  Today he works with business owners, school administrators and non-profits, helping them use technology to solve business problems.  


As a technology specialist, Rich has worked at the operational and executive levels with small and large businesses, law firms, accounting practices, barber shops, charities, manufacturers and wholesalers, alumni organizations, auto repair shops, builders and demolishers, tanning salons and dermatologists, dentists and podiatrists,  pre-schools, elementary and middle schools, retail stores and restaurants, retirees and people starting new businesses.


Pezzullo is the right age to bridge the generation gap between the aging baby boomers, Generation X, and whoever and whatever generation is currently watching Miley Cyrus bend over and not paying attention to the politicians who are bending over.  Apparently, that’s exactly what the current generation expects politicians to do.


Will he or won’t he?  Pezzullo is a businessman who bears a strange resemblance to my older brother.  It was quite uncanny, really, especially in the eyes.  I can’t help wondering if there isn’t more than meets the eye.


If there is a family connection, I hope it isn’t in weenieness, because my older brother is Mr. Weenie himself.  Pezzullo had more than just my brother’s eyes and some of his profile, although not his voice.


Like my brother, Pezzullo had a way of gathering the audience members around him.  He had a gift for the gab and relating to the people around him.  As long as he understands we’re not sending him to the Senate to do that, he’d be my choice tomorrow.


Fortunately, he sounded like he had more backbone than my brother.  He sounded like he was up for the fight.  The younger voters, who themselves don’t have the stomach for political barnstorming, could certainly relate to him.   He was able to reassure them of his stance without having to pound the table.


He gave thorough reassurances, in their language, that he opposed Obamacare, vowing that he would use his power as a Senator to block funding and implementation of the Affordable Care Act.  That doesn’t sound the same as repealing it but he does say that he supports a full repeal.


As a businessman, he understands the importance of balancing a budget and providing services at prices which a customer can afford.  Rich  believes the Federal Government needs to take the same approach and supports major cuts in government welfare programs created and expanded in recent years, most particularly Obamacare and other giveaways like free cell phones, 99-week unemployment handouts and welfare benefits that encourage people not to work and live off taxpayers. Cory Booker supports President Obama’s bloated budgets, tax increase proposals and will vote to raise the national debt, even without any spending cuts.


Rich strongly opposed the Bank Bailout and the Auto Bailouts and believes government’s role is not to bail out businesses that cannot succeed. As Senator,  Rich Pezzullo will fight to repeal the Dodd-Frank Law that justifies future bailouts with intense job-killing regulations on the financial industry. Cory Booker endorsed the bank and auto bailouts and will vote for more if he is re-elected.

Rich Pezzullo believes the federal government role in education has been an overall negative and strongly opposes the Common Core curriculum standards and other attempts by Washington DC to regulate and control our local public schools. He considers Federal meddling in classroom instruction as a yoke on teachers, forcing them to train rather than educate.  He is a strong supporter of school voucher and tax credit ideas that put parents in charge of their children’s education. Cory Booker opposes vouchers and tax credits and will support Common Core.


Rich supports the individual right to keep and bear arms and opposes new federal gun control laws. Cory Booker not only supports President Obama’s gun control proposals, but thinks they should go further. He has earned an AQ rating from the National Rifle Association, the highest rating that a candidate that does not hold public office can receive 

Rich is pro-life, opposes using tax dollars to pay for abortions and believes that sensible regulations on service providers, not unlike those placed on other medical professionals, including parental notification and informed consent, are in the best interest of the patients.  Cory Booker supports unrestricted abortion for any reason at all, up to, and including the day of delivery, and funded by taxpayers.

As the great-grandson of immigrants from Italy and Ireland who came legally to this country, Rich opposes proposals to give amnesty and eventually citizenship to as many as eleven million illegal aliens. He believes we would be better served if we used a system where immigrants were sponsored, and did not become a drain on taxpayers, and wants to make English our official language. Rich believes that the border should be secured and the executive branch should be held accountable for every day that the security is not in place.  Cory Booker supports amnesty for illegal aliens, welfare for non-citizens and will oppose making English our official language

Rich has been a long-time advocate for keeping energy costs low by opposing the radical “Green” agenda that’s driving electric and gasoline prices through the roof. He rejects the notion that Americans should have to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year to fight alleged “Global Warming.” Cory Booker endorses Cap and Trade Energy Taxes to fund speculative wind and solar power schemes.


There’s a difference between Pezzullo and my brother – Big Brother loves green energy.  He loves anything that will save money, no matter the cost in the long run.

Rich supports a strong national defense but opposes the notion that the United States should become the world’s policeman. As U.S. Senator, Rich Pezzullo will oppose UN treaties that take away our national sovereignty and oppose all efforts to make American troops serve under international agencies. Cory Booker has endorsed various U.N. treaties that would harm America’s ability to defend ourselves.


These statements were all taken directly from Pezzullo’s website.  You can read the rest of them for yourselves:  Pezzullo for U.S. Senate.


If there’s one good reason for choosing Pezzullo from amongst the others (and all good candidates except Goldberg), it’s his language on his website:  on every issue, he compares his stance with Booker’s.


That means he’s willing to take Booker head on in the race, not dance around him or dither and dally about how he doesn’t want to be “mean” or “hateful,” fearing to risk the wrath of the dreaded Independents.  He calls Booker out on his record and that’s the kind of Conservative U.S. Senator New Jersey has needed for a long time.


Tomorrow, this blog endorses Pelluzzo for U .S. Senate from New Jersey.


Good luck to all our Conservative candidates.



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Van Glahn for Congress, 11th District, N.J.

U.S. Congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen (11th Distr., NJ – R) was invited to the Lincoln Park Republican Club’s Candidate Forum last week.  However, he did not show up.  Nor did any of his representatives.


But challenger Rick Van Glahn did.  So did the Wisconsin Glacier, also known as the Laurentide Ice Sheet, which made a flood plain of Lincoln Park and all the other low-lying communities in Northern New Jersey.  The New Jersey Democrats have made an economic wasteland of New Jersey, leaving hundreds, if not thousands, of abandoned businesses and underwater mortgages.


That’s another story, though.


Van Glahn stated that although Frelinghuysen has lately taken up the Conservative standard, he’s long prided himself on being a moderate.  I can attest to this first-hand, having had many conversations with him when he made legislative visits to my company, when I was the company photographer.


Frelinghuysen, while a nice man, was first and foremost concerned with his committee positions.  At the time, Nancy Pelosi was the Speaker of the House and controlled who sat on what committees.  He said that the committees were where the power was.


He may have been right, in fact.  That’s not where the power should be but in all likelihood where it is.  The power is supposed to be with the people.  When a politician becomes too inured, or frightened of, the power within the Capitol and not with the power of the people (except at election time), it’s time to replace that legislator.


His campaign literature states that he’s voted over 40 times to repeal Obamacare and that he favors the sale of health (and other insurance) across state lines.  I’ve listened to him personally make this promise to insurance executives, although with a caveat.


“Be careful what you wish for,” he warned them.  He said that if they thought the state regulations were onerous, federal government mandates would be far worse.


That’s just to be fair to Frelinghuysen.


Van Glahn came to the Candidate Forum prepared with statistics.


“Rodney Frelinghuysen considers himself a moderate.  His voting record, according to The Freedom Index, ranked him as a 35 percent Constitutional Republican.  In comparison, California Congresswoman Maxine Waters, a Democrat, ranked at 40 percent.  Frelinghuysen spent more time voting in favor of the other party and against the Constitution than Waters did,” he asserted.


A local resident disputed Van Glahn’s statistics, claiming that the numbers were wrong and that Waters stood at 15 percent and Frelinghuysen at 45.  He alleged that Van Glahn was lying to the audience; however, the resident was citing the Heritage Action Scorecard, not the Freedom Index.


The Freedom Index, published in the Jan. 6, 2014 issue of The New American magazine, which Van Glahn had with him at the meeting, listed Frelinghuysen at 35 percent, and Waters at 40 percent.  Taking into account the two sets of voting statistics the magazine presented, combined, Frelinghuysen’s Constitutional score was even lower – 27.5 percent – and Waters’ was 45 percent.


The statistics on the New American Freedom Index website show Frelinghuysen at 40 percent and Waters at 27 percent. 


The Freedom Index is a Congressional scorecard based on the U.S. Constitution rates congressmen based on their adherence to constitutional principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility, national sovereignty, and a traditional foreign policy of avoiding foreign entanglements.


The percentages listed on the website are cumulative scores based on key votes from 1999 through 2013.   The scorecard results Van Glahn cited were for the 113th Congress (the Congress currently in session) as of January of this year.


The Heritage Action Scorecard measures votes, co-sponsorships, and other legislative activity to show how conservative Members of Congress are.


“If I’m elected, my Constitutional score will not go up and down the thermometer as the political climate dictates,” Van Glahn said.  “I will remain committed to the Constitution and my constituents.”


A believer in term limits, Van Glahn vowed that he would serve no longer than six years.


“I signed a statement vowing that I would not stay in Congress more than six years.  This is a job that anyone can do,” Van Glahn stated.  “This is not brain surgery.  People have been convinced that only professionals, career politicians, can do this job; that common people can’t understand the issues.


Frelinghuysen – and his family – have been in politics a long time.  I still remember when he was a member of the Morris County Board of Chosen Freeholders.  Or Board of Frozen Cheeseholders, as my mother (who was driving the freeholders on a bus tour of the county) blundered.


Van Glahn has his work cut out for him.  Frelinghuysen is a long-time career politician with the funds of a family fortune (his mother was a Procter, as in Procter & Gamble) at his disposal.  He’s also been a familiar face in the community and served in Vietnam as an engineer.


Frelinghuysen has every credential but one – despite what his literature states, he is no Conservative.  As southeastern Morris County has become more liberal and Democratic, so has he.  While it may true that he’s against Obamacare, he’s in favor of amnesty for illegal immigrants, something that certainly didn’t sit well with the residents of Lincoln Park who attended the Candidates Forum.


If Van Glahn hadn’t been shouted down, they would have discovered that enforcement of the existing immigration laws is on his platform.  Which should make him a very popular man among the silent majority of Northern New Jersey Conservatives.


He also endorses the complete repeal of Obamacare, reducing government spending and deficits to spur economic growth and job opportunities, which would fill up all those empty box stores which so worried the Lincoln Park residents.  He also believes in term limits.


A believer in term limits, Van Glahn vowed that he would serve no longer than six years.


“I signed a statement vowing that I would not stay in Congress more than six years.  This is a job that anyone can do,” Van Glahn stated.  “This is not brain surgery.  People have been convinced that only professionals, career politicians, can do this job; that common people can’t understand the issues.”


The common people understand the issues all too well.  In this area (and not just in Lincoln Park), they understand the problem every time they walk down the street and see the growing pile of refuse and cast-off heroin needles and packets.  They understand every time their children come home with unsolvable math homework problems and communist literature as reading assignments.


They understand the issues.  They just don’t know what to do about them or who they can trust in Congress – or the state capitol, for that matter – who will address them.  Obviously, it’s not Mr. Frelinghuysen or the Republican Party, as it exists at this moment.  It hasn’t been for some time.


They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over, hoping for a different result.  We’ve sent Mr. Frelinghuysen to represent the 11th District for over 19 years.  The result has been an influx of illegal immigrants who are changing our landscape, our schools, and our country.


We may not be as familiar with Mr. Van Glahn as we are with Mr. Frelinghuysen.  We just can’t settle for saying, “Oh yeah, I recognize that guy; I’ll vote for him.”  Frelinghuysen’s campaign literature sticks to only one issue – Obamacare – for a reason; that’s just about the only issue, other than our veterans, on which he takes a Conservative stance.


Give Van Glahn a turn at representing us.  We’ve got nothing to lose, after 19 years.  We could get used to a Congressman who not only favors repeal of Obamacare but believes in the U.S. Constitution.


Can he single-handedly turn the economy around?  Probably not.  That’s a problem we have in our state capitol.  Maybe we can persuade more committed, constitutional conservatives to run for those offices.  If they see that Van Glahn is successful tomorrow, and in November, they just might consider running.








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