DeBlasio Paints Himself into Red Corner

New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio initially supported the anti-police protesters, allowing them to block traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge and other bridges and tunnels leading into Manhattan.  He didn’t put a stop to their activities, citing their right to free speech, even when they sent two New York police officers to the hospital on Dec. 13th after a riot on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Even in the latest incident, the death of two cops in Brooklyn, shot in cold-blood while they sat in their patrol car, DeBlasio would only appeal to the protestors’ “humanity” and at least put off their protests until after the funerals of the two officers.

The protestors refused and continued to paint the town red.

The protestors continue to protest in New York’s Times Square, brandishing signs that read:  “End White Privilege,” which has nothing whatsoever to do with blacks being shot by police.  One woman, interviewed by a Fox News reporter about calling off the protests to honor the two dead officers, replied that they would stop when blacks were no longer killed.

The reporter failed to ask her, “Killed by whom?”  The majority of blacks are killed by other blacks, not cops.  What’s more, these two cops were of Hispanic and Chinese descent.

DeBlasio has earned the wrath of the policemen’s union, which has denounced DeBlasio for not supporting the men in blue.  Former Mayor Rudolf Giuliani stated on Fox News that had this happened when he was mayor, the protestors would never have been allowed to block traffic.

Furthermore, since when is calling for the deaths of law enforcement officers (or anyone else, for that matter) considered part of “free speech”?  Seems to me, death chants are on the same order as yelling “Fire” in crowded theater or threatening to assassinate a U.S. president; it’s against the law.

At least the protestors are no longer carrying the hypocrticial “No Justice, No Peace” signs.  Now their signs read, “I Can’t Breathe.”  Okay.  No problem with that.  Although Eric Gardner shouldn’t have resisted arrest, his death was horrible and the protestors’ right to that particular speech should remain intact.  As long as they keep out of the way of traffic.

But their other signs, such as “End White Privilege,” while protected under the First Amendment, also makes one question whether Times Square is now the New Red Square?  Bill DeBlasio is known to be a communist sympathizer if not, in fact, a Communist.

Nevertheless, calls are beginning to go out to demand his resignation or recall the mayor.

If DeBlasio thinks America, and Manhattan, are ready for Communist repression, he should take a look at a sign of the times:  the controversial movie, The Interview, is being released by Sony on Christmas Day, after all, in a limited number of theaters across the country.

Nor are Americans particularly happy about resuming relations with Castro’s Cuba, which Raul Castro has vowed will always remain a Communist country.

There is hope yet for Manhattan, a known bastion of Socialist and Communist fervor.  Maybe if enough New Yorkers become enraged, not only will Bill DeBlasio be recalled, but anti-protestor protestors might just tear down the statute of Che Guevara at Columbus Circle.

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