Operation Epidemic

Why, in defiance of all common sense, has Obama ordered 3,000 National Guard troops to Western Africa to “fight” the ebola epidemic there? According to the AFP,  “President Barack Obama will try to ‘turn the tide’ on the Ebola epidemic Tuesday by ordering 3,000 U.S. military personnel to west Africa to curtail its spread as China also dispatched more experts to the region.

The outbreak has already killed 2,400 people. The Ebola epidemic, which spread through Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea before reaching Nigeria, is out of control. A separate strain of the disease has appeared in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Most of the U.S. effort, which will draw heavily on its military medical corps, will be concentrated in impoverished Liberia — the worst hit nation — with plans to build 17 Ebola treatment centers with 100 beds in each.

If that’s the case, why is our Traitor-in-Chief still allowing residents from those countries to enter the United States? In fact, the Democrats claim that any travel ban would be constituted as “racist.”

What’s it really all about? While ebola is a devastating disease – read Tom Clancy’s detailed account in his ironically titled 1996 novel, Executive Orders.  Yes, that long ago.

“She [Sister M. Jean-Baptiste, a Belgian nun] knew what to be wary of. You could not be a health care professional in Africa and not be careful if you wanted to live.”

The sister is caring for a young African patient in Zaire. The boy is diagnosed with cerebral malaria – high, spiking fever, vomiting, diarrhea, convulsions.  The nurse notices a bandage on his hand that needs to be changed.  He seems to have been bitten by a monkey.

She knows she should take the proper precautions before treating him. But she’s 60 and stiff in the joints.  She doesn’t want to have to take the walk across the room where the protective gear is stored.  As she’s changing the dressing, the little boy sneezes blood on her, which she wipes away with the back of her bare hand.

The rest is the history of the 1,300-plus page novel. The scenes of the devastation of the ebola virus are harrowing.  But according to Clancy, who was a thorough researcher, the disease could be spread via airborne droplets.  According to my doctor, it’s not 70 percent fatal; it’s 97 percent fatal.

Still, its spread doesn’t appear to be as quick as the 1918 Spanish flu or the Bubonic Plague – a gift from the Middle East. However, up until now, it has been contained in Africa.  Given that its victims come from poor villages whose inhabitants can scarcely afford a decent house much less airfare for a transoceanic flight, that comes as no surprise.

Now, however, it has hopped the ocean to Europe and the Americas. One day after the State Department issued an evacuation order to relatives of State Department officials in Liberia, Thomas Eric Duncan boarded a flight to Belgium and then transferred to a flight to the United States, landing in Dallas.  He subsequently died there, but not before infecting at least two medical personnel as well as unknown numbers of airline passengers.

Two medical personnel working in western Africa preceded him here. They were cured by a brand-new vaccine created by a private, free enterprise pharmaceutical company.  The cure involves the tobacco plant, of all things.

But instead of sending soldiers to cultivate tobacco plants in North Carolina (Fort Bragg is right there in North Carolina) in order to fight the ebola virus, he’s ordered them to western Africa, where they’re supposed to treat the sick and collect up the bodies, and where they’ll almost certain succumb to the disease.

What is going on in Obama’s Communist brain?

Revenge, that’s what. Revenge for the “invasion” of North America by the European settlers who infected the defenseless natives with smallpox and measles.  On purpose, according to the Progressives.

Well, not so fast, there. The indigenous peoples of New Jersey – known as the Lenni Lenape, or the original people, called the place Scheyichbi. Their tales tell of how they were once animals and lived in caves until the ice receded and they emerged as men.  The Lenape were divided into three tribes.  The Minsi (people of the stony ground) lived in northern New Jersey.

Their brethren, the Una-Achtigo, the seashore Indians, were probably the Indians who watched with curiosity as Verrazzano sailed into what would later be known as New York harbor. They were friendly enough until Verrazzano and his men tried to capture.  Later, when Henry Hudson sailed up the North River (later named after him), the Indians were quite so welcoming.

The Dutch were the first to settle in northern New Jersey. The found the Minsi Indians largely peaceable and friendly, although the notion of “private property” was alien to them.  There were shootings, reprisals, and scalpings.  And sickness.  The Pavonia Massacre began with some Dutch settlers getting a Lenape Indian drunk, then daring him to shoot a man who was thatching his roof.

The resulting massacre appalled both the Indians and the settlers. However, some accounts say that by the 1640s, the Munsi/Pompton Indians were pretty much wiped out by disease and that the Dutch fled the settlements until no one was left.  Or they, too, died of the same diseases.

Revisionists insist that the Lenni Lenape were deliberately sickened by the settlers. The claim is that they were deliberately sold diseased blankets to drive them off the land.  The truth, however, is not quite so politically correct.

The Lenni Lenape were conquered by the more violent Iroquois and Susquehanna tribes. Once they were enslaved, the Susquehanna sold Scheyichbi to the English in the Council of the Six Tribes (at which Benjamin Franklin was present).  The Susquehanna went back home to Pennsylvania to count their wampum and the Lenni Lenape – or what was left of them – were sent to live with other tribes, those that would accept them.

There was a fierce competition between the settlers and the Indians for the numerous beaver, which were hunted almost to extinction. Unable to grasp the concept of private property, the Indians were unable to “assimilate” with the new property owners and by the beginning of the 20th Century, the last full-blooded Lenni Lenape (or Algonquin) Indian passed away.

Now Obama wants revenge for what was done to the “original peoples”. He wants revenge for the illnesses the European settlers unwittingly brought to the shores of North America.  He wants us to forget that these were mainly Christian settlers (although one farmer shot a Pompton Indian girl who took an apple from his tree – a harsh punishment, to be sure, and a serious overreaction) who wanted to live in peace as much as the Indians did.

The Lenape were greatly interested in the tools and implements which the Dutch settlers brought with them. The Indians had their villages and the Dutch had theirs.  As for diseases, it’s hard to say whether the Indians were truly immune from any disease or not, not having kept any written records of their history.

We do know from medical accounts of the times that the Indians had a different notion of quarantine than the Europeans. The Europeans had learned to separate the sick from the healthy.  The Lenni Lenape quarantined family groups together, the sick and the healthy.  Inevitably, the health were sickened as well and having no immunity to the diseases, the measles and smallpox quickly spread, killing up to 40,000 Lenni Lenape by the end of the 1640s.

If one were to choose the more guilty party between the European immigrants – the farmers or the traders – responsible for infecting the innocent Indians, it was probably the traders, male woodsmen and hunters with no wives or homes or education, and certainly no concern for hygiene. Historians say far more devastating to the Indian culture than disease was alcohol.

Still Obama wants his pound of flesh and what better way than to reverse the Middle Passage and send our National Guard over to Africa (where those ancient diseases originated) to mingle with the aborigines there and catch a devastating, incurable disease.

He and his communist allies call it “social justice.” Far from containing it, isolating it in that section of west Africa, he’ll make sure our soldiers are exposed to it (the way soldiers in Missouri were exposed to the Spanish flu in 1918), spreading it around the world and causing the deaths of millions).

Then, when there’s a sufficient quantity of this virus, he’ll deliver it.

By spitting in our faces.

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