It’s Good to Be King; Even Better to Be Muslim King

Did anyone out there observe the body language between Obama and King Abdullah of Jordan on television last night, during their meeting at the White House?  Or were they too busy hailing Abdullah as the “Warrior King”?

There’s no denying King A. did the right thing in executing the two jihadi prisoners whose release ISIS demanded, even though they had already murdered the Jordanian pilot.  There’s no denying that that’s what strong leaders should do.

The problem arises when America claims, in voices that include Glenn Beck’s, that “we” can’t do that.  “We” should just let the Muslims take care of the Muslims, even when they commit atrocities against American citizens on American soil, massacre Christians, and behead Western journalists.

Muslims, not apostate Westerners, must come to the fore and punish those committing evil acts in the name of Islam.  They’re not really Muslims, we’re told; they’re simply committing crimes in the name of Islam.  That was the excuse Bill Clinton made when the Twin Towers were attacked in early 1993, less than a year after Clinton became president.

That Islamic terrorist mission “failed.”  Clinton therefore could not genuinely declare a war on Islamic terrorism and commit U.S. forces to a Middle Eastern war.  Nor would he have.  Instead, he treated it is a mere crime in which Ramzi Yousef (Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s nephew) had merely knocked over a bank and killed some guards and a few hostages.

Abdullah became the King of Jordan in February of 1999, not 1992 (to amend my previous post).  Jordan is a poor country filled with Palestinian refugees (whom he showed no qualms about massacring when they caused trouble, earning him the hatred of Jordanians that he now enjoys).  Obama was not yet ready to rule yet, though.  For the Progressive Prophets, Abdullah’s ascension was already seven years past their revered prediction (that he would come to rule at age 30).

The problem with prophesying is that you just can’t tell who or what’s coming or when, like a resurgence in the popularity of Conservatism or a grass roots movement like the Tea Party.  You go and create a grass roots movement, intending to malign those who flock to it, never expecting that they’ll take it over on you and turn it into a serious, mature movement.

That’s when it’s good to be King.  If you’re king, you can massacre your opponents or put dissidents in jail, as China does.  China doesn’t have a king; it has a committee that has all the power of a king.  Communism means you all think alike (which is why they jail dissidents) so the committee, thinking and acting as one body, is very much like a king.

Obama can’t do that.  He’s the reluctant president of a federated republic, not a monarch.  He still acts like one.  Over the years, a superstructure bureaucracy has been built up around the legitimate government, carrying out the presiding rulers dictates.  That’s as good as it’s going to get for Obama.  Executive orders.

But Abdullah was born to it, a Hashemite king, a direct descendant of Mohammed himself.  Why, no wonder Obama acted like a goofy schoolboy in the presence of this courageous, warrior king.  Obama’s legs were spread well apart, his head practically in his lap, his hands clasped below the seat of his chair.  He shook his head helplessly as the avuncular Abdullah (who’s six months younger than Obama, practically to the day) laughingly reached out to him to reassure him that it’s all right if he (Obama) isn’t king.  It’s not his fault he wasn’t born to power as Abdullah was.

Leave Muslim crimes to Muslim authorities?  That means we can’t defend ourselves here at home (the Constitutional amendment regarding freedom of religion comes in much handier if you’re Muslim than if you’re Christian).  We can’t defend our interests overseas because we’re considered imperialist capitalists out to exploit the wealth of the world.  Our culture and our politicians are corrupt – very true, that.  We turn a blind eye to the sexual exploitation of women, or at least the flaunting of it, the plight of the poor (sorry; according to the Muslims and our own Progressives, Christian charities don’t count; they’re only in it for the proselytization), and sexual deviation (we now permit gay marriage).

If we haven’t read the Koran, haven’t we at least read our own Bibles?  Around the time Abdullah and Obama were born, we kicked God out of our schools.  The sodomy laws were abolished (thank goodness).  Hippies started doing drugs openly, protested wars against Communist takeovers, and brought about the sexual revolution.  The Pill freed couples from any responsibilities resulting from sexual relations – children.

Women burned their bras.  If a man ever had to wear one of these things, he’d be in the front of the bonfire.  However, if you go without one for any period of time, you discover the downside of not wearing one.  So much for Women’s Liberation, as it was called back then.

Women got their equal pay for equal jobs and their marriages went down the tubes.  They warehoused their children (they still do so today) and raised a generation of what came to be called “Latchkey Children.”  Still, the kids got plenty of stuff to compensate for the lack of lost parental time.

Because parents weren’t paying attention, the educational system rolled down hill.  Wait until you see the results.  However, this blog is about submitting to Muslim authority, not Progressive Communist authority.

The prophets of these times declared that a dictator would be born.  He would come to power at the age of 30, lead the poor and the young, and preach peace.  After winning over the world, he would take it over.  “The End of the World is Coming” a sign of the times (the Sixties said).  I remember seeing it when our family drove into the City for a show.  The guy wearing it was dressed in a dirty, white robe and had a long, graying beard.

The predictions were based on an astronomical event called “The Great Conjunction” which occurred Feb. 4-5, 1962.  Astrologers claimed that there would be great earthquakes, tidal waves, fires, pestilences, plagues, asteroids, and wars on that day.  The next day’s New York Times main story involved the launch of a new satellite that would revolutionize communications.

It was the Age of Aquarius, hippies claimed.  Uh – no.  Accounting for precession, the backward movement of the heavens from the terran perspective, we were entering the Age of Capricorn, the Age of Big Everything.  Big Government, Big Religion, Big Business (the Big Three).  Big buildings, massive wealth accumulation, stronger social structure (that’s one way of putting it, at any rate).

One big thing missing in the Age of Capricorn will be Big Freedom.  Capricorn will be a cold, austere Age of massive regulations.  You name it, there will be a law against it.  Freedom of speech will be deemed a threat to the social order.  Capricorn is the age of elitism.  We’ve already seen it the mania for designer clothing – Izod, Nike, Coach – designer computers – Apple, Apple, Apple – and designer actors known for their names, not (necessarily) their performances.  Can you say Oprah?  Disney (as in the movie company, not its creator)?   Katy Perry?  Leonardo DiCaprio (the most popular actor in 2014 – seventeen years after he made Titanic)?

The Age of Big Names.  The Age of Royalty.  The Age of Social Status.   And og old people.  Capricorn is the sign of old age.  People will live longer, thanks to the innovations first discovered in the Age of Aquarius (and then co-opted in the Age of Big Business).  Inventors are never credited with their inventions anymore; the patents are owned by the companies for which they work.  My older brother, inspired by the events of September 11th, invented two gadgets for making something safer.  He and his co-inventor will never get the credit for these devices; the patents belong to the company.  He can’t even put on his resume.  Not that he needs one; he’s a Lifer.

Most importantly, however, Capricorn is the age of ambitious people.  Cold, rather ruthless people who will justify their actions to meet their ends.  Think J.R. Ewing.  He’s the epitome of a Capricornian.

The “Great Conjunction” of February 1962 ushered in the Age of Capricorn, not the Age of Aquarius and all it entails.  The greatest amassing of wealth, the longest lifespans, the tallest buildings, the largest population, and the most ambitious dictators.  Authority will come from the top down.  There will be no more voting, no more public opinion polls, no more consensus on laws.  Many ambitious politicians will vie for the top seat.  But in the end, there will be only one world ruler.  One government, one overruling business/corporation, and only one religion, all answering to the same voice.

Did I mention that Capricorn will also be an age of fear and oppression?  No?  Well, yes, that’s how it will come about.  Most of us have worked for corporations.  We all know how that works.  You don’t speak the truth to the CEO.  Well, actually, the CEO just might be willing to listen, but you’d never get past his lackeys.  You’d be lucky to get past your own supervisor.  You all know that.

That is how the whole world will work in the future.   Abdullah and the other Middle Eastern potentates know all about the extremists.  God (or Allah) knows because they’ve funded them, either secretly or openly.  The other old goats, whom Obama has managed to depose – ISIS is Obama’s creature – weren’t well-versed in computer communications.  But Abdullah is.  That’s what he studied here in the United States, if I recall correctly.

For Abdullah, the extremists are useful idiots.  They do his dirty work, ridding the Arab world of apostasy and emboldening Western Progressives to undermine support for Israel, while he and his wife court the West.  This is a Westernized couple, Abdullah and his wife.  They’re hated for it in Jordan and have had their lives threatened.

Westernization is a necessary evil if they are to deceive the West and bring about its fall.  Conservatives are falling all over themselves, admiring Abdullah’s strong stance against the extremists.  According to Rush Limbaugh just now Abdullah, in speaking to our Defense officials, quoted Clint Eastwood.  How can you not like a guy like that, if you’re a Conservative?

He’s cool.  He’s hip.  His wife is gorgeous.  Conservative Muslims hate him to death.  Therefore, he must be on our side, mustn’t he?  He’s the monarch that puts the terror in terrorists.  Jordan’s security forces, under his guidance, were said to feared, and with good reason.  Unlike Obama, he had no qualms about putting those two terrorists to death this morning.  Boom.  Done.

Wow.  Why can’t we have a ruler like that instead of our goofy, golly-gee-I-wish-I-were-a-King president?  That’s what you’re all thinking, isn’t it?  A real take-charge type, that King Abdullah?  There’s a man, there’s a king, for you?!  Now there’s a real leader, a real world leader?

And Obama is just the seeming goofball, imperial-wannabe, closet Muslim who will eventually surrender our free nation to this Abdullah’s rule.  He already handed the ISIS rebels all our leftover military equipment which, according to reports, was “too expensive” to ship back to the United States.  ISIS quickly picked up the bargains and they began their “revolution.”  Now, Abdullah wants the equipment we left behind in order to battle ISIS.  The Pentagon is said to be thrilled that Abdullah wants a piece of the action.  Jordan signed a peace pact with Israel under King Hussein’s rule.  What happens if Abdullah turns those weapons on his neighbor to the West instead of Syria?

Be careful what you admire and wish for.  This isn’t a case of you “may” get it; you “will” get and you’ll be very, very sorry.

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