Bergdahl Not the Only Traitor

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is a hero – to Obama.  The treacherous former “POW” who, it turns out, was a deserter who gave precise information to the Taliban about the camp from which he went AWOL causing numerous deaths, provided Obama with just the excuse he needed to empty Guantanamo Prison of its highest-ranking, most notorious Taliban prisoners.


Congratulations, Sgt. Bergdahl.  And congratulations to all those guilt-ridden voters who thought voting for Obama back in 2008 would absolve them of their white guilt and put our country on a better path to the future.


Just how much more evidence do people need to be convinced?  Of course twenty-twenty hindsight can be very satisfying, if not exactly useful.  There is now talk of impeaching Obama for this latest treasonous act, not giving Congress 30 days’ notice of his intention to release dangerous, terrorist prisoners, flouting an act which was to prevent him from doing precisely what he did.


Obama cited Bergdahl’s health as the reason for the ‘prisoner exchange’.  Bergdahl looked pretty robust on the video show his release.  Too bad the veterans Obama’s VA allowed to perish while waiting on line to wait on line for care couldn’t have bounded out of their hospitals and into waiting helicopters to whisk them home to fame and fortune.


Too bad New Jerseyans didn’t come out in greater numbers to vote for Richard Pelluzzo for Senate or Rick Van Glahn in the 11th District for Congress.  We might have stood a better chance of impeaching Obama then.  Pelluzzo lost in an extremely close race.  Are you proud of yourselves, you voters who couldn’t be bothered? 


While Jeff Bell is an admirable Conservative and would make a good candidate, the only weapon that will help him win is outing Booker and all his dirty deeds.  Pelluzzo had age on his side and a strong voice.  Why so pessimistic?  Well, because you same idiots who couldn’t bother voting for a younger candidate who lacked enough experience and name recognition to satisfy you yesterday will sneer at the aging Mr. Bell and not bother to vote in November, either.  That is my prediction.


But you made that softball or Little League game, didn’t you?  Obama can go right on flouting the Constitution, weakening the balance of powers, hailing terrorist traitors in the Rose Garden, and releasing Captains of Terrorism back to their Middle East haunts.  As long as you’re home in time for dinner, don’t have to get out of your cars, don’t have to google the candidates to find out where they stand, what do you care?


You lazy jerks.  Maybe we need to create drive-through polling places for you and offer you free Starbucks coffee.  Maybe then you’ll pay attention.


Thank you very much for saddling us with this traitorous emperor-in-disguise-as-president.  You needn’t worry about missing many more elections.  Since you didn’t bother to vote in the primaries, allowing the same people to go on holding office, there’s no one else with experience to run for office (you knuckle-dragging numbskulls).  Eventually, that’s going to mean only one party will be ruling the country.  Then we’ll all be singing kumbaya to the tune of “The Nationale.”  You won’t have to worry anymore about all that petty bickering that you find so annoying.  You won’t have to look up anyone’s credentials for office.  You won’t have to listen to any more campaign ads.


You won’t have to worry about getting out of your car to vote.  That’s because you won’t have cars, anymore, you nitwits!  The one-party, one-world United Nations system that will bring you all this “peace and quiet” will outlaw your automobiles.  Then they’ll make it very easy for you to vote for the only candidates running.  They’ll frog-march you, in fact, to the polling booth at your nearest transit station.


And you’ll deserve it.  You cowardly traitors.








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