The Cuban Exile Crisis

Now that Obama has normalized, by fiat, international relations with Cuba, all is right with the Communist world.  Proponents argue that we normalized relations with Vietnam and with China, thanks to Richard Nixon, of all presidents.  So why not Cuba?

Revisionists hold the United States was responsible for Castro turning against the United States after it supported his rebellion to overthrow the corrupt Cuban Pres. Fulgencio Batista in the 1950’s.

Fidel Castro became premier on Jan. 1, 1959.  He immediately nationalized all industries and banks.  He instituted a program of sweeping economic and social changes, according to the World Almanac’s summary, without restoring promised liberties.

“Opponents were imprisoned, and some were executed.  Over 700,000 Cubans emigrated in the first years after the Castro takeover, mostly to the United States.  By 1960 [the year JFK was inaugurated], all banks and industrial companies had been nationalized, including over $1 billion worth of U.S.-owned properties, mostly without compensation.

“In 1961, some 1,400 Cubans, trained and backed by the CIA, unsuccessfully tried to overthrow Castro’s regime.”  The failure became known as the Bay of Pigs Fiasco and left a black mark on JFK’s record.  He rebounded from the disaster by blockading the USSR from installing nuclear missiles on the island in 1962.  Thirteen days later, Nikita Kruschev withdrew the missiles.  The agreement, however, called for the withdrawal of U.S. missiles from Turkey.

And that, boys and girls, is what the Cuban Missile Crisis was all about.  Castro had no role in the crisis, other than serving as a willing puppet for the Soviet Union.  The attempt to assassinate him came only after he already betrayed the United States.

Older Cuban exiles can tell you how, as schoolchildren, they were forced to take the very same Pencil Test U.S. schoolchildren were taking back in the Sixties.  They can tell you horror stories of relatives, mainly male, who were murdered by Che Guevara and Fidel Castro, or disappeared, never to be seen again.

Those are factual stories you’ll never find in any contemporary U.S. history textbook.  The textbook industry has been overtaken by Penton Media, which has bought up every American textbook publisher and rewritten our history to match Common Core standards.

That is to say, America is always wrong.  America is wrong to resist Communism.  Resisting Communism is a form of oppression.  Communists feel they have the civil right to be Communists and force the rest of us into the same red shackles.

Now that we have a Communist Commander-in-Chief, the Communists have achieved their goal of establishing “normal” relations with the Emerald Isle of the Caribbean.

Cuba was once a paradise.  During the Twenties and Thirties of the 20th Century, cruise lines made regular runs to Havana, with its tropical beauty, nightclubs and casinos.  Even middle class tourists could sail to Havana in relative style aboard ships like the S.S. Morro Castle (the ship that was torched by a disgruntled crew member and run aground at Asbury Park, N.J.).

Entrepreneurs have been longing for this Cuban-American business reunion.  Big donors – big GOP donors – knew what they were doing when they backed the communistic Obama and placed before Republican voters the most ineligible candidate since Bob Dole – John McCain.  Big money lies along the New York-Havana route.  They’ve enlisted a good deal of money in backing Obama and in cruise lines and Cuban hotels and nightclubs to bring this about.

My great-grandmother was a cabin stewardess working the New York-Havana route back in the Twenties.  One of her best friends, Fanny Kirby, was a stewardess aboard the Morro Castle, returning from Cuba.  She was in her Sixties at the time, but still managed to save a little boy who’d been separated from his parents.

“Aunt” Fanny told the little boy to cling to her neck as she slid down one of the anchor lines, tearing the flesh from her arms.  She injured her hip banging against the side of the ship.  They made down into the choppy water and swam about for awhile until a boat picked them up.

“Aunt” Fanny was double-listed on the ship’s manifest as both a passenger and a stewardess.  “Aunt” Fanny came from a wealthy New York family who disowned her when she married a ship’s captain.  Captain Kirby was crushed when he slipped between the dock and his heaving ship.

Fanny had a baby.  She begged her family to take her in, but they refused.  Homeless, Fanny wandered the streets of Boston.  Her infant daughter died of pneumonia.  The D line took pity on the captain’s widow and gave her a job for life (and apparently her own cabin) as a cabin stewardess.

Not long after the Morro Castle fire, “Aunt” Fanny died.  My mother, who was a girl at the time, thought that the escapade was too much for Fanny.  When my great-grandmother and my mother arrived at the funeral home, the funeral home director was pacing up and down the sidewalk.

He said it was nearly closing time and not a soul had come to see “Aunt” Fanny.  My great-grandmother had called Fanny’s family to find out what they wanted to do with her.  Fanny’s sister told Nonny that they didn’t care what my great-grandmother did with poor “Aunt” Fanny.  They’d had nothing to do with her in years and weren’t about to start now.

Being poor herself, my great-grandmother opted for a cremation.  My mother’s uncle was a Navy corpsman and, per Fanny’s wishes and with his captain’s permission, quietly scattered her ashes at sea (Nonny’s children all knew “Aunt” Fanny very well, as did my mother and her cousins).

Today, America is about to shake hands with yet another Communist country for the sake of shady business deals.  We haven’t, it seems, learned our lessons from China, where products and ideas are frequently copied and stolen.  A company, such as Westinghouse Elevator, builds a factory in China, where there are no property laws (obviously).  The Chinese then turn around, build the same factories and products at lower prices, and put the Western companies out of business.

Still, business is business.  The heck with political ideologies; we’re talking big money, here.  Who cares about freedom, liberty, and civil rights?  So this Castro guy murdered thousands.  So what?  He’s out of power now and so is his brother, Raul.  Pirates – er, Political donors  – have a lot of money invested in opening Havana up for business and they don’t like to lose.

Their ship has finally come in, and they’re bound for Havana.  Any mutineers, agitating for freedom, will be keel-hauled by the Media and Fidel’s Hollywood Beach Bunnies.

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