America and Jordan: The Evil Mesalliance

The moment has come that I’ve warned about for as long as I can remember, going back to my early college days:  the American president, Obama, sitting down with the Jordanian king, Abdullah.

What could go wrong?

When you hear one of Greta Sustern’s consultants on Fox News  Special Report calling Abdullah “the Warrior King,” plenty.  Abdullah is talking tough after a Jordanian pilot was burned alive by ISIS terrorists.  That is Abdullah’s reputation, at least in the West.

In country, he’s a hated figure.  Go to any Muslim extremist website in that country, and you’ll find out exactly why.  Suffice it to say, he and his Palestinian-born wife, Rana, are scorned as Westernized puppets.  Our liberal media here has fawned repeatedly over the glamorous, well-heeled Rana, who has made the female talk show circuit.

Interestingly, Abdullah was here in the United States for a visit when the pilot was murdered.  He delivered his response to the killing in Arabic, with an English translation.  What’s interesting is that Abdullah’s mother was English and he went to school in the U.S. and the U.K., in addition to attending university in Jordan.  According to Jordanian critics, his English is much better than his Arabic.

But what would we in the West know?  All we know is that Abdullah is apparently taking a tough stance on Islamic terrorism, while an ineffectual Obama dawdles and hems and haws, while hoping we’ve forgotten that he helped create ISIS in the first place.

Jordan is a resources-poor nation.  What they do have are refugees, millions of them, particularly Palestinian refugees.  Jordan doesn’t have a very large military, although its security forces, which Abdullah once headed before being crowned king when his father died in 1992, are notoriously ruthless.

The Progressives were expecting their “transformation” that very year, when Abdullah turned 30.  Only it didn’t happen.  Evidently, their astrologers got something wrong.  His Western counterpart, his mirror image as it were, hadn’t come to power (yet).  The counterpart who would surrender America’s authority to Islam (remember:  “Islam” means “surrender” and is also defined as “peace”.)

Technically, Abdullah is only part Muslim, although undoubtedly his mother converted to Islam when she married King Hussein.  They later divorced.  He’s also only part Arab, as his mother was English.  However, according to Muslim law, the father’s lineage determines whether the child is Muslim or not.

Which raises an interesting question about Obama.  If his father was Muslim, did that make Obama immediately and irrevocably Muslim upon his birth?  His mother was only nominally Christian, although his maternal grandmother was.  Whether he was born in Hawaii or Kenya is insignificant in this regard; his religious heritage is clearly divided, and if we go by Muslim law, that that’s what he is:  a Muslim, but because of his marriage leaning, in appearance, towards Christianity.

Because his father was Kenyan, his heritage is African-American; Third World and New World.  The mirror image of his Jordanian counterpart.  We are witnessing the stage to be set for the greatest “peace” negotiation of all time.  East meeting West.  A “strong” king versus a “weak” president.  A ruler who has within his borders millions of Palestinian refugees.  ‘What do you think he [Abdullah] wants [exchange for his help with ISIS]?’  Great Van Sustern asked of her consultant.

The answer to that question is rather obvious:  a homeland for the Palestinians and the ultimate disintegration of the state of Israel.  Obama has made it clear that he’s more than ready to meet this demand.  Not only is he exceedingly willing but downright glad to have a hand in the destruction of Israel.

These events have been carefully orchestrated for Western and moderate Muslim consumption.  What a hero Abdullah will be if he negotiates with the West, as represented by Obama, a permanent state of Palestine and the demise of Israel.

But that will not be the end of it.  This is only the beginning.  The ultimate result will be the surrender of United States’ sovereignty to the United Nations and the imposition of Sharia law around the world.

Don’t think Israel will take this lying down.  They shouldn’t and won’t.  War will break out.  Innocent people will die.  Although the Islamists are said to hate Abdullah now, once he achieves this triumph there will be nothing for them to do but worship him.  Our Progressives – on both sides of the aisle – certainly will.

Just now, I was going to write that they will realize their mistake, too late.  But they know what they’re doing.  Bribery and corruption have worked their devilry in this business.  Conservatives, still wincing at the pain inflicted on 9/11, will take this Abdullah guy to be a hero.

Don’t be taken in; he’s no hero.  Abdullah’s no more a hero/warrior king than Obama is a fool.  He’s just an extremely shrewd, Muslim monarch whose chess pieces have all fallen into place, while those who’ve financed and supported this approaching coup are gloating over their spoils of war.

God help us.

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