Anything Can Happen, If You Let It

I’d been listening to the Glenn Beck Radio Program on my television this morning. He seemed to be groveling to some West Side Liberal from Manhattan.

“Oh we disagree on policy but we agree on the goal [when it comes to the poor],” Beck slavered to this slimy West Sider. Or something like that; it’s not an exact quote. But his compromising was enough to make me want to gag. When will he understand that it’s not a matter of being “liked” but by whom you’re liked? The same guy suckering him in now will rob him in a year or two of his right to practice his religion.

So I switched channels to Cablevision’s radio programming, Stage and Screen to be precise. I haven’t seen the new stage version of Mary Poppins so I’m not familiar with any of its numbers. However, this Mary Poppins sang a catchy tune called, “Anything Can Happen If You Let It” in a voice uncannily similar to Julie Andrews.

Anyway, it seemed an appropriate title for our times. For all those Americans blind to what’s happening in our United States of America – the invasion of illegal aliens (and the one-party system that is certain to follow), the destruction of our capitalist economy, the complete corruption of our culture, the degenerate immorality, the acceptance of gay marriage, the propagation of abortion, our dwindling freedom of speech, the disarming, literally, of America, both in terms of gun ownership and our military capability, the betraying of our allies, our grasping friendship with terrorist states and dictatorships, the eventual destruction of property ownership, the legalization of drugs, and the brainwashing of our children – well, anything can happen if you let it.

I’ve predicted before that by 2016 – 2020 at the latest – there will be no more United States of America. We who had been watching to news rather than American Idol knew this was coming. We tried to warn you fools but you wouldn’t listen. You couldn’t believe it or didn’t want to. Because of his magic melanin, you didn’t want to believe or at least admit publicly that Obama was evil. Yes, evil. A traitor.

You boiled frogs thought that his promise of a transformed America would be a good thing. How could you say it wouldn’t be, since he was black? Never mind that his biography, Dreams of My Father, is a complete, modern Communist manifesto, replete with diatribes on his hatred of American “imperialism,” colonialism, and white suburbia.

He’s on the brink, today’s reports state, of signing an amnesty bill that will allow the parents of the poor destitute “children” (some with graying hair and beards) to join them as they overthrow our federal republic. The crooked politicians in my town have posted signs in the past welcoming them to the voting booth, vowing that no identity will be required.

This is only the latest influx of Hispanics (of numerous varieties) to be ushered into the nation. The first Hispanics arrived in the 1960s, at the invitation of Sen. Ted Kennedy and Pres. Lyndon Johnson. Then, in the 1990s, Pres. Bill Clinton drastically reduced the number of ICE agents, especially on the border (did you forget), leading to an inundation of our sleepy little New Jersey suburbs.

Butler, once a safe town, was overridden by Mexican drug dealers and welfare recipients. Where you could once walk the streets in complete safety, by the end of the 1990s, a woman had to worry even driving her car at night.

Since 2000, the Hispanic population in our area has doubled. The NJASK scores have plummeted by an average of 20 percent in our area. A combination, I suspect of illegal, illiterate alien children and a plan to “narrow the achievement gap” by the Communists through Common Core. Just wait until you see the scores. That’s what I’ve been working on. That’s why I haven’t published any posts. I haven’t given up. I’m just busy crunching the numbers. My editor always said if you want to convince people of the facts, show them the numbers.

Of course, it will probably be too late by then. There’s talk of impeaching Obama but that’s certainly not going to happen. Impeach a black president? Please. You’re talking about the same idiots who voted for him. Even when they see the United Nations flag flying over their children’s schools, the post office, and the police station, and they gape at it in drug-addled confoundment, wondering what happened to the American flag, someone will tell them that this is much more just, fairer, better. They won’t have to worry about anymore elections, which were just a nuisance anyway. The Communist government will take care of everything. Don’t worry about it.

And then the deranged will just shrug and shuffle away, scoffing at the angry protestors as crazy. Politics? They just can’t be bothered. We mustn’t bother them while they’re not thinking.

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