Black Lies Matter?

The grand jury in the shooting of Michael Brown by a Ferguson, Mo., police officer, delivered their verdict last night.  They delivered a no-bill non-indictment of Officer Darren Wilson.  The term used to be “acquittal,” meaning they found no evidence to support any of the charges against him.

After that, it was just like the riots of the 1960s.  Rioters burned and/or looted stores and businesses in Ferguson.  “Protests” spread to other major cities, beginning with Oakland, Calif., a city across the bay from San Francisco (known to Garden Staters who’ve transferred to California as the Newark (N.J.) of the West Coast).

The grand jury found that Officer Wilson’s wounds and Brown’s wounds were not consistent with witnesses who testified that Brown was kneeling and had his hands up in surrender.  They were forced to recant their testimony.  Other witnesses reported that Brown charged Officer Wilson, declaring, “You’re too much of a [wussy] to shoot me.”

The “other witnesses” were all black.  Nevertheless, the “protesters” basically burned down Ferguson’s business district.  After their initial riot over the reading of the verdict in Clayton, the county seat, they smashed business windows, fired guns into the air, burned two police cars, and attacked reporters from Fox, CNN, and MSNBC.

Then, they hopped into their cars and headed for the Ferguson business district, where they not only smashed windows, but looted stores and businesses before burning many of them to the ground.

Despite the grand jury’s acquittal of Officer Wilson, protesters across the country held to their story:  that Wilson had “murdered” Brown.  Interestingly, they looted and set fire to the liquor store where Brown and a companion shoplifted a box of cigarillos, then manhandled the tiny proprietor when he challenged them.

Wilson first encountered Brown walking down the middle of the street.  He pulled over and told them to get out of the road.  As he was getting out of his patrol car, Wilson heard a report that someone matching Brown’s description had stolen something from the same liquor store Brown had been in a few minutes before.

Before Wilson could get out of his vehicle, Brown pushed him in and fought Wilson for his gun.  Shots were fired and Brown fled.  Wilson yelled at him to stop.  Brown and his friend stopped and turned around.  The friend complied.  But Brown taunted them officer, then charged him, “with his head down like a football player” according to witnesses.  Wilson fired in self-defense.

What are we to make of protestors chants of “Hands Up.  Don’t Shoot?”  Should we add to the line, “’Cuz if you shoot, we will loot”?  The looting began with Brown stealing from a local store.  Stealing doesn’t warrant a death sentence.  But trying to kill a copy who’s going to arrest you for the crime may.

Just what exactly is the “Social Justice” solution that Black activists propose?  Since they believe in the redistribution of wealth, are we to assume that henceforth all Black, or other minority, teenagers have special license to take what they want without paying for it?  To bully merchants?  To kill cops who try to stop them?

Should police stand aside, as the Ferguson Fire Dept. was forced to do when, taking a page of Sixties’ riot history, protesters fired on the firefighters as they tried to quench the blazes the rioters had set?  There’s a lot more going on in Ferguson (and Oakland and L.A. – where protestors blocked the 10 Freeway last night, backing traffic up for miles) than cops versus robbers.  Or black versus white.

Those are excuses for plunging our nation into the long-awaited Socialist transformation first begun in the late 19th Century with the publication of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels’ The Communist Manifesto.  In New York City, protesters shut down the Brooklyn, Manhattan and Triboro bridges – the U.K. Daily Mail used the Triboro’s former name, not its rechristened name, the Robert F. Kennedy, or RFK, Memorial Bridge, a name no one uses.  Pictures show them holding pre-printed signs reading:  “Stop the racist killer cops!  Am I next?” courtesy of

Another photo, from Washington, D.C., shows a group of women protesters giving the old Black Power salute.  In Oakland, as one guy burnt an American flag, another protestor held up a home-made sign that read, “Darren Wilson murdered an innocent child,” with the word “CHILD” in caps and underlined.

Wilson was 18, legally an adult.  In Seattle, protesters also tried to take an interstate highway.  But Seattle police made some arrests.  Some “woebegone” protesters are seen sitting, handcuffed, on the sidewalk, probably realizing they made a huge mistake and will have even more than the usual difficult finding a job in the future with a police record.

In New York, the Times Square protest led to the smearing of the police commissioner with red paint to resemble fake blood, and at least one officer was injured in the “activity.”

Obviously, we shouldn’t paint all Black people with the same broad brush.  After all, it was Black witnesses who backed up Officer Wilson’s account of the Brown shooting.  Notably, the Black (and White and Hispanic protesters) were mainly young – and obviously grossly misinformed, misled, and mistaken.

Clearly, they think it’s unfair that police can arrest someone for stealing, and shoot them if they not just resist but actually mount a counterattack against armed police officers.  Ferguson citizens point to the armored vehicles and gear with which the police have been equipped.

One look at the riots in Ferguson, and other cities like Oakland, tell you why such heavy-duty hardware is necessary in order to keep the peace.  In New York City, and surrounding cities like Newark, Jersey City, and Paterson, businesses use riot gates for their storefront.  They’ve used them since the Newark riots of 1967, when the city’s poorest ward was selected for demolition to make way for a hospital.

While no Garden Staters (except the Alliance) blamed the black residents for being angry, bad management decisions were no excuse for rioting, looting and burning the city down.  Newark already had a bad name.  Now it’s synonymous with the phrase “urban blight.”

In 1900, the “Brick City” was 97.2 percent white.  Ten years later, it would reach its zenith in population.  By 1920, nearly 22 percent of the city’s population had fled.  The 1967 resulted in a significant population loss of the city’s middle class, many of them Jewish, which continued from the 1970s through to the 1990s.  The city lost about 130,000 residents between 1960 and 1990.

From the 1950s to 1967, as the white population shrank from 363,000 to 158,000, its Black population grew from 70,000 to 220,000.  The percentage of Non-Hispanic whites declined from 82.8 percent in 1950 to 11.6 percent by 2010.

Ferguson, Mo., saw a similar decline in white population around the turn of this, new, century.  The White people formed entirely new communities (never mind where, although Clayton is said to be one of them) far away from the alien culture that gripped Ferguson – a Socialist culture that called stealing “wealth redistribution” and used Trotskyite “racism” to make a case against the fleeing White population and its wealth – without which, cities like Newark and Ferguson had no means of support.

Here in New Jersey, as white people literally headed for the hills of northwestern New Jersey, Essex County and the state of New Jersey scratched their bureaucratic heads wondering where they were going to find the money to support these urban blight zones.  The solution was to raise property and business taxes, diverting the county portion of taxes to the appropriate cities.

County residents (Passaic, Sussex, Morris) were furious.  But we didn’t know what to do – until the Tea Party opportunity came along.  We’re not the slash-and-burn type of people.  Someone suggested protesting in Newark on April 15, 2009.  Well, that was totally nuts.  No one who valued their life was going to go to Newark.  So we chose Morristown, our backyard, instead.

The war between Blacks and Whites is only racial in terms of the convenience of contrast between our skin colors.  Makes for good photos and copy.  The real division runs deeper.  The difference between right and wrong.  The difference between dependence and independence.  The difference between entitlement and ownership.  The difference between property burning and property ownership.

The difference between Socialism and Capitalism.  The difference between looting and shopping.  The difference between defying the law and obeying it.  The difference between agitators organizing your protest group and organizing your group on your own (which the Morristown Tea Party did, and other N.J. groups afterwards following the same plan).

The difference between blaming and gaming the system, and using it to peacefully ensure justice.  The difference between blaming history and making history.  The difference between living in the past and looking forward to the future.

Those differences make a mighty wide gap.  We saw last night just how wide it is and how little “progress” Progressives have made in closing it.  In fact, they’ve widened, it deliberately because they want their revolution.  They want to overthrow the established order, the order that has kept America relatively peaceful for the last 200 years or so.

We’ve had riots before: The Boston Massacre, for instance, where the “patriotic” mob taunted the British soldiers.  Crispus Attucks, a huge black man, menaced one of the soldiers and he fired.  John Adams defended the British soldiers and got nearly all of them acquitted except their captain.

The Whiskey Rebellion in Massachusetts.  That didn’t work out too well for the Massachusetts farmers.  The Civil War draft riots, in which Irish workers refused to fight for the North in order to free the black slaves.  The Philadelphia riots, in which (I believe) the transit company refused to hire black street car drivers, even though there was a labor shortage due to World War II, or only paid them half the salary of white drivers.

Historians often write that Crispus Attucks was a hero.  But a true reading of history will show that he was an agitator and was culpable in his own death.  William Dawes, one of the riders to Lexington and Concord, was black and a hero.  But no one writes about him.  Most schoolchildren don’t even know that he was Black, if they’ve heard of him at all.

The grand jury in Clayton concluded that the evidence shows that Michael Brown was no hero, no victim, no martyr.  He’d committed one criminal act, and then another, and then another (twice trying to attack a police officer).   Ultimately, Officer Wilson had to fire in self-defense, and Michael Brown died.

Unlike Jean Val-Jean in Les Miserables, jailed for stealing a loaf of bread, Michael Brown unnecessarily stole a box of some very unnecessary cigars, menaced the store owner, and then the cop who tried to bring him to real justice.  Michael Brown was the perpetrator, not the victim.

The police are here to prevent the Michael Browns of the world from mugging and bullying us.  Without them, our civilization would end.  Transform our society into a jungle without police officers (as parts of East St. Louis are doing), as the Socialists want, and civilization as we know it, but apparently young Blacks don’t, will end.

The Blacks can lie to themselves and the Media all they want, but the verdict is in:  Officer Wilson, not Michael Brown, was the hero.  Let us give notice to the Socialists:  we will not become your victims.  We will protect ourselves and our peaceful way of life.  We will not suffer savages to be turned into saints to whom we must make obeisance.

If there is a divide between us and them, then we intend to remain us.  “They” are welcome to join “us” in peace, prosperity, and freedom.  Not rioting, looting, burning, and lying in the name of “Social Justice.”

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