Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl: How To Make Us Forget About Benghazi

Obama had a dilemma.  Hillary Clinton, the presumptive candidate for the 2016 Democrat nomination for president, is in trouble.  Not only was she Secretary of State during the Benghazi debacle, but Obama held secret meetings with her to discuss deflective strategies.


While the presidential election is still two years away, if Congress is able to press any charges against her, her bid for the presidency will be finished.


What to do?  Whatever it is, it would have to be so outrageous, so flagrantly treacherous, so stupendously objectionable that no one in the media could possibly ignore it.


So, Obama made a secret deal with the Taliban, without the advice or consent of Congress, to a “prisoner” exchange of an American soldier who consciously deserted his post in Afghanistan in 2009 for five high-ranking Guantanamo detainees, all high-level Taliban officials captured in 2001 when the United States went to Afghanistan to seize Osama Bin Laden.


Monday’s Wall Street Journal detailed just how highly valued the five Talibanees are – and how dangerous:


“Khairulah Khairkhwa:  Minister of Interior in the Taliban government overthrown in 2001.  Was Taliban’s liaison to al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, according to a 2008 Pentagon Assessment?


Noorullah Noori:  Senior Taliban military commander in northern Maza-e Sharif province during the U.S.-led invasion of Afghanistan in 2001.  Was directly subordinate to Taliban supreme leader Mullah Mohammad Omar.


Abdul Haq Wasiq:  Deputy Minister of intelligence in the Taliban government.  A U.S. assessment described him as ‘central to the Taliban’s efforts to form alliances with other Islamic fundamentalist groups to fight alongside the Taliban.’  Was arrested in November 2001 while meting American operatives after he agreed to locate the Taliban supreme leader.


Mohammed Faz:  Former deputy defense minister.  The United Nation has accused Fazi of complicity in the murder of thousands of Shiite Muslim civilians during his tenure as Taliban army chief.  Captured while fighting the Northern Alliance, the Afghan militia that fought with the U.S. after the Sept. 11th attacks.


Mohammed Nabi Omari:  The 2008 assessment said Omari was involved in a joint al Qaeda-Taliban cell in Khost, and determined that he was a high risk and ‘of intelligence value.’  Omari denied being a Taliban member throughout his detention and maintained he was a CIA informant in the months after the Sept. 11th attacks.”


The release of these terrorists sends a message of weakness to the terrorist world.  America can be bought.  Far from improving relations with the Taliban – a dubious goal, at best – this craven demonstration will only encourage more kidnappings and make the situation for our soldiers in the Middle East, as well as those who must do business there, all the more perilous.


If that wasn’t bad enough, at least 14 soldiers were killed trying to rescue this deserter, Sgt. Bergdahl.  Many of his associates have testified on radio and television that he knowingly deserted his post, held anti-American sentiments, and regarded the U.S. Army as a tourist agency, lending him the ability to visit remote and (to him) exotic locales and cultures.


His father praised his son – in fluent Arabic – stating that his son no longer even knows how to speak English.  Despite calls to court-martial Bergdahl, Obama is considering releasing him once he leaves the U.S. base in Germany.


Obama once again demonstrated his penchant for flouting the Constitution and Congress, which was supposed to have 30 days’ notice of this “prisoner” exchange.  According to the WSJ, Congress passed a law making prisoner exchanges more difficult.  He put a number of soldiers in harm’s way to gain this traitor’s release and freed some of the world’s most dangerous terrorists to once again inflict death and terror in that part of the world.


Current reports indicate that far from being a prisoner, Bergdahl gave his “captors” instructions in the latest weaponry and bomb-making techniques.  Bunk mates said he deliberately abandoned his post and criticized America’s “interference” in Afghanistan and the Arab world.


The result of this “prisoner exchange” is that five top Taliban terrorists are now free, being granted leave to live under house arrest in Qatar for one year after which they will no longer be detained.  Fourteen more U.S. soldiers have died, unnecessarily, for a traitor who gave aid to the enemy and basically renounced his own country.


Obama once again did an end-run around Congress, further sealing his legacy as an imperial president.  And Benghazi, and all that that scandal tells us about Hillary Clinton’s qualifications to be President of the United States, has been swept under an already-bulging rug.


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