Obama’s Non-Strategy for ISIS

Two American journalists have been beheaded.  Eleven commercial airliners have been stolen from the airport in Tripoli, Libya.  ISIS stormed the abandoned U.S. Embassy in Tripoli and threw a pool party.


Summer is over, “Mr. Obama,” and you’re the President of the United States of Abdication.


Now that you’ve played your last round of golf for the summer, do you think you could come up with a strategy before we celebrate yet another new 9/11 anniversary?  If you’ll remember, the consulate annex in Tripoli was attacked on 9/11/2012.  The Islamic terrorists gave full warning that they were going to “celebrate” the 9/11 anniversary back in 2012.


So what did you do?  After it happened, you made a brief statement in the Rose Garden about some stupid cartoon video then jetted off for Vegas.  In Congressional hearings, your then-Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, asked, “What difference does it make?”


You “promised” you would get our soldiers out of Iraq and you did.  Only, you forgot to bring back our military equipment.  The Pentagon conveniently left it behind, claiming that it was too expensive to repatriate your Abrams tanks.  Now ISIS is joy-riding around in them and using our artillery in their wars against the governments of Iraq and Syria.


Belatedly, you vowed to respond to these attacks by ISIS, meaning more military expenses and more dead Americans, the very thing you promised wouldn’t happen.  If you’d done your job right the first time, and actually made sure we’d won in Iraq before leaving, these actions wouldn’t be necessary.


Now there are eleven commercial airliners missing.  Initially, the number was 12, but evidently when some journalists with better memories realized that was the same number of jetliners Khalid Sheikh Mohammed had intended to use on 9/11, the number was changed.  By the way, what’s the news on his trial? Never mind.


No matter the number of airliners.  Eleven would be a satisfying number to ISIS.  Your vows to be more aggressive with ISIS is like closing the barn door after the camel has gotten out.  You’ve managed to do everything wrong, in every way, and not just regarding foreign policy, either.   After six years in office,  it’s become mighty difficult to believe your “mistakes” (not that you ever admit to making any, and that’s because they actually aren’t mistakes, but deliberate, conscious acts of treason) are the result of inexperience, bad luck, or even incompetence.  You have a “strategy” all right; it’s just not the strategy a President of the United States who loves his country and wants to defend freedom would employ.


You have managed to remember that next Thursday is September 11th, we hope?  We know 13 years is ancient history to you and your progressive/liberal minions.  If hadn’t been bad manners even for the likes of you to cheer on the fact that approximately 2,700 “Capitalists” died when the Twin Towers of Capitalism were brought down, you would be hailing 9/11 as a victory.


You can’t exactly do that, though, can you?  The best your Democrat lackeys – with Hillary in the lead – could manage was getting former Pres. George W. Bush banned from Ground Zero, even though he had no hand in the 9/11 attacks (and I’m probably the one person in the world who can say that with total confidence, so don’t try me).


Thanks to your hand in destabilizing Libya, the Islamic group ISIS now has their very own fleet of airliners.  That means they don’t have to hijack anyone else’s.  They don’t need fake drivers’ licenses. They don’t have to box-cutter any hapless stewardesses or knife any pilots.  They don’t need to politically-correct their way through U.S. customs or security.


God only knows what cargo they’ll be carrying on these flights.  How many people are going to die this 9/11, Mr. “President”?  And if it happens (God forbid), are you, or your Secretary of State, going to ask us what difference it makes?


A friend of ours sent their daughter here to New York City to go to college.  He’s the type of guy who knows people.  I hope he’s talking to those people (and I hope they’re listening).  If anything is up (like the threat level) I hope he lets us know by Wednesday so we have time to get her back out of the city before the river crossings are closed (or blown up).  He hasn’t been here in years so he might not remember our prevailing winds are westerly (which puts the progeny in the wrong place if it’s the wrong time).  Big Brother will scoff and Little Brother just lost his driver’s license, so I’m your man, Dad.   Just say the word and I’ll be on the road. 


Nobody believed 9/11/01 would happen.  No one believed 9/11/12 would happen.  No one believed Obama was going to be not only a bad president, but a bad dude who hates America.  Really, people.  He hates our country.  It’s not that he loves America and that he just has a different idea about America, as D’nesh D’Souza suggests in his book (much as I’ve loved reading it, so far).


No way.  There’s only one America.  There’s only ever been one America.  That America stands for freedom, liberty, free trade, pursuit of happiness, freedom of speech, freedom to defend ourselves, freedom to worship as we please, and legal justice (not social justice, which means equal outcomes) for all.


That’s not what Obama stands for and if he doesn’t stand for those things, then he doesn’t stand for the United States of America and there is no argument that can be twisted that will prove that he does.


You have seven days to wake up America, and that’s probably seven days already too late.  If you live in the New York City metropolitan area, you already know the drill from 9/11/2001.  Get those emergency kits ready for whatever side of the rivers (Hudson or East) you’re stuck on.  If you know you’re going to be stuck on the Long Island side, make those motel reservations now.  Figure on central L.I.


If you know you’re going to be in Manhattan next Thursday – for goodness’ sake, reschedule your calendar.


As for you denizens of other cities, you people in Washington, D.C., Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco probably have the most to worry about (Chicago, because it has the tallest tower in the U.S.; Los Angeles, because you send nude pictures of one another out into the ether; San Francisco, well, you must know what Muslims think of you by now; and D.C.  Actually, I have no sympathy for you whatsoever – go to work on 9/11, by all means).  Work from home that day and have your generators ready.  When Mohammed Atta & Company attacked Lower Manhattan in 2001, that area was without power for a considerable length of time.  Which means you’re going to need back-up power for your laptops; your laptop batteries are only good for about four hours.


Let’s see what happens.


And the next time you yahoos have a chance to vote in a primary – if you ever have another chance – please do the rest of us a favor, and vote.  Or move to Russia, where it really doesn’t matter.


Vlad will be glad to introduce you to Communism, you lazy lumps of larder.  That is, if Obama doesn’t beat him to it.  But what do you care?


Happy 9/11 – and good luck.














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