Sin City Signing

How appropriate that our Constitution-defying traitor-in-chief will be signing his executive order granting 5 million plus illegal aliens permanent amnesty in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Never mind that Congress passed no bill regarding such a “reform” in regarding to immigration.  Never mind that there are no jobs for these 5 million “immigrants.”  Never mind that he grossly overstepped his authority as president to get this done because Congress failed to send him a bill he felt he could sign.  In other words, it was his way or his way.  So much for “compromise.”

He magnanimously gave a nod to the 350 million American citizens, the majority of whom opposed this amnesty, by declaring that he was only absolving the “good illegal” immigrants who’ve committed no felonies (other than entering the country illegally).  As long as they behave and pay their taxes, he was ordering that they be issued work visas.  He also said that the visas would be temporary.

Many of these immigrants are visa overstays.  They already overstayed their temporary visas.  What’s going to be different this time?

Oh – they’ll have driver’s licenses, which will enable them to get to work.  And to the polling place, where they can vote, because no one checks for legal citizenship anymore.  The Democrats had to fall on their swords in the midterms, but only in Red states, not Blue.

Is the 5 million number for real?  I hope some “good” media types will let the rest of us know if the number is 5 million or 35 million.  This amnesty should also change the unemployment rate, shouldn’t it, giving Obama another Socialist medal on his chest?

The Mainstream Media has practically sanctified Obama as the patron saint of Hispanic families.  The front page of this morning’s newspaper showed an Hispanic family weeping with happiness.  They’re willing to fall on their Socialist swords, too, and hide the fact that there’s an even more worrisome illegal immigrant population – or at least the next worst thing to illegal immigrants:  the Muslims, who are here on the grounds of fleeing religious and political persecution.

Americans never really bought the multicultural diversity propaganda.  Our families came from all over the European map, from Ireland to Italy, from, yes, Spain, to Poland.  The other day, we were listening to Fairleigh Dickinson University’s WFDU.  On Sunday evenings, around the dinner hour, you can listen to polka music.

Let’s see the Hispanics dance to that.  Or at least try to.  You have to be fairly vigorous to attempt the polka.

If the Hispanics have their way, white Europeans will be a minority, and the majority of America will be Hispanic.  That means one culture, not many.  Taco Bells and bodegas selling bags of xochitl will be on every corner. Mexican restaurants will replace Italian restaurants. They’ve already done so here in my town.  I plan to capitalize on this invasion by investing in Zantac (Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals) and Prilosec (Procter & Gamble).

We won’t be multicultural at all.  We’ll be one culture, and one culture only.  We always forget the Spanish side of the Hispanics.  We only think of their sympathetic, Black genes.  Yeah, the Spanish (not the English) who conquered the Caribbean and settled California and the Southwest.  That’s who we’re supposed to give California back to.  Not the original natives (who, originally being from Asia give the Chinese more of a claim than the Spanish), but the original conquerors.

Si, usted es un conquistador, Senor Presidente.  Yes, you are a Constitution-crushing conqueror.  You know you are and you’re proud of your status.  Your minions are planning to place your blockhead on Mount Rushmore.  It’s no joke that you boasted on a radio program that if it were up to you, you would throw out the U.S. Constitution and start over.  Being constricted by laws is very inconvenient for un conquistador, an emperor, a tyrant.  That’s why the U.S. Constitution, along with the Bill of Rights (which goes further to protect the individual), was written.  To shackle someone like you and your minions.

Obama has done just what many of us warned seven years ago; he would grant amnesty to illegal aliens and grant them, by fiat, legal status.  Essentially, those five million plus illegals are now citizens, free to overwhelmingly vote Socialist-Communists into office.  You didn’t believe us; not even you Moderate Republicans.  He wouldn’t do that, you said; he can’t do that – the President of the United States doesn’t have the power.  It’s illegal.  It’s unconstitutional.

Well, guess what?  He just did it.  Would you like a further prediction?  Once his work is done here destroying the America as we knew it, he will go on to become head of the United Nations.  His surrogate, the next president-in-name-only of the United States, will subjugate all the remaining laws of the United States to the jurisdiction of the United Nations.

Tums, anyone?

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