“Black” Friday

Surely you saw this coming?  Black Out for Human Rights is urging Black Americans to boycott Black Friday sales.  The group was founded in October by Ryan Coogler, award-winning director of Fruitvale Station, an in-depth look at the death of unarmed 22-year-old Oscar Grant at the hands of a transit officer in Oakland, Calif. in 2008.

marketing director Michael Latt told Forbes that the boycott is an attempt to challenge the capitalist powers that be, but also to encourage those sick of the status quo to spend their Black Friday doing something more useful than shopping.

Grey’s Anatomy star and social activist Jesse Williams, who has over 823,000 followers tweeted yesterday, “Recognize the stranglehold that corporate money has on the neck of public policy, including the levers of [in]justice. #BlackoutBlackFriday,

At the bottom of the group’s banner you can  read #blackoutforchange”.

That’s what this is all about and probably the jury’s verdict was scheduled to coincide with Black Friday, the traditional post-Thanksgiving Day sale, so-named for the day when companies are out of the red ink (debt) and using black ink (profiting).

Given the evidence, did the grand jury really need three months to reach the verdict?  The Black activists and Michael Brown’s family naturally wanted Officer Wilson indicted on charges that he could have found some other way to defend himself from the raging bull charging at him like a linebacker.

Wilson has no regrets.  “He would have killed me.”

The police officer had every right to use his weapon in self-defense.  That’s one of those things Social Justice activists want to change.  They want to make the streets safe for robbery, drug dealing, rape, and murder.  It’s not fair that so many Black “boys” are incarcerated and often murdered on the mean streets, even though 93 percent of the murders are caused by other Blacks.

Don’t waste your time trying to convince.  Or their bobbleheaded white brothers and sisters in arms and arson we saw marching uptown from Lower Manhattan.  The CNN reporter was all agog at the great number of marchers.  Lower Manhattan is the location of the housing projects of the Bowery, as well as New York University and Cooper Union.  Columbia University is Uptown, near Morningside Heights in a notoriously crime-ridden area in Harlem.

Hunter College is in the northern section of Midtown.  But Pace University is downtown.  Hunter is a notoriously radical school, as is NYU.  So the activists had plenty of useful idiots to volunteer for their “protest.”

They couldn’t have found a better-suited “martyr” than Michael Brown.  Initially, stopped for walking in the middle of busy road.  When told to get on the sidewalk (originally, street witnesses had it that he was told to get off the sidewalk – oops), Brown responded to the copy with profanity.  Then he attacked Officer Wilson, who by now recognized Brown as the suspect in a robbery that had occurred a few minutes earlier.  Brown pushed Wilson into his patrol car and fought the officer for his gun.  Wilson shot him.

Brown ran off.  Had he kept going, he’d be alive today to push around other diminutive shop owners whose establishments he would rob.  If he had followed the officer’s order to stop – which by law Officer Wilson was compelled to do, lest he be charged with allowing a perpetrator to get away and suspended from the police force – he’d be alive and in prison.

Instead, hopped up on pot, he attacked Wilson and Wilson fired his gun at the massive hulk hurtling towards him.  The attorney for Brown’s family was on Hannity last night.  He insisted that Brown was the “victim” in this matter.  He wanted to know why Wilson didn’t let Brown go, why didn’t he use “prosecutorial discretion,” why he didn’t use a stun gun (Wilson wasn’t carrying one at the time).

Not only is this case not about race, it’s also not about police brutality.  Hannity asked questions such as, ‘Why didn’t Brown just surrender quietly?  Why did rob the store?  Why didn’t he just get out of the street when the cop told him to?  Why did he bum rush an armed police officer?’

Nonplussed, the attorney replied that “Michael is dead.  He can’t defend himself.”  He insisted that Hannity was making it sound like Michael was the criminal instead of the victim.

Well, let’s see.  Because he was the criminal?  Because he did rob the store (it’s on the videotape)?  Because various witnesses back up Officer Wilson’s story that Brown attacked him in the car, and then charged at him a few seconds later?  Because the witnesses were responsible Black citizens?

This is about the Social Justice agenda of the redistribution of wealth.  According to them, Michael Brown didn’t really hurt anyone stealing that box of cigarillos (except the storeowner who had to take the loss).  If a Black cop had been on duty, he wouldn’t have stopped Brown from walking in the middle of the street?  He wouldn’t have stopped him as a recognized perpetrator on a robbery report?  Brown wouldn’t have given a Black cop attitude, sworn at him, tried to take his weapon to kill, and finally, charge him at a full run.

Probably not.  Brown would have respected a Black cop but not a White cop.  Wait a minute – isn’t that racist?  Shouldn’t Brown have respected the law, not respect (or disrespect) the color of the police officer’s skin?

The vandals (to use the correct term) tore up the shop where Brown committed the robbery, but didn’t burn it down.  They set fire to a number of other businesses, though.  Burnt them to the ground and shot at the firemen who tried to put out the blazes.  Just like in the Sixties.

The Black activists have acknowledged my amateur guess that this was a movement of the young Blacks.  “This is our race war,” one young “lady” declared.  This is their Mobile, their Watts, their Haight-Ashbury, their Newark.

Funny thing about Newark – that particular riot was about destroying the poorest ward in the city to put up a hospital, not a shopping mall.  Even so, no one we knew of was in favor of evicting all those unfortunate people, destroying their neighborhood.  Even if we had been, where would they have gone?  Here in the suburbs?  Like I say, no one wanted to see them thrown out of their homes.

Nevertheless, they were, and Newark burned for a week.  Black business owners in the city put up signs noting that they were “Brothers.”  The rest of the business owners were all too happy to collect what insurance money they could and head for the new malls opening to the north and west in the suburbs.  Crime followed them.  But the criminals had to get onto to buses to go to the malls and back home again.  It wasn’t like they could set fire to a mall or a store and the just sidle on home.

Black Fridays have become more dangerous, with midnight openings leaving unsuspecting (and very stupid) white consumers at the mercy of thugs.  The police have had to stand guard even here in our local box store malls.

So now, the stores are going to be open all day on Thanksgiving Day so that the working class citizen can spend their money in safety.  So much for recognizing God in our daily lives.  God can’t beat a sale on a new Smartphone, a Disney Princess Elsa, a NERF Blaster, or an LED Smart HDTV.

I suppose it’s a good idea, given the current situation.  The stores can sell off their merchandise on Thanksgiving, before the looters raid their stores on “Black Friday” and then burn them down.  We shouldn’t be giving them any ideas, of course.  But evidently, it’s already occurred to them to do just that.

While we’re on the subject of Thanksgiving, Ferguson, Mo., and “Black” Friday, let us give thanks for The Blaze’s Dana Loesch.  Dana is a hometown gal from Ferguson, and kept us informed on Glenn Beck’s The Blaze Channel practically from Day One about the Michael Brown incident.  Without her, we would never have known the true facts about what was happening in Ferguson.

Glenn often says he’s never quite sure why he does what he does, except that it’s some kind of nudge from God.  This was definitely a nudge in the right direction.  Thank you, God, for nudging Glenn into hiring Dana.  Thank you, Dana.  I’m sure that Officer Wilson is grateful for all your support.  I know we viewers are grateful to you (and Glenn, and God!).

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Black Lies Matter?

The grand jury in the shooting of Michael Brown by a Ferguson, Mo., police officer, delivered their verdict last night.  They delivered a no-bill non-indictment of Officer Darren Wilson.  The term used to be “acquittal,” meaning they found no evidence to support any of the charges against him.

After that, it was just like the riots of the 1960s.  Rioters burned and/or looted stores and businesses in Ferguson.  “Protests” spread to other major cities, beginning with Oakland, Calif., a city across the bay from San Francisco (known to Garden Staters who’ve transferred to California as the Newark (N.J.) of the West Coast).

The grand jury found that Officer Wilson’s wounds and Brown’s wounds were not consistent with witnesses who testified that Brown was kneeling and had his hands up in surrender.  They were forced to recant their testimony.  Other witnesses reported that Brown charged Officer Wilson, declaring, “You’re too much of a [wussy] to shoot me.”

The “other witnesses” were all black.  Nevertheless, the “protesters” basically burned down Ferguson’s business district.  After their initial riot over the reading of the verdict in Clayton, the county seat, they smashed business windows, fired guns into the air, burned two police cars, and attacked reporters from Fox, CNN, and MSNBC.

Then, they hopped into their cars and headed for the Ferguson business district, where they not only smashed windows, but looted stores and businesses before burning many of them to the ground.

Despite the grand jury’s acquittal of Officer Wilson, protesters across the country held to their story:  that Wilson had “murdered” Brown.  Interestingly, they looted and set fire to the liquor store where Brown and a companion shoplifted a box of cigarillos, then manhandled the tiny proprietor when he challenged them.

Wilson first encountered Brown walking down the middle of the street.  He pulled over and told them to get out of the road.  As he was getting out of his patrol car, Wilson heard a report that someone matching Brown’s description had stolen something from the same liquor store Brown had been in a few minutes before.

Before Wilson could get out of his vehicle, Brown pushed him in and fought Wilson for his gun.  Shots were fired and Brown fled.  Wilson yelled at him to stop.  Brown and his friend stopped and turned around.  The friend complied.  But Brown taunted them officer, then charged him, “with his head down like a football player” according to witnesses.  Wilson fired in self-defense.

What are we to make of protestors chants of “Hands Up.  Don’t Shoot?”  Should we add to the line, “’Cuz if you shoot, we will loot”?  The looting began with Brown stealing from a local store.  Stealing doesn’t warrant a death sentence.  But trying to kill a copy who’s going to arrest you for the crime may.

Just what exactly is the “Social Justice” solution that Black activists propose?  Since they believe in the redistribution of wealth, are we to assume that henceforth all Black, or other minority, teenagers have special license to take what they want without paying for it?  To bully merchants?  To kill cops who try to stop them?

Should police stand aside, as the Ferguson Fire Dept. was forced to do when, taking a page of Sixties’ riot history, protesters fired on the firefighters as they tried to quench the blazes the rioters had set?  There’s a lot more going on in Ferguson (and Oakland and L.A. – where protestors blocked the 10 Freeway last night, backing traffic up for miles) than cops versus robbers.  Or black versus white.

Those are excuses for plunging our nation into the long-awaited Socialist transformation first begun in the late 19th Century with the publication of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels’ The Communist Manifesto.  In New York City, protesters shut down the Brooklyn, Manhattan and Triboro bridges – the U.K. Daily Mail used the Triboro’s former name, not its rechristened name, the Robert F. Kennedy, or RFK, Memorial Bridge, a name no one uses.  Pictures show them holding pre-printed signs reading:  “Stop the racist killer cops!  Am I next?” courtesy of socialistworker.org.

Another photo, from Washington, D.C., shows a group of women protesters giving the old Black Power salute.  In Oakland, as one guy burnt an American flag, another protestor held up a home-made sign that read, “Darren Wilson murdered an innocent child,” with the word “CHILD” in caps and underlined.

Wilson was 18, legally an adult.  In Seattle, protesters also tried to take an interstate highway.  But Seattle police made some arrests.  Some “woebegone” protesters are seen sitting, handcuffed, on the sidewalk, probably realizing they made a huge mistake and will have even more than the usual difficult finding a job in the future with a police record.

In New York, the Times Square protest led to the smearing of the police commissioner with red paint to resemble fake blood, and at least one officer was injured in the “activity.”

Obviously, we shouldn’t paint all Black people with the same broad brush.  After all, it was Black witnesses who backed up Officer Wilson’s account of the Brown shooting.  Notably, the Black (and White and Hispanic protesters) were mainly young – and obviously grossly misinformed, misled, and mistaken.

Clearly, they think it’s unfair that police can arrest someone for stealing, and shoot them if they not just resist but actually mount a counterattack against armed police officers.  Ferguson citizens point to the armored vehicles and gear with which the police have been equipped.

One look at the riots in Ferguson, and other cities like Oakland, tell you why such heavy-duty hardware is necessary in order to keep the peace.  In New York City, and surrounding cities like Newark, Jersey City, and Paterson, businesses use riot gates for their storefront.  They’ve used them since the Newark riots of 1967, when the city’s poorest ward was selected for demolition to make way for a hospital.

While no Garden Staters (except the Alliance) blamed the black residents for being angry, bad management decisions were no excuse for rioting, looting and burning the city down.  Newark already had a bad name.  Now it’s synonymous with the phrase “urban blight.”

In 1900, the “Brick City” was 97.2 percent white.  Ten years later, it would reach its zenith in population.  By 1920, nearly 22 percent of the city’s population had fled.  The 1967 resulted in a significant population loss of the city’s middle class, many of them Jewish, which continued from the 1970s through to the 1990s.  The city lost about 130,000 residents between 1960 and 1990.

From the 1950s to 1967, as the white population shrank from 363,000 to 158,000, its Black population grew from 70,000 to 220,000.  The percentage of Non-Hispanic whites declined from 82.8 percent in 1950 to 11.6 percent by 2010.

Ferguson, Mo., saw a similar decline in white population around the turn of this, new, century.  The White people formed entirely new communities (never mind where, although Clayton is said to be one of them) far away from the alien culture that gripped Ferguson – a Socialist culture that called stealing “wealth redistribution” and used Trotskyite “racism” to make a case against the fleeing White population and its wealth – without which, cities like Newark and Ferguson had no means of support.

Here in New Jersey, as white people literally headed for the hills of northwestern New Jersey, Essex County and the state of New Jersey scratched their bureaucratic heads wondering where they were going to find the money to support these urban blight zones.  The solution was to raise property and business taxes, diverting the county portion of taxes to the appropriate cities.

County residents (Passaic, Sussex, Morris) were furious.  But we didn’t know what to do – until the Tea Party opportunity came along.  We’re not the slash-and-burn type of people.  Someone suggested protesting in Newark on April 15, 2009.  Well, that was totally nuts.  No one who valued their life was going to go to Newark.  So we chose Morristown, our backyard, instead.

The war between Blacks and Whites is only racial in terms of the convenience of contrast between our skin colors.  Makes for good photos and copy.  The real division runs deeper.  The difference between right and wrong.  The difference between dependence and independence.  The difference between entitlement and ownership.  The difference between property burning and property ownership.

The difference between Socialism and Capitalism.  The difference between looting and shopping.  The difference between defying the law and obeying it.  The difference between agitators organizing your protest group and organizing your group on your own (which the Morristown Tea Party did, and other N.J. groups afterwards following the same plan).

The difference between blaming and gaming the system, and using it to peacefully ensure justice.  The difference between blaming history and making history.  The difference between living in the past and looking forward to the future.

Those differences make a mighty wide gap.  We saw last night just how wide it is and how little “progress” Progressives have made in closing it.  In fact, they’ve widened, it deliberately because they want their revolution.  They want to overthrow the established order, the order that has kept America relatively peaceful for the last 200 years or so.

We’ve had riots before: The Boston Massacre, for instance, where the “patriotic” mob taunted the British soldiers.  Crispus Attucks, a huge black man, menaced one of the soldiers and he fired.  John Adams defended the British soldiers and got nearly all of them acquitted except their captain.

The Whiskey Rebellion in Massachusetts.  That didn’t work out too well for the Massachusetts farmers.  The Civil War draft riots, in which Irish workers refused to fight for the North in order to free the black slaves.  The Philadelphia riots, in which (I believe) the transit company refused to hire black street car drivers, even though there was a labor shortage due to World War II, or only paid them half the salary of white drivers.

Historians often write that Crispus Attucks was a hero.  But a true reading of history will show that he was an agitator and was culpable in his own death.  William Dawes, one of the riders to Lexington and Concord, was black and a hero.  But no one writes about him.  Most schoolchildren don’t even know that he was Black, if they’ve heard of him at all.

The grand jury in Clayton concluded that the evidence shows that Michael Brown was no hero, no victim, no martyr.  He’d committed one criminal act, and then another, and then another (twice trying to attack a police officer).   Ultimately, Officer Wilson had to fire in self-defense, and Michael Brown died.

Unlike Jean Val-Jean in Les Miserables, jailed for stealing a loaf of bread, Michael Brown unnecessarily stole a box of some very unnecessary cigars, menaced the store owner, and then the cop who tried to bring him to real justice.  Michael Brown was the perpetrator, not the victim.

The police are here to prevent the Michael Browns of the world from mugging and bullying us.  Without them, our civilization would end.  Transform our society into a jungle without police officers (as parts of East St. Louis are doing), as the Socialists want, and civilization as we know it, but apparently young Blacks don’t, will end.

The Blacks can lie to themselves and the Media all they want, but the verdict is in:  Officer Wilson, not Michael Brown, was the hero.  Let us give notice to the Socialists:  we will not become your victims.  We will protect ourselves and our peaceful way of life.  We will not suffer savages to be turned into saints to whom we must make obeisance.

If there is a divide between us and them, then we intend to remain us.  “They” are welcome to join “us” in peace, prosperity, and freedom.  Not rioting, looting, burning, and lying in the name of “Social Justice.”

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Sin City Signing

How appropriate that our Constitution-defying traitor-in-chief will be signing his executive order granting 5 million plus illegal aliens permanent amnesty in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Never mind that Congress passed no bill regarding such a “reform” in regarding to immigration.  Never mind that there are no jobs for these 5 million “immigrants.”  Never mind that he grossly overstepped his authority as president to get this done because Congress failed to send him a bill he felt he could sign.  In other words, it was his way or his way.  So much for “compromise.”

He magnanimously gave a nod to the 350 million American citizens, the majority of whom opposed this amnesty, by declaring that he was only absolving the “good illegal” immigrants who’ve committed no felonies (other than entering the country illegally).  As long as they behave and pay their taxes, he was ordering that they be issued work visas.  He also said that the visas would be temporary.

Many of these immigrants are visa overstays.  They already overstayed their temporary visas.  What’s going to be different this time?

Oh – they’ll have driver’s licenses, which will enable them to get to work.  And to the polling place, where they can vote, because no one checks for legal citizenship anymore.  The Democrats had to fall on their swords in the midterms, but only in Red states, not Blue.

Is the 5 million number for real?  I hope some “good” media types will let the rest of us know if the number is 5 million or 35 million.  This amnesty should also change the unemployment rate, shouldn’t it, giving Obama another Socialist medal on his chest?

The Mainstream Media has practically sanctified Obama as the patron saint of Hispanic families.  The front page of this morning’s newspaper showed an Hispanic family weeping with happiness.  They’re willing to fall on their Socialist swords, too, and hide the fact that there’s an even more worrisome illegal immigrant population – or at least the next worst thing to illegal immigrants:  the Muslims, who are here on the grounds of fleeing religious and political persecution.

Americans never really bought the multicultural diversity propaganda.  Our families came from all over the European map, from Ireland to Italy, from, yes, Spain, to Poland.  The other day, we were listening to Fairleigh Dickinson University’s WFDU.  On Sunday evenings, around the dinner hour, you can listen to polka music.

Let’s see the Hispanics dance to that.  Or at least try to.  You have to be fairly vigorous to attempt the polka.

If the Hispanics have their way, white Europeans will be a minority, and the majority of America will be Hispanic.  That means one culture, not many.  Taco Bells and bodegas selling bags of xochitl will be on every corner. Mexican restaurants will replace Italian restaurants. They’ve already done so here in my town.  I plan to capitalize on this invasion by investing in Zantac (Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals) and Prilosec (Procter & Gamble).

We won’t be multicultural at all.  We’ll be one culture, and one culture only.  We always forget the Spanish side of the Hispanics.  We only think of their sympathetic, Black genes.  Yeah, the Spanish (not the English) who conquered the Caribbean and settled California and the Southwest.  That’s who we’re supposed to give California back to.  Not the original natives (who, originally being from Asia give the Chinese more of a claim than the Spanish), but the original conquerors.

Si, usted es un conquistador, Senor Presidente.  Yes, you are a Constitution-crushing conqueror.  You know you are and you’re proud of your status.  Your minions are planning to place your blockhead on Mount Rushmore.  It’s no joke that you boasted on a radio program that if it were up to you, you would throw out the U.S. Constitution and start over.  Being constricted by laws is very inconvenient for un conquistador, an emperor, a tyrant.  That’s why the U.S. Constitution, along with the Bill of Rights (which goes further to protect the individual), was written.  To shackle someone like you and your minions.

Obama has done just what many of us warned seven years ago; he would grant amnesty to illegal aliens and grant them, by fiat, legal status.  Essentially, those five million plus illegals are now citizens, free to overwhelmingly vote Socialist-Communists into office.  You didn’t believe us; not even you Moderate Republicans.  He wouldn’t do that, you said; he can’t do that – the President of the United States doesn’t have the power.  It’s illegal.  It’s unconstitutional.

Well, guess what?  He just did it.  Would you like a further prediction?  Once his work is done here destroying the America as we knew it, he will go on to become head of the United Nations.  His surrogate, the next president-in-name-only of the United States, will subjugate all the remaining laws of the United States to the jurisdiction of the United Nations.

Tums, anyone?

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What It Meant to be An American and What It Means Now

The Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) – or was it the American Legion – used to sponsor an essay contest for elementary school students on what it means to be an American.

Tonight, all that will change.  As the Treasury has flooded our economy with money, making it worth less and less, Obama is expected, in his address to Latin Americans tonight, to issue an executive order that will grant amnesty to five million illegal immigrants here in the United States, and other dictates that will grant citizenship to children of foreigners born here in America, making our citizenship just as worthless as our currency.

They will have gained citizenship without learning the laws of our nation.  Indeed, their first lesson is that you can break the law to become an American.  They will have become Americans without being able to read or write the common language, English.  Being illiterate, they will not know the true history of America’s greatness.

They will be eligible for two things:  welfare and low or no-skills jobs, jobs that our teenagers ought to be doing.  They will work for lower wages, although Big Labor is lobbying to have the minimum wage raised to $15 per hour.  That is why Republican donors have been backing moderate candidates who are in favor of immigration “reform.”

The American people, polls indicate, are furious.  Even the legal Hispanics are angry.  They worked hard to get here.  They obeyed the laws.  They learned at least some English.  These invaders come here, at the behest of our imperial president, to do one thing only: change the cultural and political landscape in favor of socialism and communism.

Obama declares that he is not an emperor.  On the news, he’s heard citing over and over that he cannot simply change the immigration laws alone.  Yet that’s precisely what he is doing.  He’s citing the laws of the Constitution so we know that he recognizes what he’s doing is unconstitutional.

Although the Republicans have made a great celebration of their mid-term victory, the win wasn’t exactly a landslide.  It wasn’t even a wave, as some cautious Republicans term the election results.  Call it a “low-tide” victory in red states which already favored Republicans.  Not a single U.S. Senate seat in a blue state (like New Jersey) was overturned.

‘Americans are stupid,’ according to the economics professor who served as consultant to the federal government as well as a number of individual states on universal health care.

Actually, not so much.  As Rush Limbaugh rightly points out, if the American voter was really that stupid, Gruber wouldn’t have had to lie to them about Obamacare.  We’re not stupid but we’re as timid as turtles, pulling back into our shells at the slightest hint that we might be “racist.”

Obama managed to convince a majority of American voters that America isn’t so great.  Or shouldn’t be.  A lack of knowledge of history, not economics, is what put him over the top.  Americans are quite savvy about economics, in fact; they’re especially susceptible to schemes that will get them something for nothing.

If we’re to survive this attack on our nation, an invasion directed from within by our own elected leader, Americans, particularly young Americans, need to know what made, and still makes, America great.

In 140 characters or less, the Twitterized version is “The Constitution of the United States of America.”  That’s 48 characters (not counting the quote marks).  “Separation of powers.”   That comes to 69 characters.  “The Bill of Rights.”   88 characters.  “Freedom of religion, speech & the right 2 bear arms.” There – that’s the 140 characters.

What makes America great began in the ingenuity of her political design.  America was the great experiment.  Never before had any nation in the world granted its citizens the right to publicly criticize the governments.  Freedom of speech is the right tyrants fear the most.

In England, prior to the colonization of America, freedom of speech was on trial.  Newspaper publishers were being arrested, put on trial, and imprisoned for criticizing the monarchy.  Today, we can be sued if we criticize our employers or use any manner of politically incorrect speech, handily silencing Americans in the workplace, where they’re most likely to interact with one another.

We’ve been taught that America was an imperialist colony, under the auspices of the British Crown.  Very true.  But people from other countries – Holland, Germany, France, Spain, Sweden – were here, some here before the Pilgrims set foot on Plymouth Rock.  They sought freedom – and opportunity – as well.

For 112 years, the Colonists were subject to the sovereignty of the Crown.  Some colonists were entrepreneurs, seeking their fortunes in the rich soil of the South (Virginia) and the mines of New Jersey (New Caesaria, as it was called then).

Does it seem like the English ruled longer?  You do the math – 1664 (when they captured New Amsterdam and renamed it for the Duke of York, New York City) to 1776.  Certainly, 112 years was too long as far as Samuel Adams, Paul Revere and the Sons of Liberty were concerned.

Samuel Adams started out, and failed, as a brewer of beer.  He was all about politics.  He transformed an annual feud between churlish church-goers in South Boston and North Boston over whose patron ruled the city into a movement against Britain and her usurious taxes called the Sons of Liberty.

A diplomat Sam Adams was not.  Neither was Paul Revere, although being a good businessman, a silversmith who made the bells for most of the Boston churches, as well as other silver-based goods, did business with both sides.

Adams’ activism bore fruit; the British rescinded most of their taxes by December of 1773.  The last tax was on tea imported into Boston.  Bostonians could only trade with the British.  To ensure their compliance, the British affixed a tax stamp to the tea.  That meant not only did Colonists had to pay a tax on the tea with no representation in Parliament, but that was the only tea they could buy.

George Washington and Benjamin Franklin were furious when they learned of the Boston Tea Party on Dec. 16, 1773.  Washington felt there was no last word in diplomacy and hoped that eventually the Colonies would persuade the British to give them their independence.

Benjamin Franklin felt that time was on America’s side.  America was a larger country with room to grow.  Eventually, American English would outnumber their counterparts across the pond and earn our freedom.  That is, if Americans had representation in Parliament, something the equally calculating British monarch refused to grant for that very reason.

America was a land of opportunity for England, and she wasn’t going to let it go without a fight.  England was quite perplexed by Colonial resistance.  Naturally, the Mother Country had to tax its colonists for the protection she provided against the Indians and France, who also saw America’s potential and wanted a piece of it.

England had big problem, though; as noted, not all the colonists were English.  Some of them were Dutch, who wanted no part in any revolution.  At least not the Dutch and Germans who lived in New Jersey.  They didn’t care who ruled the land, as long as they could, like the Ferengi of Star Trek fame, make a profit.

But after the Boston Tea Party, the fight was on. The prelude to revolution concluded with the Battle of Concord and Lexington.  The regulars (not the “British”) were coming to confiscate the illegal arms hidden on farms and in towns in the Massachusetts Bay Colony.  Their orders were also to arrest the leaders of the rebellion, Samuel Adams and John Hancock.  The arms were thought to be in Concord.  Adams and Hancock were in a “safe house” in Lexington.

Paul Revere’s task was to alert the Sons of Liberty when the British regulars left their ships in Boston Harbor and begin their march into the countryside. With him were two other riders:  Dr. Joseph Warren and William Dawes, a free black man.

Dawes was delighted to play a role in the ride.  An intelligent man, he delighted in fooling the British by playing the fawning bumpkin.  His ploy worked; he evaded capture and so did Dr. Warren.  Paul Revere was not so fortunate, however.

Revere’s business began to suffer when the British economy entered a recession in the years following the Seven Years’ War, and declined further when the Stamp Act of 1765 resulted in a further downturn in the Massachusetts economy. Business was so poor that an attempt was made to attach his property in late 1765. To help make ends meet he even took up dentistry, a skill set he was taught by a practicing surgeon who lodged at a friend’s house.  One client was Dr. Joseph Warren, a local physician and political opposition leader with whom Revere formed a close friendship.  Revere and Warren, in addition to having common political views, were also both active in the same local Masonic lodge.

From December 1773 to November 1775, Revere served as a courier for the Boston Committee of Public Safety, traveling to New York and Philadelphia to report on the political unrest in Boston. Research has documented 18 such rides.

When British Army activity on April 7, 1775, suggested the possibility of troop movements, Warren sent Revere to warn the Massachusetts Provincial Congress, then meeting in Concord, the site of one of the larger caches of Patriot military supplies. After receiving the warning, Concord residents began moving the military supplies away from the town.

One week later, on April 14, General Gage received instructions from Secretary of State William Legge, Earl of Dartmouth (dispatched on January 27), to disarm the rebels, who were known to have hidden weapons in Concord, among other locations, and to imprison the rebellion’s leaders, especially Adams and Hancock.  Dartmouth gave Gage considerable discretion in his commands. Gage issued orders to Lieutenant Colonel Francis Smith to proceed from Boston “with utmost expedition and secrecy to Concord, where you will seize and destroy… all Military stores…. But you will take care that the soldiers do not plunder the inhabitants or hurt private property.” Gage did not issue written orders for the arrest of rebel leaders, as he feared doing so might spark an uprising.

Between 9 and 10 p.m. on the night of April 18, 1775, Joseph Warren told Revere and Dawes that the king’s troops were about to embark in boats from Boston bound for Cambridge and the road to Lexington and Concord. Warren’s intelligence suggested that the most likely objectives of the regulars’ movements later that night would be the capture of Adams and Hancock. They did not worry about the possibility of regulars marching to Concord, since the supplies at Concord were safe, but they did think their leaders in Lexington were unaware of the potential danger that night. Revere and Dawes were sent out to warn them and to alert colonial militias in nearby towns.

In the days before April 18, Revere had instructed Robert Newman, the sexton of the North Church, to send a signal by lantern to alert colonists in Charlestown as to the movements of the troops when the information became known. In what is well known today by the phrase “one if by land, two if by sea”, one lantern in the steeple would signal the army’s choice of the land route while two lanterns would signal the route “by water” across the Charles River.  Revere first gave instructions to send the signal to Charlestown. He then crossed the Charles River by rowboat, slipping past the British warship HMS Somerset at anchor. Crossings were banned at that hour, but Revere safely landed in Charlestown and rode to Lexington, avoiding a British patrol and later warning almost every house along the route. The Charlestown colonists dispatched additional riders to the north.

Riding through present-day Somerville, Medford, and Arlington, Revere warned patriots along his route, many of whom set out on horseback to deliver warnings of their own. By the end of the night there were probably as many as 40 riders throughout Middlesex County carrying the news of the army’s advance. Revere did not shout the phrase later attributed to him (“The British are coming!”): His mission depended on secrecy. The countryside was filled with British army patrols, and most of the Massachusetts colonists (who were predominantly English in ethnic origin) still considered themselves British.

Revere’s warning, according to eyewitness accounts of the ride and Revere’s own descriptions, was “The Regulars are coming out.”  He only rode up to the doors of homes known to be Patriots and he gave the message quietly so as not to alert nearby patrols or Loyalist neighbors.

Revere arrived in Lexington around midnight, with Dawes arriving about a half hour later. They met with Samuel Adams and John Hancock, who were spending the night with Hancock’s relatives and spent a great deal of time discussing plans of action upon receiving the news. They believed that the forces leaving the city were too large for the sole task of arresting two men and that Concord was the main target. The Lexington men dispatched riders to the surrounding towns, and Revere and Dawes continued along the road to Concord accompanied by Samuel Prescott, another doctor.

Revere, Dawes, and Prescott were detained by a British Army patrol in Lincoln at a roadblock on the way to Concord.  Prescott jumped his horse over a wall and escaped into the woods; he eventually reached Concord. Dawes also escaped, though he fell off his horse not long after and did not complete the ride.

Revere was captured and questioned by the British soldiers at gunpoint. He told them of the army’s movement from Boston, and that British army troops would be in some danger if they approached Lexington, because of the large number of hostile militia gathered there. He and other captives taken by the patrol were still escorted east toward Lexington, until about a half mile from Lexington they heard a gunshot. The British major demanded Revere explain the gunfire, and Revere replied it was a signal to “alarm the country”. As the group drew closer to Lexington, the town bell began to clang rapidly, upon which one of the captives proclaimed to the British soldiers, “The bell’s a’ringing! The town’s alarmed, and you’re all dead men!”

My Shakespeare professor in college taught that the beginning lines of any Shakespeare play were a clue to the theme of the work.

The shout heard ’round the world:  “The British are coming!” was actually a whisper and a mistranslation of the actual words of Paul Revere and the other alarm-and-muster riders.  The British regulars were feared because they were well-trained, well-disciplined professional soldiers.  The Regulars were coming, the professional army, not the Loyalist Militia or the local constabulary.  Yet they were defeated at the Battle of Lexington and Concord.

The Colonists were fighting not only for religious freedom, but also economic and political freedom.  They weren’t soldiers, any more than modern Americans (for the most part) are.  But freedom was so precious to them that these farmers and merchants were willing to risk their lives to defend it.  There was no namby-pamby talk about killing.  A life in political, social and economic captivity was no life at all, to them.

To be American then was to be self-reliant, resilient, hard-working, and independent in every sense of the word.  Could we say the same today?  In a government-regulated economy (a friend’s company can only buy a certain, hard-to-find brand of Fantastik bearing a particular code to clean its equipment; my former company was at one time subject to an excess profits state tax), an entrepreneur must be very brave, indeed, to set up shop.

Our government bureaucracy – and our dependency upon it – has grown exponentially since the FDR administration.  To take arms against it would be to shoot ourselves in the feet and the government knows it.  Their commercial showing Paul Ryan shoving a wheelchair-bound granny over a cliff was a smart bit of mockery of our compromised situation.

What’s more, the government’s propaganda machinery, better known as The Media, has made great strides in whetting our fear of violence, whether it be by gun-toting psychotics shooting up classrooms and movie theaters, or bat-wielding welfare-addicts threatening to riot over a cop shooting an attacker in self-defense.

Tonight, our master-in-chief will declare amnesty for five million illegal aliens now living in the United States, as well as granting citizenship to children of foreigners born here in America.  What an armed invasion force couldn’t accomplish, Obama will succeed by granting citizenship via fiat/executive order to immigrants who flooded our borders illegally (or more likely, came by jet plane).

Constitutionally, he has no right to do this.  He knows he doesn’t, acknowledges this violation, and will vow to carry on with his act.  The Congress is in lame duck session.  The illegals are actually already here.  There’s nothing, seemingly, that we can do about them.  Moderates, whose backers see legalizing the illegals as an answer to a dearth of cheap labor, posit for some sort of reform that will grant them citizenship.

We who are already Americans take great exception to this criminal act.  The present Congress will not impeach Obama.  The next Congress is not likely to do so, even with a Republican majority now in the Senate as well as the House.  Impeach the first Black president of the United States?  Are you kidding?  The riots that are about to occur in Ferguson, Mo., will look like a church picnic compared to the uproar of impeaching Obama.

There are two recourses:  Congress can defund any of Obama’s efforts.  Or the citizens of the United States can recall him.  The last resort is the same fate the early Colonists faced and the British feared:  an outright shooting war.

Our modern-day Paul Reveres have been warning that the Hispanics (not to mention the Chinese, the Vietnamese, and worst of all, the Muslims) are coming?  Like Paul Revere, the messengers have had to choose the houses they approach carefully.  There are many homes loyal to Obama and in place of British Regulars, we have an alert Media and a many-tentacled bureaucracy that can hack our computers and read our e-mails, websites, blogs, Facebook postings, and Twitters.

However, we don’t make a secret of our opposition to this dictate that will permanently change our political, economic and social landscape.  We’ve been telling you so for years now.  Since you’ve waited too long to act, America, we fear it will inevitably lead to a shooting war.

Tonight’s address by Obama will not simply be an announcement; it will be a victory speech in which Socialist Communism has defeated the democracy of a federated republic.

What it meant to be an American was to make your own decisions, earn your living by your own labor, elect representatives who believed in freedom and true justice, worship God (or not) in your own way without interfering with or interference from others of different faiths.  Being American meant you were free to choose where you lived.  It meant you could raise your children according to your own standards.

Those children would learn that America was not the greatest nation on the earth because she was perfect, but because she sheltered her residents from tyranny.   Being American meant the willingness to defend, perhaps to the death, that freedom.  Being American meant defending freedom of speech and worship, perhaps to the death.  Being American meant you would receive a fair trial and would be considered innocent and until proven to that jury that you were guilty, beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Being American meant you could keep what you earned, and not pay tribute to monarchs or tyrants.  Once upon a time, taxation was only used in times of emergencies, usually wars.  Once the national debt was paid off, the taxation ended.

Being American meant you could criticize your government without fear of fine or confinement.  Being American meant you could dream, and excel, if you wanted to.  Being American was no guarantee of success; that was up to you.  But the government couldn’t stand in your way of your pursuit of life, liberty, property, prosperity, and happiness.

Perhaps too much time has passed since the advent of liberty.  We haven’t experienced the deprivation of liberty.  We’ve been financially supported by the government as it went about the business of destroying our freedom.  We’re in their wheelchair now where the Progressives, the Liberals, the Democrats (with some help from Moderate Republicans), not Paul Ryan, have pushed us, helplessly gazing over the maw of a cliff, as our wardens mock us, asking us if we still want to choose between liberty and death.

Americans before us drank the government Kool-Aid and now we’re genetically addicted to our bondage and tremble at the notion of breaking those bonds.  We hardly need to be terrorized by the thought of shooting guns and throwing bombs, killing people and destroying property.  We’re very nicely fettered in our comfortable, cushioned wheelchairs with all the electronic amenities before us.  We don’t have to lift a finger.

That’s what it means to be American today.  But don’t worry; we won’t be Americans for much longer.

Listen tonight, carefully, and you will hear the death knell of a freedom we used to revere.

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The Stupid American Voter

Well, duh!  What’s the definition of insanity?  Doing the same thing twice, hoping for a better result?  American voters prided themselves on voting for the first Black American President of the United States.

We warned them.  His autobiography, published on the eve of the 2008 campaign, showed him to be blatantly Communist.  A racist.  A drug user.  He hates White Suburbia.  He wanted to follow the classic Marx objective of destroying the “petty bourgeoisie” middle class.  He wanted to “redistribute the wealth.”  And he wanted to enact universal health care, which would finish off our capitalist economy and put the Middle Class in its grave.

His vision of America is no better than a Third World country.  He believes the United States is an imperial power, which it isn’t.  In his first term, he bowed to every potentate on the planet.  He plans on placing welfare recipients in every suburban town in America.  Today, he is about to sign yet another executive order, allowing 3.5 million illegal aliens to flood our borders, consigning our country to a one-party system.

The American voter had the chance to rectify its mistake in 2012.  But The Stupid American voted for this traitor again.

You didn’t believe us.  But there’s a new witness identifying the Liberal Progressive attitude about American voters.  He’s Obama’s hand-picked architect of Obamacare (the Affordable [hah!] Care Act):  MIT Professor of Economics Jonathan Gruber.

Fox News has released videos of him mocking the intelligence of the American voter.  He calls all of you the stupid American voters.

Speaking at the University of Rhode Island in 2012, Gruber was discussing the so-called “Cadillac Tax,” which received assistance by universal health care “hero” then-Sen. John Kerry.  The “Cadillac Tax” mandates that insurance companies be taxed rather than policyholders.  Gruber said that taxing individuals would be “politically impossible.”  But taxing the companies would work because Americans didn’t understand the difference.

He was wrong about that, by the way.  The Americans understood well enough what it meant.  It meant that “someone else” was picking up the tab, “someone” who had laid them off from their jobs at the age of 40 or 50, with little hope of regaining their economic position.

Anyway, “so basically, it’s the same thing,” he continued.  “We just tax the insurance companies.  They pass on higher prices that offsets the tax break ‘we’ get.  It ends up being the same thing.  It’s a very clever, you know, basic exploitation of the lack of economic understanding of the American voter.”  He meant “by” but said “of.”

In 2013, at another event at Washington University in St. Louis, Gruber said the “lack of transparency” in the way the law was crafted was critical.

“This bill was written in an almost tortured kind of way to make sure CBO did not score the mandate as taxes.  Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage. And basically, call it the stupidity of the American voter, or whatever, but basically that was really, really critical for the thing to pass.”

The Thing.

None of Fox News’ revelations has been reported by the Mainstream Media, ensuring the continued ignorance of the American voter.  The New York Times, according to Fox News, praised Gruber in 2012:  “It is his research that convinced the Obama administration that health care reform could not work without requiring everyone to buy insurance.”

In another interview, on Boston’s WGBH, Gruber didn’t argue with host Emily Rooney’s characterization that he had admitted to “intentional obfuscation.” In fact, he’s not really taking back what he said at all. He said he didn’t want it widely known that “we gave poor people money.” Gruber then pivoted to charge that “the master strategy of the Republican Party” is “to confuse people enough about the law so that they don’t understand that the subsidies they’re getting is because of the law.”

Oh, so the Republicans are the Rasputins who got the Stupid American Voter to pass Obamacare.


Rush Limbaugh has a kinder, gentler term for those misguided Americans.  “Low-Information Voters.”

You can’t have low-information voters with a compliant, low-information Media, which is supposed to be reporting, not propagandizing, performing public relations for the Democrat Socialist Party.

Thanks to the Media black-out, the Stupid American Voters remain ignorant of their stupidity.

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Losing Faith (and One’s Wits) in Elections and Education

Although I often chastise New Jersey voters for not paying attention to elections, I have proven myself guilty of the same crime. Yesterday, I could not, for the life of me, get Mitch McConnell’s Congressional title straight.

First, I declared him the newly-minted Speaker of the House. Thirty seconds later, I realized that wasn’t right and re-posted my blog, making him the new House Majority Leader.  But, no, that wasn’t it, either.

He will be the new Senate Majority Leader, comes January of next year.

Where was my head? My mind clearly wasn’t paying attention to the elections.  Why not?  Because, sadly, I had no faith in them and, being from New Jersey, no credible horse in the U.S. Senate race.  I didn’t like to say so publicly on my blog, but I didn’t think Jeff Bell, the Republican candidate, stood a chance of winning the Senate seat.  New Jersey is simply too corrupt.  He blamed the loss on “cultural clustering” which is the opposite of assimilation.  Age, I’m sorry to have to dishonor him by saying, was also a factor.

The Republicans repeatedly claim that they’ve turned Moderate because they want to appeal to the younger demographic, yet they continually support old candidates.

I didn’t much care if the Republicans won the Senate. I did my duty and voted, knowing my vote wouldn’t count for much.  With such a Purple Republican as Mitch McConnell heading up the Senate, and John Boehner, another hand-shaker rather than fist-shaker, it didn’t seem to make much difference.

They don’t even realize why they won or what the mandate demands of them, and they don’t care, either.

No, my mind was on something closer to home: my bank balance and the project on which I’m working which is my only hope of proving myself capable of doing a secretarial job that will bring me the barest of livable incomes.

Next Monday, I will have the sad task of closing out my mutual funds account, which has served for over thirty years as my emergency fund. For 15 years, my salary was so abundant and I saved so much money, that I didn’t have to go near my mutual fund account.

But all that money I saved has vanished in the last year or so, as my unemployment benefits ran out and my bills had to be paid. Part of the money went towards paying off my mortgage so I’d have a roof over my head.

Time is running out, though. My project is coming closer to completion, but I’m still not there yet.  I’m finishing it just as New Jerseyans are receiving the news that their students’ Math scores on the New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge tests dropped in 2014.

The scores have been released early. Normally, they wouldn’t have been released until March 2015.  That’s what happened last year.  One wonders why the scores have been published so early.

The news is no surprise to me, as I’ve been studying both the Language Arts & Literacy scores from 2006-2013, and compiling a report on them. I also took some note of the Math scores, although I was chiefly interested in the Literacy scores.  The Literacy scores took a generally 20 percent nose-dive starting around 2009.

As I was searching through the NJ DOE databases, I couldn’t help but notice that the Math scores (which were recorded right under the language scores) skyrocketed in comparison. In schools which had higher SAT scores in 2012 (the base year for my study), 89 percent of students in one school received Above Proficiency scores.  That school, in looking at the spoken language data, had a high percentage of Asian students, mainly Korean, but also Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese.

I selected one elementary school (I studied the third through fifth grades, as this is where we should be first looking for success or failure; if children in these grades do not meet expectations, they will only be spinning their wheels in later grades) in each school district for the Math grades.

That was all my time and research would allow.

Acting New Jersey Education Commissioner David Hespe assured The Herald News that, “the new [PARCC – Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers] tests would provide better data to help educators and parents measure student progress and needs.

“But,” the Herald News noted, “the tests have been controversial in large part because they will take 10 to 11 hours to complete and will be given twice a year. Some parents and educators say that takes away too much instruction time and compels teachers to ‘teach to the test.’”

The Herald News noted that “[t]he state adopted the Common Core [standards] in 2010 and has spent the past few years teaching those standards and preparing for the new online tests what be required this [coming] spring.”

Except that’s not true and belies former statements from the Department of Education that Common Core was implemented in 2012.

In fact, according to Wayne parent Linda Ehrmann, her children’s elementary textbooks were changed in 2000 – 14 years ago.

A college Math major, Linda said that even she couldn’t understand the new textbooks and was unable to help her children with their math homework.

“The tests [at the time] were nothing like the books,” she says.

In fact, since the real implementation – Ehrmann’s first child graduated high school in 2003 and she thinks the textbook change may have occurred even earlier – students have been taught Common Core but tested by the old methods of the NJASK tests.

The old tests didn’t require the grade school students to show their work. Parents helping their children with their homework – including my friend’s daughter-in-law – taught them the proper way to do the math problems, enabling them to pass the tests more easily.

Hence the astronomical Math scores on the NJASK tests. But this past year – 2014 – the rules were changed so that the students had to prove their math problems via the Common Core method.  The Common Core method means students take twice to solve the problems and proves twice as confusing to the students.  The longer they must take to complete each problem, the fewer answers they can provide, thus lowering their scores since incomplete or unanswered questions count as a wrong answer.

Bolstering my resume is not the only reason I’ve spent so much time on the NJASK project. Someone must look into the suspicious Math scores and the Language Arts & Literacy scores which, when looked at as pass/fail chart point so obviously to Obama’s goal of “narrowing” what he calls “the achievement gap.”  When you see the chart, you’ll see just how narrow that gap has become in many schools.

All this I was going to post on my blog in about another week or so. Since it was in the news and as I owed my readers an apology for my political faux pas regarding Mitch McConnell, I set aside a little more time from completing the task.

How many other New Jersey voters face the same dilemma – of watching their falling bottom lines rather than the elections? What were New Jersey voters thinking, by the way, when they approved both Constitutional amendment ballot measures?

One of my favorite political organizations, Americans for Prosperity, now has ads out opposing the open space measure, which will increase the tax on New Jersey businesses. The result will be a loss of even more jobs in our state.  Why didn’t AFP-NJ advertise more about this measure before the election, when it could have been defeated?

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one not paying attention.

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The Purple House Majority Leader

Obama claimed the other day that he heard the American people after the mid-term elections. Not that it mattered much to him.  He also indicated that he would meet any Republican opposition to his initiatives with a mighty stroke of his magic pen.

Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell also said that the American people had spoken. But somehow, he translated the vote (which put no Senators from blue states into office) into a mandate that Congress compromise and work together.

That’s funny. I was quite sure the American people flooded the voting booths to tell Congressional Republicans better get their act together and remember who and what they’re supposed to be representing:  a smaller government that will allow Americans to live their individual lives in economic and bureaucracy-free liberty.  Their job is to combat the Socialist Democrats who are transforming our country into a mediocre, Third World socialist welfare state.

Democrats, beginning with Obama, tried to pretend that their losses didn’t smart.

Nancy Pelosi: voter suppression was responsible for loss, according to an article in the Washington Times.

According to the Washington Post, Harry Reid’s chief of staff, David Krone, blamed Obama for the loss: “We were never going to be on the same page…the political team at the White House was never up to speed and on par for what we needed to get done.  We were beating our heads against a brick wall. The White House “likes to cast aspersions and point fingers at us.”

“No member of the Democratic caucus screwed up the rollout of that health-care Web site,” he added, “yet they paid the price — every one of them.”

As for Obama, he shrugged his shoulders at the loss and told the press that if Congress brought him a bill he could sign, he would sign it. In other words, he’ll do exactly what he pleases.  If Congress sends him bills he “likes,” he’ll simply executive order his own legislation.  A sort of one-man government.  A dictator.

Obama said he heard the voters, and he also heard the silence of the two-thirds of voting age Americans who didn’t vote. Obama, according to CNN, insisted that the bitter polarization that has plagued his crisis-scarred presidency and turned his hair gray doesn’t get him down.

“It doesn’t make me mopey,” he said. “It energizes me, because it means that this democracy’s working.”

Obama reached out to Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) on Wednesday and sounded an optimistic tone during the press conference.

“You know, actually, I would enjoy having some Kentucky bourbon with Mitch McConnell,” Obama said.

As for McConnell “The American people have spoken. They’ve given us divided government,” McConnell told reporters on the day after Republicans captured control of the Senate and expanded their majority in the House. “When the American people chose divided government, I don’t think it means they don’t want us to do anything. I think it means they want us to look for areas of agreement.”

The American people have spoken. They’ve given us divided government,” McConnell told reporters here on the day after Republicans captured control of the Senate and expanded their majority in the House. “When the American people chose divided government, I don’t think it means they don’t want us to do anything. I think it means they want us to look for areas of agreement.”

He said the full repeal of the Affordable Care Act was unrealistic, saying: “The veto pen is a pretty powerful tool.”

In an ambitious speech hours after his party gained control of both houses of Congress, McConnell warned Obama not to “poison the well” by pushing forward with unilateral action on immigration reform, and promised to introduce legislation that would permit the long-delayed Keystone XL pipeline, bitterly opposed by environmentalists.

“Reagan and Clinton are good examples of accepting the government you have rather than fantasizing about the government you wish you had,” said McConnell. “I am hoping [Obama] will decide to move to the centre.”

Finally, our own dear Chris Christie, glowing in the limelight of his trail blazing for Republican governors and the positive results, the George Washington Bridge non-crisis behind him, is now once again being considered as a potential candidate for the party in the 2016 presidential elections.

He said he was delighted with the result and urged Obama to work with the new political reality in Washington. “The president took a beating last night, and the fact is, you’ve got to sit down then with the folks on the other side and say to them, ‘OK, let’s see what we can agree on together’,” he told ABC News.

I had a very different impression of McConnell’s warning about idealistic government. He was talking about the voters and how there was going to be some legislation we wouldn’t like, but that we’d just have to get over it; that politics was about reality not some ideal form of government.

Excuse me, maybe I didn’t hear him right, but did he just tell the American voters that they would simply have to accept that bribery, corruption, backroom deals, and tinkling bourbon glasses are just a ‘fact of life’?

The American people know all too well just how corrupt politics is. That’s why we’ve never had any election turn-out higher than 62 percent in the modern history of the United States.  That’s why Americans tell pollsters that they hate politics.  That’s why they don’t pay attention.  That’s why they don’t come out to vote.

That’s why the Tea Parties got together and decided to do something about it back in 2009.

Last night on Fox News, Mara Liasson, NPR Political Consultant, noted that after the “debacle” of the 2010 mid-terms when some Tea Party (though not all) candidates went down in flames, she said the GOP learned its lesson and didn’t “allow” one Tea Party candidate to get on the ballot.

That must have been news to Tim Scott and Mia Love, among others. That’s certainly interesting news to Conservative voters, who dutifully went to their stations and pressed the buttons for Republicans.\

Let’s get something straight here. Most Tea Party leaders don’t advocate that inexperienced candidates run for the United States Senate.  In fact, we don’t bother ourselves with financing candidates at all.  Tea Party members are free to volunteer for whomever they wish, and they do so in great numbers.  If the Republicans were amazed at the turnout, they can thank the volunteers from the Tea Party and their GOTV initiatives.  The Republicans don’t have a ground game (as far as we know, they simply rely on wealthy donors who then tell them whose back to pat), so the Tea Parties created one themselves.

All over the country, Tea Parties network with one another on strategies for getting out the vote, analysing voter rolls for Conservative-friendly neighbourhoods to canvass, and plumbing those voter rolls for fraud.

We’re not about the politicians at all. We’re about the voters.  Visitors are surprised when they arrive – reluctantly – at tea party meetings and discover the room is filled with people just like themselves.  We don’t chant, yell, or strong-arm people.  Our leaders invite noted speakers to educate voters on the issues.  We sit quietly, ask questions, and sometimes make comments.  We don’t yell because the people who need to be yelled aren’t there.

If our federated republic, and the Constitution upon which it’s built, is a fantasy, it’s news to us. The document is only 26 pages long.  My car manual is longer.  How hard can it be to follow it?  Pretty hard, it turns out, if you what you’re about is money, power, and a socialist that will establish a very lucrative government bureaucracy, with guaranteed jobs – and voters – for life.

We certainly recognize the corruption of politics. Here in New Jersey, the stench is almost as strong as the marshy Meadowlands along the New Jersey Turnpike.  We hold our noses when we drive down the NJT and we have to hold our noses while we vote for purple Republicans who arrogantly tell us to get over it.

Just because we recognize it, however, does not mean that we have to accept it. That’s what the Tea Party rallies were about.  The 2,000 people who attended the Morristown Tea Party rally on the Green in Morristown carried home-made signs just to make sure you understood the message.  We carried signs because we wanted to be heard without turning into a raucous, undecipherable mob.

The people loved the signs. They loved wearing their tri-corn hats.  The Republican operatives who attended our meetings did not and insisted that the Tea Parties cease using them (I went into attack dog mode at that point, knowing just how important those signs were).  So the Tea Party leaders caved.  No more signs.  Once the signs went away, so did the people.  The rallies stopped and the Purple Republicans heaved a sigh of relief – and their financial backers cackled evilly.

Still, we have our tee shirts, caps, car magnets, bumper stickers and buttons. Our members have learned how to initiate public conversations by working in teams.  My Tea Party bumper magnet was stolen so many times that I had to lay in a supply to replace it.

And of course, we have our blogs and websites. Our biggest problem is getting out the vote during the Primaries, the election when we really do have a choice in terms of candidates.  We don’t advocate inexperienced candidates for higher office.  Our advice has been to the politically ambitious to start small – the way Sarah Palin did – and work their way up.

What we do advocate wholeheartedly is Conservatism. It would surprise many voters to know that Sen.  Mitch McConnell plans to party down with Obama & The Dems.  Is he kidding?  If I were the voters in Kentucky, I’d been drawing up the recall papers.  Compromise with the very party that caused 300 pieces of legislation to pile up on Harry Reid’s desk?  Refuse to even try to repeal Obamacare out of fear of Obama’s mighty pen?

The Republicans don’t have a supermajority, which is why they can’t override his more-than certain veto of his signature law. So, okay.  McConnell has promised to push through the Keystone Pipeline bill, on which Republicans and Democrats, at least the Conservative Dems, agree upon as a good thing for American.  Yay.

However, no one yet – Democrat or Republican – has explained exactly what they mean by “immigration reform.” Immigration reform is a wobbly, nebulous phrase that could be taken in two very different contexts.  Just what part of our immigration law does Congress intend to reform?  The part that, since 1965, has allowed chain immigration, flooding our borders (and airports) with illiterate, unemployed foreigners?  Does Congress intend to finally plug that hole in the good ship U.S.S. America?

Or do they intend to make the gap even wider? Are they going to build higher fences on the Mexican border while totally ignoring our border to the North?  Are they going to stem the flow of virus-carrying toddlers and heroin-bearing drug dealers, and allow more Europeans to immigrate here?

No one knows. Just like no one knew what was in the Affordable Care Act until Nancy Pelosi and her gang shoved it through the House, telling voters that it would have to be passed before they could read what was in it.

Politics – and the accompanying corruption – are what made Americans mad enough to come out and vote for the Republicans last Tuesday. This wasn’t a vote to send politicians to the Congressional Country and hang with their Democrat pals.  Have lunch at some D.C. bistro, read the papers, take some calls from donors, and then play a round with our traitor-in-chief.

Americans know you people in Washington are corrupt. They sent Republicans to fight, not dance with, the Socialist Democrats.  They sent you Republicans to defend our freedom, economically, morally, and politically.  Unfortunately, the Republican machine (which I suspect strongly is supported by Democrat financiers) is not much better than the Democrat machine.

Watching and listening to Mitch McConnell arrogantly dismiss defenders of the Constitution and the American people as “idealists” (read “crackpots”) only confirms that suspicion. He positively sneered at the mere notion of impeaching Obama if he signs the executive order allowing millions of illegal aliens to flood our borders.  Nixon was impeached and run out of office for far, far less in 1974.

McConnell has some sound principles in his agenda. But how many of them will he willingly sell off in order to court the losers in this political game?

Conservatives – or Tea Partiers, if you prefer – are a thorn in the side of Machine Republicans and their donors. You don’t have to be a Tea Partier to be a Conservative (but you do have to be a Conservative to be a Tea Partier).  The Media has taught you, the voter, to fear us, by mocking us and marginalizing us.

But you’re not the ones who should fear the Tea Party, and the ones who should (and secretly do) fear us know it.

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The GOP Happy Dance

Somber-faced Speaker of the House John Boehner, despite a record win in the U.S. Senate and picking up ten more seats in the House of Representatives, cautioned that this was “not a time to celebrate” yesterday’s sweeping Republican victory.  Evidently, he feared we might offend the sensitive Democrats.  Therefore, he’s banned all Happy Dances.

We Tea Parties are relieved that the Democrats didn’t win.  But we’re certainly not doing any Happy Dances yet.  We have a long way to go and the Republicans have proven time and again that they can’t be trusted to represent Americans.  Supposedly, the Republicans won in spite of the Tea Parties, not because of us.

Yet, South Carolina’s Tim Scott is the first black to be elected to the U.S. Senate since just after the Civil War. He’s a Republican.  A Tea Party Republican, first appointed by S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley, herself a Tea Party-supported candidate, Scott joins Mia Love, the first female Black Republican (from Colorado) ever elected to the House of Representatives as proof positive that the Tea Party matters.  Boehner might be able to take credit for supporting her, but Love was also the opening speaker at the Western Conservative Summit in 2013.

Love suggested that the Tea Party shift itself away from its philosophy of being “the Party of No,” however, the Tea Party isn’t a political party and if she truly supports the Tea Party’s “other” philosophies, she’ll understand that we derive our “philosophies” directly from the U.S. Constitution. The Constitution is the document of “No,” instructing the government exactly what it can do (not all that much, especially in regard to the individual states) and what it can’t (trample on the rights of the states).

Two Black Conservative Republicans. Who would have believed it?  The Media, the Democrats, and even the Establishment Republicans have convinced Americans that the Tea Party is a loosely-aligned band of kooks who run around in strange costumes, yelling our lungs out.

We are not “the” Tea Party, first of all. We are the Tea Parties, plural.  As in, individual, autonomous groups within the states, in our own backyards, taking it upon ourselves to keep our growing, bureaucratic government in check.  If Speak Boehner thinks he’s silenced us at last, well, he hasn’t the heard the last of us if his, and others’, platform for the next Congress is to work together with the defeated Democrats as one, united Congress.

Far from being the racist, hate-mongering, women-bashing hayseeds the Media would like everyone to believe us to be, we welcomed Blacks with open arms. They discovered the only requirement for joining our “country club” was that they love freedom.  They found a group of Americans shared values that the majority of others in their own communities didn’t.

Mia Love accepted the help of the National Republican Party and John Boehner, but rest assured, they were using her. Once accepted into their country club, she had to toe the line and distance herself from the Tea Parties if she expected them to fund her.  Our own Conservative senatorial candidate from New Jersey received very little in the way of support from the GOP.  He was handily defeated.

Rush Limbaugh has noted that among the greatest Tea Party foes are the donors to the Republican Party. They tell the GOP, according to Rush, that the Tea Party is bad for the Republican Party’s image.  Wouldn’t you just love to know exactly who these individuals and organizations are?  How do we know that, here in the Garden State at least, they’re not actually Democrats gaming the system to put in place the candidate least likely to win, in order to ensure that the Democrat candidate will emerge victorious?  It’s like the Lukoil and Exxon stations here in New Jersey that purchase properties on both sides of a highway to make sure a competitor can’t move in on their turf.

Big Government creates Big Bureaucracy and Big Bureaucracy enables Big Labor and lots of jobs, and not, coincidentally, lots of voters for Big Government. This is the self-feeding sloth that the Tea Parties have sworn to slay, or cut down to size, at any rate.

The Conservative Blacks have figured out what’s wrong with both parties and why the Tea Party is important, even if these candidates still wither in the heat of Sir John Boehner’s threats, party donors’ monied arrogance and probably duplicity, and the GOP’s general fecklessness.

Speaking of fecklessness, it can’t be said enough times that this victory is not an invitation to the Congressional prom. Voters sent these candidates to Washington to dance with the now-disenfranchised Democrats.  They haven’t sent the Republicans to compromise, coddle, co-mingle, cooperate, or canoodle with the Democrats.

We expect you to act like winners, not losers. We expect you to undo all the damage Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi have wrought in the last six years or more.  We expect you to fix the economy by lowering the corporate tax rate, increasing the interest rate, and stop printing money.  We expect you to reinvigorate our military through an increase in military funding.

We expect you Senators to win back our global friends and send a message of strength to our enemies, particularly ISIS. We expect Congress to fully repeal Obamacare.  We expect you to shore up our borders and send the illegal immigrants packing.  Never mind arresting them and giving them teddy bears.  Just put them on the next plane, bus, boat or train back to wherever they came from.  Now.  Shut the darned door.

Finally, we expect you to hold our Traitor-in-Chief accountable for his actions. If he signs an executive order granting amnesty to 34 million (?) illegal aliens by Christmas, we expect you to put in place plans, by Easter, to impeach him.  That’s right, Boehner, you sorry excuse for a Speaker of the House:  Impeach him.

We’ve won a temporary reprieve from a permanent tyranny by 2016. If the new, Republican-majority Congress is willing to dial back Obama’s transformation of America into a national socialist democratic republic, we can avoid permanent oblivion.

Betray the Americans who elected you, cross that aisle again, play kissy-face with the Democrats, clink your martini glasses, and wink at one another, and by 2016, American will no longer exist. Hilary Clinton will be the nominal, figurehead president under the auspices of a United Nations government (presided over by Obama), China will be our banker, and Islamic extremists our new, government-sanctioned religious police.

We, the Tea Parties, are keeping a close eye on every one of you. We’re not a party, but we will go on saying, “No.”

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Election Day 2014: The Rules of Law and the Rules of the Road

Americans hate politics. They love football.  They love driving.  But they hate politics and it shows in the percentage of Americans who vote.

If there’s anything American people hate worse than politics, it’s reading about politicians. Which gives them an excuse to drive away from the polls.

Yesterday, Rush Limbaugh received an anti-Tea Party caller who agreed with a Politico essay that stated that if the Republicans lose today, it will be the fault of the Tea Partiers. We’re the ones, the essay and the caller claimed, who will stay home because the GOP put up a bunch of moderate candidates or candidates who probably won’t win.

According to Rush’s caller, we’re a bunch of whiners. According to Michael Savage, all we want to do is talk about the Constitution.  Neither of these charges is accurate.

We do not stay home, even if the very party that bashes us has their entire team up on the ballot. Those candidates aren’t there because we stayed home.  We’re actually a small, but hardy band of civic-minded citizens.  They’re there because the politics-hating suburbanites stayed home during the Primaries.

Here in New Jersey, we had a measly GOP voter turnout of 25 percent during the Primaries in June. If you don’t like what you see on the ballot today and you didn’t show up in June, don’t whine to us or blame us, the Tea Partiers.  We warned you.

Radio host Michael Savage criticized Tea Partiers as Constitution-quoting bores. Poor Rush Limbaugh found himself on the defensive, trying to distance himself from a misrepresentation of the Tea Partiers.

We do not stay home on Election Day. Or Primary Day.  The only thing worse than voting for a Moderate Republican today is NOT voting for the Republican ballot today.  The General Election is not the day to be taking on the Establishment Republicans.  That’s what the Primaries are for.

Rush, who is always right, was right yesterday when he said that this vote today is a referendum on Obama and his anti-American policies. The National Review, in its last issue, noted that there are ways a strong, Conservative-minded Congress can get around Obama through funding (or defunding, as the case may be).

Stay home and allow the Democrats to rout the Republicans as a lesson to those cheeky bums who snub us politically, and there will be no hope for the Republic. Tea Partiers know that.  In meeting after meeting, we’ve always agreed on that point.  The problem isn’t us; it’s the Stay-At-Home Voter who figures their vote doesn’t count, or they want to teach the Establishment Republicans a lesson, or they want to send a message that they hate politics.

The Constitution, whether it strikes you as a boring civics lesson or not, is at issue in this election in some states, including New Jersey. Americans are largely ignorant of the Constitution because it requires memorization, and with our shorter-term memory spans shrinking alarmingly, they don’t want to be bothered.

Ignorance of the law is no excuse, as any police officer can tell you. As teenagers, we hated reading the state driving manual.  But we read it in order to get our coveted drivers licenses – and then promptly forgot what it said.  As long as we know the basics – following the speed limit, stopping at red lights, using your signal to change lanes – we figured we were good to go.

If you go speeding along Route 23 through Pequannock at 70 m.p.h. and the Pequannock Township cops pull you over (and they will because the speed limit is 50 m.p.h. until you cross into Wayne), telling the cop you didn’t see the posted speed limit will not avail you. Generally, the cops stop you right in front of speed limit sign, where you can’t miss it.

If you cross the double-yellow line on Macopin Road and the West Milford cops pull you over, the fact that you only speak Albanian will not get you out of that ticket. The election officials may not care if you’re an ethnic Albanian and neither will the cops.  Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

There are other laws of which most people are oblivious, such as safe driving and passing distances. The other day, I watched in horror on Route 208 West as an old lady cut off an oil heating truck, about two inches from his bumper.  Then, the driver pulled out, and cut the old lady off, two inches from her bumper.  While her car swayed back and forth in her lane, I kept a discreet distance back as did the impatient driver who had come out to pass me.

We don’t always like the laws or maybe we just don’t want to be bothered reading them, but there are usually good reasons for the traffic laws. They’re not always written simply to harass drivers and make money for the local and state police departments.

Many horrible accidents – and the concomitant traffic jams – could be avoided if automobile drivers were more aware of the safe passing distances regarding trucks. You can’t just cut back into a lane two inches off the bumper of an 18-wheel tractor-trailer truck, then stop at the traffic light up ahead that’s just turned red and not expect something to happen.  Those big vehicles need space to be able to stop.  I once saw an accident on Route 80 West where a big rig climbed right over a red sedan, instantly killing the elderly couple in front.

Everyone’s favorite targets here in Northern New Jersey are the dump truck drivers carting away what’s left of our pretty countryside. Sometimes they do drive too fast.  The other day, I was behind a truck whose load was lopsided.  Other times, according to a dump truck driver I met while waiting for my mom at a doctor’s appointment, the cars just cut him right off.

The dump truck, he said, has even less stopping distance than your average 18-wheeler. He said it was because the dump truck has fewer wheels with an equally heavy, if not heavier load, centered over a shorter wheel base.  People think that because the dump truck is shorter, that it can stop more easily.  But it can’t, and having been cut off, he’s had to roll the truck over when he can’t find a siding to pull onto in order to miss the car that cut him off.

That’s why knowing the rules is important. If Americans had read the Constitution, they’d know just how many rules Obama has broken during his double tenure as traitor-in-chief.  The Stay-At-Home voters may be right, this time; it may not matter who governs Congress in 2015, since Obama is inclined to use his magic powers and do what he wants by fiat, via the magical Executive Order.

As for the Constitution, let’s hope Garden State voters pay careful attention to the two public questions on today’s ballot. They are both Constitutional amendments.  One will take away a criminal suspects right to bail; the other is an environmental amendment dedicating state funds for everything from open spaces to hazardous site clean-ups.  The bill will involve raising the corporate business tax another two percent beginning in 2019.

Raising the business tax is the last thing New Jersey needs. We already have so few good, private sector jobs here that suburban family men are working double jobs in the retail sector to provide for their families.

As for amending the Constitution to deny bail, it’s very tempting to agree to this gutting of the Constitution, given the daily media feast of heinous crimes. However, it goes against the fundamental concept of American law, that a person is innocent until they’re proven guilty.  Keeping someone in jail without the ability to remain free until trial (under certain conditions) flouts the very concept of American justice.

You might think this is a great idea – until you are charged with a crime. And these days, more and more very common American freedoms are being turned into crimes.  Put the shackles on the other foot and ask yourself whether you would want to be jailed prematurely before the verdict is in?  Don’t give into this gutting of our Constitution.

That, Michael Savage, is why it’s important to know our Constitutional rights. Amendment VIII (8) says, “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.”  Amendment V (5), in part, states, “No person shall be…deprived of life, liberty of property, without due process of law.”

Judges have some leeway in deciding whether a crime has been too heinous and a criminal too desperate and too apt to flee to set bail for the suspect. The last thing we need is the elimination of bail which would keep too many suspects behind bars, at great cost to the taxpayer, in order to keep in check a small minority of extremely dangerous suspects.

Eliminating bail amounts to unlawful imprisonment. Dedicating funds to an already bloated state bureaucracy guarantees New Jersey will devolve into a permanent, social welfare state.

Vote no to these two Constitution wreckers. The Constitution was written to protect us: we, the people, not them, the politicians.

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Jeff Bell and the Gold Standard

Jeff Bell and the Gold Standard

The New Jersey GOP’s candidate for the U.S. Senate, Jeff Bell, has run his campaign on a platform of returning the United States to the gold standard. Most people would, I’m afraid, consider this a crackpot theory from an old candidate past his prime.  Is there even enough gold to support it?  How could there possibly be enough gold to pay off our $17 trillion debt?  Consequently, they might be tempted to stay ho me.

But Bell sent out an e-mail explaining his gold standard theory and it makes more sense than you might think it at first. So here’s what his e-mail says:

As I’ve been telling you all along, I ran for U.S. Senate in New Jersey because I felt that we were headed for trouble unless we made a major change in the economy. Let me tell you exactly why.  Right now this country is in the slowest economy recovery of our modern history. Growth is tepid, good job openings are scarce, and most working people struggle to get a loan. The most frequent question I’ve gotten in nine months of campaigning around the state of New Jersey is, Why? Why is the economy stuck in place? Why can’t my child who is a recent college graduate find a decent job? Why are my own wages failing to keep up with rising prices?

My answer is that the Federal Reserve for six years has been stepping on the throat of the economy. Its zero interest rate policy, begun in December 2008, is the culprit. Banks are lending to the government rather than small business — the main source of new job creation — because of the incentive created by it. Individuals can’t earn a return on their savings. We have an economy that wants to recover but is treading water instead.  If we stay in this present course, three outcomes are possible. We could tip into a recession, we could have a market collapse like we had in 2008, or prices could rise dramatically and we would have high inflation.

I don’t know which is most likely to happen, but unfortunately I believe the Federal Reserve has done things that will cause at least one of the three to happen.  Simply ending the Federal Reserve’s zero interest rate policy is not enough by itself, because that has big consequences of its own. If interest rates are allowed to return to normal, that will add about $400 billion to the annual federal deficit. It also could set the stage for a dramatic sell-off of stocks, bonds, and other sources of household wealth that have been artificially juiced by the zero interest rate policy. So ending the Fed’s disastrous zero interest rate policy risks the same bad results as keeping it in place.

How do we get out of this straightjacket? I believe we must go back to the gold standard for the first time in 40 years because it contains all of the self-correcting mechanisms for our current situation. A gold-backed dollar would let the marketplace, rather than the Federal Reserve Board, set interest rates and determine the size of the money supply. Instead of watching and worrying what the Fed is going to do, our markets could function knowing that the value of t dollar won’t change and interest rates would adjust according to supply and demand for credit.  Just as importantly, going back on the gold standard would embed limited government in Washington.

Congress would need to balance its budgets in the long-run when it could no longer rely on the Federal Reserve to continually print money to finance them. Our existing debt could be refinanced at better terms since the dollar we would be using to pay it back would no longer be depreciating due to inflation. And finally, members of Congress would be at the mercy of anti-deficit voters in a way they aren’t right now.

Do I think we can go back to the gold standard overnight? Of course not. I’ve proposed it as a three-and-a-half year process that gradually brings the market in and cuts the Federal Reserve out of determining the dollar’s value. I still believe the Fed should continue to exist to serve the roles it was created for: administering the money supply to avoid panics and being a lender of last resort if it fails at the first function.  I would not have run for U.S. Senate if I had found someone else to champion this.

Here’s why I think I couldn’t: members of Congress — in both parties — are afraid of losing the Federal Reserve’s money printing support for their spending programs. They don’t want to take power away from an institution that lets them off the hook for being accountable for their fiscal policies. If that happened, legislators like Cory Booker would have to justify the return on investment of every new spending measure they introduce. This has the potential to sink whole chunks of the Democratic Party’s agenda. For their part, even anti-deficit Republicans have chosen to be the Party of No rather than problem solvers. That’s why no one is too optimistic things will change if they take over the Senate tomorrow.

I don’t know if Election Day will be the inflection point I’m describing above, but I am sure that the present course we are on isn’t sustainable. And it’s very likely to catch up with Republican candidates in 2016 if our party doesn’t not come up with a way out of the straightjacket. Hillary Clinton knows how to win elections by promising voters government support, and I believe her argument will be politically viable if there’s no compelling alternative offered.  I’ve staked everything on this campaign not because I desire to hold elective office, but because I saw no other way to fix what’s wrong with the economy. I’m hoping that tomorrow will be a big step in the right direction. Whatever happens, it’s been a great privilege to campaign to represent the voters of New Jersey.

Jeff Bell for Senate

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