D-Day Plus 70

How ironic that on the 70th Anniversary of the D-Day Invasion, Obama should finally and magnanimously honor the ceremonies with is presence, an event our traitor-in-chief has refused to attend in the past.

What a wonderful change scandals, all in a row like little soldiers – Benghazi, the Veterans Administration scandal, the backfiring of the “prisoner exchange” – can make in our arrogant leader.

Of course, he wasn’t really there for D-Day.  He just happened to be in the vicinity, according to yesterday’s Wall Street Journal “to convene a Group of Seven Summit in Brussels, a forum intended to exclude Russian President Vladimir Putin from the table of world leaders.”

France couldn’t very well exclude Putin from today’s D-Day commemoration, since 20 million Russians died in World War II to rid Europe of the noxious Nazis.  Reports say that Putin and Obama exchanged no words during the ceremony, an exchange would have been highly inappropriate.  The attention was supposed to be on honoring those who sacrificed their lives to defeat a tyrannical dictator 70 years ago, not watch the plottings of two current dictators who are endeavoring not to be caught off-mic again hatching their schemes (‘Tell Vlad I’ll have more flexibility after the election.’).

During the ceremonies French President Hollande looked grave.  Queen Elizabeth scowled at the camera during a presentation in which she was shown during World War II serving as a mechanic in the British Army, when she was young Princess Elizabeth.  Obama chomped on his chewing gum, looking bored and annoyed.

Later, our anti-colonialist emperor was seen yukking it up with Elizabeth II.  For all her regard for Winston Churchill, her first prime minister, it doesn’t seem to bother Queen Elizabeth that she was joking with a man who sent Churchill’s bust – a gift from Great Britain to America for its assistance in WWII – back to England.  As for Putin, he squirmed in his chair, glancing nervously from side to side.

Was he wondering whether people realized that an amphibious invasion of the D-Day type was precisely what he had in mind in buying two amphibious warships from France, a country that ought to know better, given the history of the Normandy beaches?  But that was a different sort of invasion, one meant to destroy tyranny, not help build an armada for one.

The WSJ reported yesterday that, “the U.S. and other allies have called on the government of Pres. Francois Hollande to cancel the contract, arguing the [amphibious assault] ships will significantly enhance the Russian naval power at a time when the Ukrainian crisis has raised tensions with the Kremlin to their highest levels since the Cold War.”

“The French warship plugs a cruccial gap in Russia’s armed forces.   Moscow boasts one of the world’s largest armies and a formidable air force.  But Russia’s Black Sea Fleet lacks an amphibious vessel like The Mistral capable of launching a land invasion.  That weakness deprived Moscow of a crucial knockout punch in 2008 when Russian troops invaded Georgia but never managed to dominate the former Soviet country’s shoreline forcing a stalemate.

“A ship like that would have allowed the Black Sea Fleet to accomplish its mission in 40 minutes,” Russian Navy Adm. Vladimir Zysotkiy said at the time.

“The proposal to sell France’s prized warship to Russia grew out of the Georgian conflict.

“By offering to sell Russia The Mistral, Mr. Sarkozy aimed to persuade the Russians that NATO was no longer an enemy.

“Georgian Pres. Mikhail Saakashzili flew to Paris to protest the sale.  But Mr. Sarkozy brushed aside his complaints during a tense meeting in the Elysee Palace, according to a French official.

“’Look, Mikhail, Russia is not going to invade Georgia with this boat,’” Mr. Sarkozy said, according to the official.

Well, what exactly does Putin intend to do with them, then?  Go water-skiing?

Each vessel can carry 13 tanks or 110 armored personnel carriers or 16 helicopters or

450 troops.  If no tanks are aboard, which are heavy, the number of personnel carriers would limit what else the ship could carry.

These amphibious warships are capable of carrying out a serious landing on a beach. They don’t need a port to perform a landing.  That’s why it’s so dangerous.  This is stuff that Russia is buying because they don’t have the research and development capability to build them.

But why?

As for Obama, his begrudging attendance of the ceremonies was ironic.  Real soldiers, some as young as 15, died on those beaches 70 years ago.  The elderly men at the ceremonies are the remaining survivors of that battle, the largest armada ever launched in the history of the world.  Obama’s administration allowed their comrades-in-arms to die on a waiting list to get on a waiting list for care.

Obama will find no absolution on the Normandy beaches, and as he has plainly stated, he doesn’t care.  He’s determined to welcome home a deserter and likely traitor to our troops in Afghanistan and our national security.  In exchange for a traitor, our traitor-in-chief released five highly dangerous, known terrorists, the very leadership of the Taliban.  Qatar, where they have been sent, will not hold them prisoner and will not guarantee that they will not be returned to Afghanistan.

To think, all those young men (there were no women, other than possibly nurses, on the beaches during the landings) who died or were injured on D-Day, sacrificed themselves for a man who doesn’t care about the United States, its Constitution, its Congressional and Senatorial representatives, the rule of law, or freedom.

Hail to the traitor-in-chief.

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