The War on the Police

The War on the Police

It’s said about the Devil that his greatest achievement is convincing people that he doesn’t exist.

A war on police has been declared since the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., of which Police Officer Darren Wilson was acquitted by a grand jury by reason of self-defense.  With the death of Staten Island, N.Y. resident Eric Garner by medical examiners concluded that Garner was killed by “compression of neck, compression of chest and prone positioning during physical restraint by police”, (although according to the New York Post, no damage to his windpipe or neck bones was found) the War on the Police has gone from a civil rights protest war to a shooting war. The medical examiner ruled Garner’s death a homicide but a grand jury also acquitted Police Officer

According to CNN, Ismaaiyl Brinsley, an Islamist who shot and killed two New York City police officers as they sat in their patrol car, arrived in Brooklyn by bus from Baltimore but had a home in the Atlanta suburb of Union City, Georgia.  Brinsley had shot and seriously wounded Shaneka Nicole Thompson, 29, an ex-girlfriend, in Baltimore on Saturday morning.

Baltimore authorities alerted New York police at the 70th Precinct Sunday at about 2:10 p.m.  that the phone of a suspect wanted in Thompson’s shooting was pinging at a location in their precinct.

The two police departments discussed an Instagram post, allegedly by Brinsley, that read, “I’m Putting Wings On Pigs Today.” The posting made reference, police said, to the high-profile deaths of Brown and Garner.

“They Take 1 Of Ours, Let’s Take 2 of Theirs,” the post said, according to authorities. The account also displayed a handgun and a message that said it might be the poster’s last message.

Black activists agitate and demand to know why blacks get shot but whites don’t.  Actually, white criminals do get shot, especially if they’re deranged or high on drugs.  But white people don’t get harassed by the police, generally, because they’re taught from childhood not to do anything wrong in the first place, and if they do something wrong that garners the attention of the police, not to wrangle with the cops and resist arrest because they might get shot.

White people also aren’t asking why they can’t have everything for free.  What they have – and admittedly, some people have plenty – they work for.  They have, at the very least, a high school diploma, and probably a bachelor’s degree.  They might not like some of the laws (especially pertaining to speed limits), they don’t argue with a cop for giving them a speeding ticket they know very well they deserved.  They keep their mouths shut and pay the ticket and live to see another day.

That same cop whom they silently curse as they drive off could very well be the first cop on the scene on that inevitable day when, speeding yet again, they overturn their car on a snowy day.  It could be the same officer who speeds to their expensive house to prevent a burglary or saves their daughter from a rapist or their wife from a mugger.

The other day, while at the veterinarian’s office, an off-duty cop came in to talk to the vet.  He’s a patrolman in one of our ugliest cities.  On days when he isn’t chasing down car thieves, murder suspects, drug dealers and all that ilk, he volunteers his time at the city’s Social Services center, mentoring fatherless boys or boys with useless, incarcerated fathers, serving as the role model these kids lack in their lives.

This cop puts his life on the line every day to protect ours and save others from trodding down that same violent path their fathers and uncles took.  He has his job cut out for him, countering the lure of dealing drugs and the “sympathy” of activists who stir up resentment in young blacks for what seems like (but needn’t be) an endless plight.

Blight and plight.  That’s what these kids know.  That’s all they’re told.  Police officers are their enemies because the cops arrest them for stealing and dealing and worse.  It just isn’t fair, they’re told.  They’re very put upon by Society, young blacks are told.  No one would blame them for being angry.  No one would blame them for these (very subjective) injuries on account of their race.

No one would blame them if they rioted.  This is a society they’re told doesn’t care about them so they needn’t feel any responsibility towards it.  In fact, activists encourage them in their vindictiveness, right up to encouraging them to kill police officers.  The facts don’t really matter.  All that matters is social justice.  Getting even.  Evening things out.  Leveling the playing field.

New York City Mayor De Blasio did very little to denounce the murders of Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu.  One Hispanic, the other, Asian.  But they were “Blue” as in police blue.  The Media has predictably tiptoed around the fact that these weren’t even white cops (not that that would make the crimes any less heinous).  Brinsley did us a favor and took his own life at a subway station shortly after the murders.

I saw the policeman at the veterinarian’s office on Friday or Saturday, before the killings of the two NYPD officers.

As he left, I urged him to be careful.

We should say a prayer for all of these brave heroes.  They’re our foot soldiers in the war to keep society civilized.  When you attack one of them, you attack all decent people everywhere.  We take great exception to the fact that communist agitators and comrade mayors are encouraging these murders.

Without the police, the lunatics would be running the asylum.  But, I suspect, that’s exactly what the communist agitators want.  Without the police, and without civilian gun rights, America will be ripe for the taking.

It will be Christmas for the criminals.

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