St. Louis Blues, Blacks and Browns

Black activists are quite skilled at putting up smoke screens, especially in high-profile incidents like a white cop shooting a black teenager.


We heard many stories out of the St. Louis, Mo., suburb of Ferguson, just northwest of the city.  Ferguson is what is known as a first-ring suburb.  The white population fled decades earlier as the black population grew, along with the crime and drug rates.


Brown was ordered off the sidewalk!  Off, mind you, not onto the sidewalk.  Only days later, after nights of rioting and looting, in which a convenience store was ransacked and then burnt down, and other businesses, both black and white-owned were robbed, did we learn the truth:  the six foot four Michael Brown was walking in the middle of the road, blocking traffic, when the white police officer ordered him to get up on the sidewalk.


Then, according to the black witnesses, the white cop got out of his car and shot Brown to death, while he was kneeling with his hands up.




Let’s back up a little bit.  According to other testimony, including blacks on the scene heard through someone else’s cell phone, first Brown rammed the officer back into his patrol vehicle as he was trying to get out to order Brown back on the sidewalk.  There was a struggle for his gun, with Brown evidently on top of the police officer, and the gun went off.


Brown got out of the vehicle and ran, along with his “companion” (we’re not allowed to say “accomplice”).  The police officer, his weapon drawn, ordered Brown to stop.  Brown stopped and turned around.  But instead of complying with the officer’s order to get down on the ground with his hands in the air, he charged the white police officer, at which time the officer fired what one presumes to be the final, and fatal, shots.


Missouri’s governor, a Democrat, ordered the state police to take over the investigation, the head of which was a black man.  He assured the Ferguson rioters that there would be justice so long as they stopped the violence and looting.


But then, in addition to the cell phone testimony, Ferguson police released the name of the officer, as ordered by the state police.  In addition, they released a video implicating Brown in a convenience store robbery.  They were quick to add that the police officer who shot Brown knew nothing of the robbery.  However, the box of cigars Brown had robbed were on his person at the time of the shooting.


So much for the rioters’ insistence that the robber wasn’t Brown.  In the video, Brown is seen intimidating the diminutive Indian store owner who tried to stop him.  The “Gentle Giant” indeed.  No wonder the state police took the Ferguson police off of the investigation and tried to suppress the evidence.


The prophetic National Review writer, Kevin D. Williams, in the August 11th edition of the magazine, wrote the feature article “Where the Sidewalk Ends.”  The article describes the decaying condition of Illinois’ cities from Chicago to East St. Louis.  East St. Louis is, Williams writes, where the sidewalk ends.


“East St. Louis calls to mind any number of locales – Detroit, Calcutta, Monrovia – none of which you’d want on the poster for your re-election campaign.


“East St. Louis, in fact, has a strangely rural feel to it, owing to the fact that the abandoned homes, vacant lots, and public spaces have been allowed to become so unkempt and overgrown that as you drive through sections of the city’s center [that] tall, verdant walls of foliage press upon your car on either side, sometimes nearly meeting canopy-like overhead, giving the urban streets the feeling of a country lane.  What really bakes your noodle is realizing that behind those Amazonian clusters of weeds and wilderness that have encroached on the asphalt are, maybe ten or twelve feet back on either side, sidewalks, or the ruins of sidewalks and, behind them, the remains of houses and other buildings, some of them long vacant, some of them burned, their husks left standing where they are – and some of them occupied.”


“The encroaching vegetation leaves the motorist with no option but to drive in the middle of the street.  Unfortunately, the pedestrians are left with only the same option and two women make their way slowly down the street, glaring at my oncoming car like Davy Crocket staring down a bear.  When the vegetation recedes, exposing the underlying blight, it is shocking:  Even the Planned Parenthood building is barred up and the state department of human services is surrounded by barbed wire…”


Williams states that East St. Louis is 98 percent African-American.  “…the only people I see doing anything like legitimate productive semi-private work are white guys in pickup trucks…who are out working on streetlights.  Half of the working-age adults in East St. Louis do not work, about half of the city’s residents receive a welfare payment of some sort, 60 percent of households earn less than $25,000 a year – and 30 percent earn less than $10,000 a year.”


“I take a turn down Barack Obama Avenue, which looks exactly as it should, and head out of town.”


Williams’ assignment was the state of Illinois, but across the Mississippi River, things aren’t much better (to reach Ferguson from East St. Louis, you would have to cross the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Bridge).  Somewhere between the Martin Luther King Boulevards and Bridges, and now the Obama Avenues and Schools, and the country club flags on the outer fringes of cities, lives the Middle Class.


In Missouri, it’s still a long ride along Interstate 70 from St. Louis in the east to Kansas City in the west.  In the same way, eventually Philadelphia and Pittsburgh will meet in the center as one, huge megalopolis of garbage, drugs and crime, where future developers will build more Martin Luther King Jr. and Barack Hussein Obama bridges, avenues and schools, and dedicate fewer roads, bridges and schools to George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan.


The vandals knew how to terrorize the feckless, ancient Romans into surrender.  Today’s thugs refuse to learn anything about civilization, especially Western, or its history, but it seems they’ve paid heed to the lessons of Attila the Hun and Genghis Khan.


They dare us to call them liars or thieves, even when their most recent martyr is seen brazenly robbing a convenience store and muscling its owner.  In the same, menacing way, they riot, loot and pillage for days on end and then think they can “muscle” us into some admission of white guilt.  Indeed, with a black official heading up the state police force, it’s hard not for the Ferguson Police Department to grovel.  Missouri’s governor (who’s white) must find this very gratifying.


The rioters insist that the white “power structure” is to blame.  Considering the condition of Ferguson and its larger neighbor across the river, just what sort of “power structure” do they think would work?  They’re already living on taxpayers’ money.  No one fears living amongst them because of some racial hatred; people flee them because they’re thugs.


They don’t want or need to be “protected” by the U.S. Constitution; they’re already protected by the 1965 Civil Rights Act, which deems it a crime to verbally criticize a minority race.  Therefore, they may break any “white” law with impunity.  They can rob convenience stores, shake-down business owners, reap the benefits of welfare, sell drugs, and walk down the middle of the street, causing a traffic jam and who’s to stop them?  Let the white cops shoot them and the collective urban jungle will send out the call of “police brutality” to make war on civilization.


‘Why do the police have to have military gear?’ our pundits ask, quivering behind their neon news desks, wearing expensive suits and dresses, drinking Perrier and making plans for dinner after the newscast.


Take a ride down the Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in any major city – after dark – and you’ll find out for yourself why the police must be armed so heavily.







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