“Black” Friday

Surely you saw this coming?  Black Out for Human Rights is urging Black Americans to boycott Black Friday sales.  The group was founded in October by Ryan Coogler, award-winning director of Fruitvale Station, an in-depth look at the death of unarmed 22-year-old Oscar Grant at the hands of a transit officer in Oakland, Calif. in 2008.

marketing director Michael Latt told Forbes that the boycott is an attempt to challenge the capitalist powers that be, but also to encourage those sick of the status quo to spend their Black Friday doing something more useful than shopping.

Grey’s Anatomy star and social activist Jesse Williams, who has over 823,000 followers tweeted yesterday, “Recognize the stranglehold that corporate money has on the neck of public policy, including the levers of [in]justice. #BlackoutBlackFriday,

At the bottom of the group’s banner you can  read #blackoutforchange”.

That’s what this is all about and probably the jury’s verdict was scheduled to coincide with Black Friday, the traditional post-Thanksgiving Day sale, so-named for the day when companies are out of the red ink (debt) and using black ink (profiting).

Given the evidence, did the grand jury really need three months to reach the verdict?  The Black activists and Michael Brown’s family naturally wanted Officer Wilson indicted on charges that he could have found some other way to defend himself from the raging bull charging at him like a linebacker.

Wilson has no regrets.  “He would have killed me.”

The police officer had every right to use his weapon in self-defense.  That’s one of those things Social Justice activists want to change.  They want to make the streets safe for robbery, drug dealing, rape, and murder.  It’s not fair that so many Black “boys” are incarcerated and often murdered on the mean streets, even though 93 percent of the murders are caused by other Blacks.

Don’t waste your time trying to convince.  Or their bobbleheaded white brothers and sisters in arms and arson we saw marching uptown from Lower Manhattan.  The CNN reporter was all agog at the great number of marchers.  Lower Manhattan is the location of the housing projects of the Bowery, as well as New York University and Cooper Union.  Columbia University is Uptown, near Morningside Heights in a notoriously crime-ridden area in Harlem.

Hunter College is in the northern section of Midtown.  But Pace University is downtown.  Hunter is a notoriously radical school, as is NYU.  So the activists had plenty of useful idiots to volunteer for their “protest.”

They couldn’t have found a better-suited “martyr” than Michael Brown.  Initially, stopped for walking in the middle of busy road.  When told to get on the sidewalk (originally, street witnesses had it that he was told to get off the sidewalk – oops), Brown responded to the copy with profanity.  Then he attacked Officer Wilson, who by now recognized Brown as the suspect in a robbery that had occurred a few minutes earlier.  Brown pushed Wilson into his patrol car and fought the officer for his gun.  Wilson shot him.

Brown ran off.  Had he kept going, he’d be alive today to push around other diminutive shop owners whose establishments he would rob.  If he had followed the officer’s order to stop – which by law Officer Wilson was compelled to do, lest he be charged with allowing a perpetrator to get away and suspended from the police force – he’d be alive and in prison.

Instead, hopped up on pot, he attacked Wilson and Wilson fired his gun at the massive hulk hurtling towards him.  The attorney for Brown’s family was on Hannity last night.  He insisted that Brown was the “victim” in this matter.  He wanted to know why Wilson didn’t let Brown go, why didn’t he use “prosecutorial discretion,” why he didn’t use a stun gun (Wilson wasn’t carrying one at the time).

Not only is this case not about race, it’s also not about police brutality.  Hannity asked questions such as, ‘Why didn’t Brown just surrender quietly?  Why did rob the store?  Why didn’t he just get out of the street when the cop told him to?  Why did he bum rush an armed police officer?’

Nonplussed, the attorney replied that “Michael is dead.  He can’t defend himself.”  He insisted that Hannity was making it sound like Michael was the criminal instead of the victim.

Well, let’s see.  Because he was the criminal?  Because he did rob the store (it’s on the videotape)?  Because various witnesses back up Officer Wilson’s story that Brown attacked him in the car, and then charged at him a few seconds later?  Because the witnesses were responsible Black citizens?

This is about the Social Justice agenda of the redistribution of wealth.  According to them, Michael Brown didn’t really hurt anyone stealing that box of cigarillos (except the storeowner who had to take the loss).  If a Black cop had been on duty, he wouldn’t have stopped Brown from walking in the middle of the street?  He wouldn’t have stopped him as a recognized perpetrator on a robbery report?  Brown wouldn’t have given a Black cop attitude, sworn at him, tried to take his weapon to kill, and finally, charge him at a full run.

Probably not.  Brown would have respected a Black cop but not a White cop.  Wait a minute – isn’t that racist?  Shouldn’t Brown have respected the law, not respect (or disrespect) the color of the police officer’s skin?

The vandals (to use the correct term) tore up the shop where Brown committed the robbery, but didn’t burn it down.  They set fire to a number of other businesses, though.  Burnt them to the ground and shot at the firemen who tried to put out the blazes.  Just like in the Sixties.

The Black activists have acknowledged my amateur guess that this was a movement of the young Blacks.  “This is our race war,” one young “lady” declared.  This is their Mobile, their Watts, their Haight-Ashbury, their Newark.

Funny thing about Newark – that particular riot was about destroying the poorest ward in the city to put up a hospital, not a shopping mall.  Even so, no one we knew of was in favor of evicting all those unfortunate people, destroying their neighborhood.  Even if we had been, where would they have gone?  Here in the suburbs?  Like I say, no one wanted to see them thrown out of their homes.

Nevertheless, they were, and Newark burned for a week.  Black business owners in the city put up signs noting that they were “Brothers.”  The rest of the business owners were all too happy to collect what insurance money they could and head for the new malls opening to the north and west in the suburbs.  Crime followed them.  But the criminals had to get onto to buses to go to the malls and back home again.  It wasn’t like they could set fire to a mall or a store and the just sidle on home.

Black Fridays have become more dangerous, with midnight openings leaving unsuspecting (and very stupid) white consumers at the mercy of thugs.  The police have had to stand guard even here in our local box store malls.

So now, the stores are going to be open all day on Thanksgiving Day so that the working class citizen can spend their money in safety.  So much for recognizing God in our daily lives.  God can’t beat a sale on a new Smartphone, a Disney Princess Elsa, a NERF Blaster, or an LED Smart HDTV.

I suppose it’s a good idea, given the current situation.  The stores can sell off their merchandise on Thanksgiving, before the looters raid their stores on “Black Friday” and then burn them down.  We shouldn’t be giving them any ideas, of course.  But evidently, it’s already occurred to them to do just that.

While we’re on the subject of Thanksgiving, Ferguson, Mo., and “Black” Friday, let us give thanks for The Blaze’s Dana Loesch.  Dana is a hometown gal from Ferguson, and kept us informed on Glenn Beck’s The Blaze Channel practically from Day One about the Michael Brown incident.  Without her, we would never have known the true facts about what was happening in Ferguson.

Glenn often says he’s never quite sure why he does what he does, except that it’s some kind of nudge from God.  This was definitely a nudge in the right direction.  Thank you, God, for nudging Glenn into hiring Dana.  Thank you, Dana.  I’m sure that Officer Wilson is grateful for all your support.  I know we viewers are grateful to you (and Glenn, and God!).

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