The GOP Happy Dance

Somber-faced Speaker of the House John Boehner, despite a record win in the U.S. Senate and picking up ten more seats in the House of Representatives, cautioned that this was “not a time to celebrate” yesterday’s sweeping Republican victory.  Evidently, he feared we might offend the sensitive Democrats.  Therefore, he’s banned all Happy Dances.

We Tea Parties are relieved that the Democrats didn’t win.  But we’re certainly not doing any Happy Dances yet.  We have a long way to go and the Republicans have proven time and again that they can’t be trusted to represent Americans.  Supposedly, the Republicans won in spite of the Tea Parties, not because of us.

Yet, South Carolina’s Tim Scott is the first black to be elected to the U.S. Senate since just after the Civil War. He’s a Republican.  A Tea Party Republican, first appointed by S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley, herself a Tea Party-supported candidate, Scott joins Mia Love, the first female Black Republican (from Colorado) ever elected to the House of Representatives as proof positive that the Tea Party matters.  Boehner might be able to take credit for supporting her, but Love was also the opening speaker at the Western Conservative Summit in 2013.

Love suggested that the Tea Party shift itself away from its philosophy of being “the Party of No,” however, the Tea Party isn’t a political party and if she truly supports the Tea Party’s “other” philosophies, she’ll understand that we derive our “philosophies” directly from the U.S. Constitution. The Constitution is the document of “No,” instructing the government exactly what it can do (not all that much, especially in regard to the individual states) and what it can’t (trample on the rights of the states).

Two Black Conservative Republicans. Who would have believed it?  The Media, the Democrats, and even the Establishment Republicans have convinced Americans that the Tea Party is a loosely-aligned band of kooks who run around in strange costumes, yelling our lungs out.

We are not “the” Tea Party, first of all. We are the Tea Parties, plural.  As in, individual, autonomous groups within the states, in our own backyards, taking it upon ourselves to keep our growing, bureaucratic government in check.  If Speak Boehner thinks he’s silenced us at last, well, he hasn’t the heard the last of us if his, and others’, platform for the next Congress is to work together with the defeated Democrats as one, united Congress.

Far from being the racist, hate-mongering, women-bashing hayseeds the Media would like everyone to believe us to be, we welcomed Blacks with open arms. They discovered the only requirement for joining our “country club” was that they love freedom.  They found a group of Americans shared values that the majority of others in their own communities didn’t.

Mia Love accepted the help of the National Republican Party and John Boehner, but rest assured, they were using her. Once accepted into their country club, she had to toe the line and distance herself from the Tea Parties if she expected them to fund her.  Our own Conservative senatorial candidate from New Jersey received very little in the way of support from the GOP.  He was handily defeated.

Rush Limbaugh has noted that among the greatest Tea Party foes are the donors to the Republican Party. They tell the GOP, according to Rush, that the Tea Party is bad for the Republican Party’s image.  Wouldn’t you just love to know exactly who these individuals and organizations are?  How do we know that, here in the Garden State at least, they’re not actually Democrats gaming the system to put in place the candidate least likely to win, in order to ensure that the Democrat candidate will emerge victorious?  It’s like the Lukoil and Exxon stations here in New Jersey that purchase properties on both sides of a highway to make sure a competitor can’t move in on their turf.

Big Government creates Big Bureaucracy and Big Bureaucracy enables Big Labor and lots of jobs, and not, coincidentally, lots of voters for Big Government. This is the self-feeding sloth that the Tea Parties have sworn to slay, or cut down to size, at any rate.

The Conservative Blacks have figured out what’s wrong with both parties and why the Tea Party is important, even if these candidates still wither in the heat of Sir John Boehner’s threats, party donors’ monied arrogance and probably duplicity, and the GOP’s general fecklessness.

Speaking of fecklessness, it can’t be said enough times that this victory is not an invitation to the Congressional prom. Voters sent these candidates to Washington to dance with the now-disenfranchised Democrats.  They haven’t sent the Republicans to compromise, coddle, co-mingle, cooperate, or canoodle with the Democrats.

We expect you to act like winners, not losers. We expect you to undo all the damage Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi have wrought in the last six years or more.  We expect you to fix the economy by lowering the corporate tax rate, increasing the interest rate, and stop printing money.  We expect you to reinvigorate our military through an increase in military funding.

We expect you Senators to win back our global friends and send a message of strength to our enemies, particularly ISIS. We expect Congress to fully repeal Obamacare.  We expect you to shore up our borders and send the illegal immigrants packing.  Never mind arresting them and giving them teddy bears.  Just put them on the next plane, bus, boat or train back to wherever they came from.  Now.  Shut the darned door.

Finally, we expect you to hold our Traitor-in-Chief accountable for his actions. If he signs an executive order granting amnesty to 34 million (?) illegal aliens by Christmas, we expect you to put in place plans, by Easter, to impeach him.  That’s right, Boehner, you sorry excuse for a Speaker of the House:  Impeach him.

We’ve won a temporary reprieve from a permanent tyranny by 2016. If the new, Republican-majority Congress is willing to dial back Obama’s transformation of America into a national socialist democratic republic, we can avoid permanent oblivion.

Betray the Americans who elected you, cross that aisle again, play kissy-face with the Democrats, clink your martini glasses, and wink at one another, and by 2016, American will no longer exist. Hilary Clinton will be the nominal, figurehead president under the auspices of a United Nations government (presided over by Obama), China will be our banker, and Islamic extremists our new, government-sanctioned religious police.

We, the Tea Parties, are keeping a close eye on every one of you. We’re not a party, but we will go on saying, “No.”

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